More on Being Controlled by Words (Sunday Service, Jul 27, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service, originally streamed July 27, 2008 (Premiere on YouTube and Facebook): Jesse asks people if they had a life this week, whether they remember last Sunday’s subject and assignment: Watch this week to see: Are You Affected by Words? People talk about their issues in family and relationships.

A father and daughter talked about an incident in which he called her angry that she didn’t pick up her cell phone while driving. Jesse urges her as an adult to forgive her father. Another father and son discussed whether he’s guilty of the same.

Other men and women bring questions and comments, including a phoned-in question from caller Robert from Indiana who was watching live online! Jesse talks with people about taking the pain and not being angry about the pain. Stay with prayer, and let the ego die, the not-you. It’s another spirit in you that feeds you those thoughts, which bring on the feelings when you go with them.


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