Love Your Enemy or Lose Everything (Church Aug 20)

This week a man named Trent came from Hawaii. He traveled around the country to talk to and forgive his father and mother. He visited Alabama as well as up north, then stopped by church in Los Angeles to see Jesse. One person watching online asked how you can resent the woman who gave you life and fed you as a baby. (Many mothers say this same thing to guilt their children into “loving” them.) But most people hate their mothers, and long for their fathers. You cannot love your enemy if you don’t love your father and mother. Therefore, people need to forgive both and return to their fathers. In response, many talked about their experience talking to their fathers and mothers. Unfortunately, some are hesitant and afraid to confront and forgive their mothers and fathers.

Americans fighting one another

Jesse got into the weekend’s Boston riots with Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacking police and right wingers. He also talked about the fallout after a rally of whites protesting the removal of a Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked the Alt-Right and white nationalists, and they fought with one another. Jesse pointed out that both sides are fighting with anger, and that’s a mistake, but it’s happening with whites because their parents were weak and didn’t show how to “love your enemy” and fight with strength, without anger or fear. But Jesse says that it’s good that this anger is on display, so that we can deal with it. A woman asked, won’t this lead to martial law? Jesse said yes, possibly, but not for the children of God, because they won’t be guilty.

One of the worst, dumbest things happening to America is removing the Confederate monuments and statues (watch 2-minute excerpt), because it will do no good, but only evil; blacks will remain angry, crying “racism,” having children out-of-wedlock, and killing one another. But the evil children of Satan will feel proven right, even though they’re wrong.

Biblical Questions

Lastly, we talked about what it means to “be still and know” that he is God. People talked about prayer, the silent prayer (see link below), being still and knowing God. Jesse also talked about the biblical question: To him who has, more shall be given. But for him who does not have, even what he has shall be taken from him. What does that mean? Jesse says that it means that you should even love your enemy, and do what’s in front of you to do — or you will lose your talent and little wisdom that you think you have.

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