No Human Being Can Save You. (Church, Apr 14, 2019)

At Church, we dealt with issues in the news: A white homosexual running for president, and a black criminal shot by police in Oakland, CA. Do you do the Silent Prayer every morning and night? Why not? Satan gives you fake awareness. Are you building your house on solid ground? What is solid ground? Love. Do you have anger? Know yourself. New Biblical Question: Do you love all people?


Jesse spoke about the white radical homosexual male running for president — Pete Buttigieg. Some said they would vote for a homosexual if they had the right policies. But you cannot trust someone who’s unashamed of their wrong. There are some homosexuals who know it’s wrong but don’t know how to overcome it — they don’t promote it as good. This is not the case with this politician. He’s pushing it as though it’s something to be proud of. (Watch 7-minute Short Cut: White Homosexual Running for President!)

Police shot and killed a young black man Oscar Grant in a BART train incident up in Oakland, California. People made a movie made about him, portraying him in sympathetic light, not mentioning his criminal record, or his having a child out-of-wedlock with his girlfriend. The Bay Area experiences problems of violence on public transportation, and among blacks, but the media don’t mention that. Every time there’s an incident with a white cop and a black “victim,” blacks rally and protest. They don’t care about constant black-on-black crime. (Watch 3-minute Short Cut: Propaganda About a Black Criminal Killed by a Cop.)

Last week’s Biblical Question was: Do you have your own truth? No. Human beings do not have truth. Truth comes from God.


Jesse talked with a young woman Victoria who says things are going well. She has crazy stories in her head. Does she do the Silent Prayer? Not everyday. So Jesse went around the room to ask: Do you do the Silent Prayer every morning and every night? Why not? Numerous people do not do it. Jesse tells them: Suffer and die! (Watch 24-minute Short Cut: Lazy About Prayer…)

A man who had a history delving into Satanism talked about his experiences, and reported feeling better the morning after falling asleep listening to the Silent Prayer.


No human being can save your soul. God renews your mind, but He won’t do it if you do not submit to prayer. You go back into your imagination and suffer for it. God said, “Be still and know” — but Satan does not want you to be still. Only God can kill the ego.

Some people talk about “being aware,” because they heard Jesse tell them to “be aware.” But Satan can trick you into fake awareness. It’s a trick of Satan!

One man said that he goes on hikes, like he read that Jesus would do. But Jesus went out alone to pray. Another man says he gets headaches when he does the Silent Prayer.

A lady said that she listened to Satan who told her the wrong thing to do, and she told “the truth” to someone in the wrong way.


Jesse asked the people: How many are building their house on solid ground? What is “solid ground”? You should be building your house on love. Real love comes from God. Satan can convince you that you have “non-emotional love,” just like “false awareness” is from Satan. It has to be real. And it’s not a “process”! (Watch 10-minute Short Cut.)

One person talks about getting frustrated sometimes. Frustration is a daughter of anger. You must get to know yourself.

Someone asked Jesse: What led up to the moment 30 years ago when God pulled you out of hell? Jesse responded that he was “tired of suffering.” Go and forgive, and God will forgive you.

One person says she is afraid of doing the silent prayer. She does not know whether she still gets angry. Jesse urges her: Get to know yourself. Her father is in El Salvador, and since she cannot go there, Jesse tells her: Call your father and forgive him.

Another person asks: How do you watch your thoughts and not think them? Do what’s in front of you, and don’t get into your imagination.

Jesse mentions Oprah Winfrey’s new book “Finding Your Purpose.” It’s a lie. (Watch Short Cut.)


Jesse asked his new Biblical Question of the week: Do you love all people? Some said no, while others claimed that they do. Jesse was watching a documentary about Charles Manson — his grandson buried him. Manson was a cult leader and serial killer. His son was named Charles Manson, Jr., and he committed suicide. But his grandson realized that he had to forgive his grandfather. Jesse pointed out that we do not have the right not to love anyone — not even Charles Manson. If you don’t love your enemy, you love no one. (Watch 17-minute Short Cut: Do You Love All People? — after 10am PT Thursday, Apr. 18.)

One man does not love all people. He says he’s in a “process” of loving God. He thinks he needs to love himself first. That is wrong.

Stay with the Silent Prayer. If you have a step backwards, don’t judge yourself.

This week, we have no meetings. Normally we would have a Women’s Forum, but not this month, since Jesse will be out-of-town.


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