Emotional "Mama's Love" Is Not Real Love (Mother's Day) - Rebuilding the Man
A mother and son discuss with a pastor a mother's role, showing love and affection, and letting go. A woman also if wanting a husband was from the devil. Beforehand a woman talks about health, fasting, and blood sugar.
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Emotional “Mama’s Love” Is Not Real Love (Mother’s Day)

(Watch 11-minute excerpt: Single Mothers Weaken Their Children with ‘Mama’s Love’) A woman dealing with blood sugar issues talked about fasting for 21 days for health benefits. She wanted to go 30 days. But Jesse and a hospice nurse in the audience both had reservations about it. People should think for themselves, not chase after experts, but just eat and live right.

One woman watching online said that she wants a husband, and asked if her “wants” are from the devil. Jesse said yes, that it’s abnormal to want a spouse, as it’s due to a void from not being fulfilled by God, usually by not loving fathers. Dating and marriage should should happen naturally as you seek first God’s kingdom and his right way.

Another woman chatting on YouTube live asked what her role as a mother was. A young man’s mother in the audience answered as best she could — to nurture, love and teach her children. We talked about how a mother’s need for body-to-body love, forced onto the children, traumatizes the children and creates an unnatural need for that false love, emotional affection and ego-building. Single mothers especially fall for this in effort to compensate for the father not being there. Young people are now out-of-control and openly, shamelessly sexual due to this false love, and children are suffering for it. We need to restore good fathers and mothers who know and live what’s right by example, and show love by action and not by emotion.

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