Living Behind a Wall, Imprisoned by Emotions

A real friend needs nothing from you. Tear down the walls of emotions and live free. Good causes you to wake up; evil prevents it. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 23, 2022: A couple of newcomer ladies think Jesse hates women, because they think they’re “more” than a wife and mother. (A man discovered he’s a father with an ancestry test!) // Do you have friends? What’s the purpose of having a friend? Do you need friends? Ever lost a friend? // A real friend wants and needs nothing from you. // Do you ever feel shy or afraid? Do you fear hurting your mother by confronting her? You don’t love her. // Emotions have you living behind a wall in prison. //

Forgive. Stop fighting with the Devil inside of you, and outside of you, inside of others. Overcome the ego, and you’ll love being a woman. Psychologists themselves need therapists! //

Biblical Question: What’s your definition of good and evil? // Whatever helps wake you up is good, and whatever prevents you from waking up is evil. For example: Feeding the homeless is evil, because it feeds your ego, and spoils them. // Again, forgive. Overcome the ego. Do the Silent Prayer. Be still. //

New Biblical Question: Is there such a thing as mental and emotional abuse? // Get on the straight and narrow path, and stay there. //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Oct 23, 2022
  • 0:01:55 Woman thinks Jesse hates women
  • 0:08:51 Man discovered he’s a father
  • 0:13:06 Another woman doesn’t want to stay home
  • 0:17:48 Q: Have friends? What’s the purpose?
  • 0:28:37 Q cont: Need friends? Lose friends?
  • 0:42:19 JLP: Real friends don’t need them… BOND
  • 0:46:48 JLP: A friend wants nothing: Marriage, Mama
  • 0:50:19 JLP: Be friends, but not out of need
  • 0:55:52 Q: Ever feel shy? Afraid? …Hurting mama?
  • 1:00:24 JLP: You don’t love your mother yet
  • 1:02:12 JLP: Emotions have you living behind a wall
  • 1:05:10 JLP: We’re not what we think or feel
  • 1:07:54 Forgiveness… Stop fighting with the Devil
  • 1:17:12 Overcome the ego, you’ll love being a woman
  • 1:21:46 Meds, psychologists
  • 1:23:51 Biblical Q: Define good and evil
  • 1:32:26 JLP: What wakes you up: Giving to poor? Evil.
  • 1:39:12 Forgive, pray, be still… Scary?
  • 1:43:56 New BQ: Mental and emotional abuse?
  • 1:46:30 Closing: Get on / Stay on the straight and narrow

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming one or two minutes before the top of the hour.

Woman thinks Jesse hates women

11:02 A first-time visiting young woman (whose husband introduced her to Jesse’s work) thinks or used to think that Jesse hated women. She has a hard time with the role of women. After hearing Jesse’s show, she apologized to her children for messing them up (at first she pointed to her husband, saying, “He did, too!”). She misses raising them, but appreciates a weekly phone call.

Man discovered he was a father

11:07 Her husband found out he had a son in the military whose mother told him his father was God and died. His son had done an ancestry test trying to find out who his father was. He changed his last name to his father’s. He calls him Pops. Jesse’s son does the same.

Another woman doesn’t want to be home

11:11 Jesse welcomes another first-timer who joins us with her boyfriend, along with another female friend of hers. The latter, too, Alejandra, thinks Jesse hates women. She says, “We’re more than that,” about cooking, cleaning, and having kids. She’s a friend and girlfriend — her boyfriend’s backbone, or support system. She says she’d go crazy staying home, rather than working. Yet she wants to marry to have someone to come home to. Her father and mother were not together; she got these ideas from her mother.

Q: Do you have friends? What’s the purpose of friends?

11:16 Jesse asks if anybody here has friends. What is a friend? A young girl says a friend is someone you can talk to and hang out with.

Jesse asks another woman: What’s your purpose of having a friend? How do you know you’re fine if you don’t have one?

A man had never considered it. He believes in having a best friend who’s Christian, in whom you can confide, and with whom you can “go to war” (spiritual war). Have you lost friends? How did you feel?

11:21 Another man has maybe one acquaintance, but not friends. He realized in middle school, age 12, people’s intentions showed him he had no friends.

11:23 His wife has siblings (including half-siblings), and being home schooled, was taught they were her friends. But she thinks they are not really friends. Do you need friends? Jesse asks her if she’s willing to stay home and have babies; she says, “Absolutely.” She said she was “relieved” when she saw Jesse’s video saying women are evil. She realized she’s not crazy and can’t help it.

11:26 Another woman kept two friends from her past.

Q: Do you need friends? Losing friends?

11:27 Yet another woman answers: She has been hurt by the loss of a friend, by betrayal and different values. She’s a “single mom,” and being a mother to her daughter comes first.

11:28 Her daughter Melanie feels like it’s fun having friends. She’d be sad without friends.

11:29 A guy says he was too much of a friend to a person. Is your wife your best friend? No, he says, because she’s his wife.

11:31 Another man chose to be a friend. Why? Today he realizes it was all about him.

11:33 One final man (the waiter) says friends are essential. He says it’s garbage that you don’t need friends. He insists he’s alpha, not that garbage category of beta.

11:36 One more final, final man joins us with his friends. He says he forgave his mother.

11:38 Hassan says he has no friends. He realized he built a prison and enemies. Were you a friend when you had friends? He says no, he was not a friend.

11:40 Doug realized he can’t trust friends or family. He’s okay to be alone.

JLP: Real friends don’t need friends… BOND

11:41 Jesse’s been counseling with people who’ve been having a hard time with friends. It seems to be worse now than ever, because people are mean, nasty, selfish, and evil. It’s hard to find people with real love. A real friend doesn’t need anything from anyone.

Christians are as bad as the secular people; their hearts have not changed. They have hidden agendas.

Tear down all the walls, so that you don’t live behind a wall. Live as a free person in order to live a real life.

Jesse started BOND 32 years ago. Wise men told him: Don’t be friends with these people! They’re not your friends; they think you have something they want. They have a hidden agenda. The moment they disagree with you, you’ll see hell come out.

JLP: A friend wants nothing from you: Marriage, Mama

11:45 A real friend doesn’t want anything from you. People get married, and “love” one another. The moment after the night of, all hell breaks loose. You hate the person you love. It’s the same with friendships.

Most people don’t look at themselves to see what their agenda was, and what was wrong with them. They don’t ask, “What was wrong with me?”

11:47 That’s living behind a wall in prison. That’s not freedom. We’re supposed to live without needing or wanting anything.

Mama wants children to call every day.

JLP: BOND… Be friends, but not out of a need

11:49 Overcome anger. Jesse realized it was good advice not to have friends through BOND. If you had friends, but had no need for them. It’s okay to be friends, but not out of a need.

God is creating love through human beings. But if you get in the way of that, love is never created. But in emotional love, you fight one another to get what you want. Women will say, “You’re not paying me attention! You don’t care about my emotions!” What they’re saying is they want to control you. Same with the man, it’s all about their ego. It’s not love when they beat you for looking at another man.

Nothing outside of you can make you completely at peace. Nothing can make you happy except the love of God. When you overcome the anger, God will destroy the ego need. The ego is the nature of the Devil; it’s not of love, nor of you.

Q: Feel shy at times? Fear?

11:54 Jesse asks: How many are shy? How many feel fear at times? One young lady is not sure why. Do you still listen to them?

Another lady fears the violence she sees around her.

Man afraid of hurting mama by confronting her

A man feels She because he fears sounding stupid. What’s wrong with sounding stupid? What’s wrong with people laughing? He’s forgiven his father, but not yet his mother. He’s “working on it.” He’s worried about the way she may react: she might cry. Why wouldn’t you want to see her like that? It might hurt him to see her like that because he loves her. He feels his mama’s pain. Does it cause God pain to see her in pain? Perhaps! God feels zero! He’ll let people live on Skid Row.

11:59 Jesse tells the man: In reality, we’re already free. When Christ rose, we rose too. The man won’t face his mother, Jesse says, because he’s believing the lies. You don’t love your mother yet, Jesse tells him. She may have to suffer or even die that way, but you’ll be free.

12:00 Jesse continued with the man: the word shy is just a word. You’re covering up the false self. In order to live you must die. Die from the fake self. All emotions are evil. Look at how emotions have you living behind a wall; you’re not free. All who are born of the woman (of the flesh) must die. Forgive. All must be born again if you want to live.

Children of God are not afraid. You gotta face your mother. It’s like facing yourself, really.

Stop protecting the Devil. When you don’t face things, you’re protecting the Devil. When you talk to yourself or pray out loud, you’re praying to the Devil.

12:03 Jesse continues mentioning the friend thing. We’re not what we think, nor the emotions, good or bad.

Shake in your boots and face your mother. Have a wait and see attitude. The truth brings pain not you.

Forgiveness: Stop fighting the Devil

12:06 Another woman forgave her parents.

12:08 Another man feels he may not truly have forgiven his mother. Jesse urges him to pay attention to and see himself, and the light of God will change it. Stop fighting with the Devil. Just observe the Devil. Stop fighting in marriages; each is just trying to make the other mad: two Devil’s fighting. Live in the present.

The human heart is evil. It’s covered up because we won’t look at ourselves.

12:11 One man talks about the setup of expectations. It’s a separation from God, Jesse says, because God will supply all of our needs. You won’t have a need to reach out to anyone, and you will have no expectation. You have no complaints.

12:14 A mother speaks briefly.

Overcome the ego, you’ll love being a woman

12:16 Jesse says to one lady from earlier that when overcoming the ego, she’ll love being a woman. Anyone who has anger has an unnatural life.

12:17 One woman says not everybody, even a husband or boyfriend, has the best interests for you. She grew up in an abusive home, she says. God wouldn’t send you a half-man, but if you’re out looking for a man, one will pretend to be real. Before forgiving her parents she sought what she didn’t get from them.

Men and women who marry don’t love one another. It’s hate, not love. They fight for the rest of their lives. Children of God will not break up.

Meds, psychologists

12:20 One man talks about weaning off medication after 10 years or so. You want to be free, but the Devil wants your soul. Jesse counsels with psychologist and counselors who have therapists themselves!

Biblical Q: Define good and evil

12:22 Jesse gets to the Biblical Question: How do you define good and evil? Several people answer.

12:28 One man has not yet forgiven his mother. Hassan wants to say good and evil is love and fake love.

Anchor Baby says good is whatever makes him feel good. Another man says evil and darkness don’t exist, only good and light, and the absence thereof.

JLP on BQ: What causes or prevents waking up; Evil people giving to the poor

12:31 Jesse says good is anything that causes you to wake up, and evil is anything that prevents you from waking up.

The people who give food to “the poor” are evil. They’re getting a fake ego feeling from it, and the people are being spoiled. Wait for the moment and you’ll see what to do.

Jesse talks with a lady who thinks we shouldn’t let people suffer. Tell God that’s wrong! The woman knows a lady who gives to the homeless and children.

Forgive, be born again. Do the Silent Prayer; be still.

12:37 Forgive. Overcome the ego. Be born again.

One lady is processing what she heard. Jesse urges: Do the Silent Prayer. Be still.

12:40 One lady says it’s scary to be still. Satan’s nature is disappearing. That’s not you being frustrated; that’s the Devil. The light shining on it causes it pain, but it’s not you.

Watch the thoughts. God created us in His image, and we became a living being.

New BQ: Mental/Emotional abuse?

12:42 Jesse asks his new Biblical Question: Is there such a thing as mental and emotional abuse?

One lady never intentionally did, and then asked if she did, she says, I guess, yes. Finally she says yes, then says she was wrong, but she did it because she was angry. Anger is the nature of the Devil.

Closing: Get on the straight and narrow, and stay there

12:45 Get on the straight and narrow path. Stay there.


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