Can You Love But “Not Like” a Person? (Church, Nov 18)

At Church, we discussed marriage and relationship issues, thoughts versus prayer, “like” versus “love,” and Biblical Questions about holiness and blacks.

(Note: We had some technical issues in the middle of Church, and are working on a re-upload!) 

We had a full house at Church again. A lady from Texas asked Jesse to make audio books from his written books. Other people asked questions and gave comments.

Marriage issues

A man named Finn from Ohio visited Los Angeles for a wedding, and delayed his flight to come to Church. He himself had a shotgun wedding at age 27 four years ago. He was not aware of the “alpha or beta male” thing (being strong or weak) at the time. So now his wife does not recognize him as “alpha” or the head of her. But don’t worry about that, Jesse urged him — you are the head. Just be an example. And don’t fear speaking up. Jesse asks him if he does the Silent Prayer. He does the Lord’s prayer, plus “affirmations,” and then listens to a couple of gospel songs. Jesse urged him to do the Silent Prayer — do both, and you’ll see which to continue.

A Colombian woman joined with her husband whom she called a “beta” who wants to be “alpha.” As a new Christian, she feels further along than the man, and they get angry at each other at times. She nearly broke down crying describing a health issue of his. Jesse tells her she’s judging him. Don’t impose your will on him. He speaks to Jesse as well, asking questions and sharing his side about their relationship. Jesse urges both to forgive their mothers, and drop anger before making babies.

Thoughts versus prayer

Another man at Church expressed a few issues in his life. He called himself an “alcoholic,” and said his father’s dying. Family on his father’s side don’t want him to visit, even though he’s clean — but he wants to see his father before he dies. Jesse asks about whether he forgave his mother. He urges him not to call himself an “alcoholic,” but just an angry person in a fallen state who reaches to alcohol to feel better. Jesse tells him about thoughts — they don’t come from you. Do not talk to yourself. Satan is your daddy, and you shouldn’t communicate with him at all.

James asked a Super Chat question from Alex Calloway who asked if it’s better to pray with words or in your thoughts. Jesse said that you should not pray in your thoughts, because thoughts are from Satan. James also asked from “SuperDave” why a man should not have a female friend the way a man has male friends. First, you may try to have sex with this “female friend.” Second, a man should never tell a woman his weaknesses or problems! Never, ever, ever!

“Like” versus “love”

Jesse commented about a call James received on The Hake Report today (toward the end) about “like” versus “love.” In the distant past, Jesse has said he loves someone, but doesn’t like them. But that does not make sense. Love is simply not hating. A man disagrees and talks about loving versus liking women in relationships. He also talks about the different roles of men and women in a way that Jesse suggests he’s taking it too far — as you talk with a woman, you don’t think, “I’m above her.” Men and women both were created by God and need to return to the Father.

Biblical Questions

Jesse talks about the last week’s Biblical Question: Are you holy? Many Christians went after him over this, even though in 1 Peter, God said, “Be holy, as I am holy.” Christ said, “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” The Bible says not to sin. But Christians believe that you can be born again of God and still sin! They don’t believe you can be holy — they reject the best parts of the Bible!

Jesse’s next Biblical Question: How do you see black people? He talked with a group of blacks who said that most blacks are not going to change. Their solution was to have blacks mix with other races, so that they pick up the positive aspects of other cultures. But that’s crazy!

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