No One Has Morals and Values (Easter Service) | Church 3/31/24

Everyone is insane. Nobody has morals and values. What Easter means (John 5: 25, 3: 16-17) 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 31, 2024 — Happy Easter! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, April 4, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:01:40) Welcome, first-timers! 
  • (0:02:54) Raymond: Francis Scott Key? 
  • (0:04:09) Conservative parents, transgender: No identities 
  • (0:11:27) Insane asylum conversations (…mother and son) 
  • (0:24:20) Assignment follow-up: Drop your morals and values 
  • (0:41:19) I try not to judge myself. Anger? (Joel, Nick… Assignment) 
  • (1:03:59) JLP: Nobody has morals and values (…disagree?) 
  • (1:14:31) What does Easter mean to you? 
  • (1:20:48) Easter? Your mama told you that! (More feedback) 
  • (1:27:15) Bible: John 5: 25 Dead hear; John 3: 16-17 Not to condemn 
  • (1:36:14) JLP on Easter: Amazin’, Christ went to Hell, bought us back 
  • (1:51:52) New BQ: What connects you to the physical world? 
  • (1:55:39) Ego death, Challenge: Sit 30 mins alone (Closing) 
  • (2:01:22) Face your mother, forgive your father (Happy Easter!)


Neither “Conservative” or “Transgender”! Have no identities! (7-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Christ went to Hell so you could overcome the world (20-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Children of conservative parents turning liberal… 

Jesse talked with insane people. 

Assignment: Drop your morals and values. No one has morals and values. 

What does Easter mean to you? What does Christ mean to you? 

Bible passages: John 5: 25 The dead will hear… John 3: 16-17 God sent His Son not to condemn the world, but to save the world… 

New Biblical Question: What connects you to the physical world that you live in? 

NEXT WEEK we’ll touch on this past week’s Biblical Question: What do you value in life? (Forgot!) 

The prior week’s Biblical Question: Do you have morals and values? If so, where did you find them? (This became the assignment last week: To drop them.) 


  • For next Sunday 3/31/24 (if not covered this week on-radio) Children of conservative parents turning liberal… 
  • The time may have passed, but last week we did not really discuss the prior Assignment (this would be the 3rd week at 3/31/24): Get rid of all your heroes. Trust no one. (How many heroes do you have?) 
  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
    • (0:01:40) Welcome, first-timers! 
    • (0:02:31) (1a?) Raymond: Francis Scott Key
  2. (0:03:48) (2) Conservative parents, transgender: No identities 
    • (0:06:11) The Fallen State interview this week: Buck Angel (0:06:35) Feedback, Donyale (“special sin”) (0:07:41) JLP: Evil is evil. Hates us, wants to kill us. (0:08:07) In order to die, overcome identities. (0:08:32) Have they overcome? Hermaphrodite JLP talked to… (0:09:53) Rachel 
  3. (0:11:05) (3)  JLP talked to a man and woman who lived in an insane asylum. One man in church visited one just to see it. He doesn’t think he’s insane. (0:13:19) (3a?) JLP’s insane asylum story. (0:15:04) Every human being is insane and doesn’t know it. Who thinks they’re not insane? 
    • (0:15:27) (3b?) You’re not insane? Man cusses in church… (0:17:17) Are you insane? No, says lady. Why do you say no? (3b-cont?) Everyone has a level of insanity in them. How about you? (laughter) (0:19:50) (3b-cont?) Do you want to overcome it? No! You want to be insane? Yes. (0:21:12) (3c) Husband knows when not to cross 
    • (0:22:04) Her son is with her. (0:22:46) What do you think of your mother’s insanity? It is what it is. Do you wish she wasn’t? Was she hard to deal with as a kid? 
  4. (0:23:58) Assignment follow-up: Drop your morals and values 
    • (0:24:21) I realized I didn’t have any, says a young wife and mother. Something about judging less, but then seeing she’s like the person who’s off. (0:25:29) A man dropped them, giving God complete control. (0:26:21) Raymond dropped them. How? Realizing I never had them. I was conditioned. (0:26:47) Another Asian man: Same as dropping identities. (0:27:50) (4a?)  Lady forgot (what a beta!) 
    • (0:28:20) Donyale now doesn’t believe they exist. (0:31:09) (4b) Intellectuals repeat what Jesse says. Is robbing a bank moral or immoral? (0:32:01) (4c) It takes work to rob a bank. Doesn’t seem possible to drop morals/values. I am who I am. (0:33:08) Who are you? Someone with integrity: punctual, not a gossip … (0:33:50) (4[cont] or 5?) Young man’s morals: Wrong to be violent. Do you have love? Why’s she laughing? (Why she laughing at you?) Working on yourself? Yes, but not this week, I’m moving. 
    • (0:36:02) Rachel… Are you in a fallen state? … 
    • (0:39:17) Have you always been a lowlife? No. Yes! First-timer. Not to murder. Has stolen. Let go of programming, stories, labels. 
  5. (0:40:58) (5?) Another young lady… (0:42:18) I don’t judge. (0:43:05) Do you judge yourself? If you don’t judge, how do you judge yourself? (0:45:11) Is there two of you? “I try to be patient with myself.” (0:47:00) Do you love you? Which one of you loves you? “Both.” Then why is one impatient? (0:47:34) hake tries to help her. (0:48:29) You’re calling evil you. Forgiveness… 
    • (0:50:33) Joel on trying to keep morals and values (0:52:59) Nick tried so hard. (0:54:16) A man thought it’d give him a license to go commit sin. Were you doing right before that? (0:55:11) He wanted to give a homeless man money after seeing he got mad at him. 
    • (0:56:49) (6?)  What do you think of what you’ve heard? Helpful or not? My upbringing, my parents… (0:59:47) Is it normal for you to be emotional/angry? …Abnormal. Why don’t morals/values stop you from having an abnormal emotion? (1:01:06) Who taught you to be angry? Born with the ability. If it’s normal, why do you want to overcome it? (1:02:23) Who is your anger? First-timer, Perry, thru friend Van/Ben… 
  6. (1:03:36) (6) JLP: Nobody in the world has morals and values. … Jews, Palestinians, etc. 
    • (1:08:30) Man says it’s BS … (1:11:25) Daniel disagrees. 10 Commandments. Do you keep those? Most. Why not all? Fallen state. (1:12:56) Free will? Why not never get angry again? 
  7. (1:14:09) What does Easter mean to you? Rochelle, Easter bunny: Nothing, Resurrection of Jesus … Others… (1:17:36) Do you judge yourself and others? (1:17:50) I didn’t know it was Easter… My wife’s from Japan. (1:18:41) Alex (In the orange shirt) the re-surrection of Christ (Reese-urrection of Christ?) Trying to move forward (1:20:14) To where? 
    • (1:20:29) (7) Young man (son of mother) on Easter: Not sure. He rose from the dead (1:21:22) (7a?) Your mama tryna tell you! Beta! Your mama told you that! (1:22:00) Forgive your mother? Oh, is that what you believe? (1:22:58) Do you tell her how the cow ate the cabbage? I don’t know how the cow ate the cabbage. 
    • (1:23:14) Another man… (1:24:10) Hassan wearing pink: Death has been defeated. We’ll never die. How will you live if you don’t die? “It is finished.” (Be quiet, mama.) (1:25:26) Francisco. What does Christ mean to you? What was the sacrifice? (1:26:12) (7b?)  Daniel: Christ’s commandment: Love as I loved you. 
  8. (1:26:56) (8-long?) JLP: John 5: 25 A time is coming, and has now come, when the dead John 3: 16-17 … (1:28:00) Young lady, what does that mean? (1:29:18) You really believe you’re alive. Young man, are you alive or dead? (1:29:56) My reality? How I perceive the world. (1:30:39) God did not send His Son to condemn the world but to save the world. (1:31:31) Doug… (1:32:15) Donyale: Wednesday morning show (1:33:50) Hassan….. 
    • (1:35:53) (8-shorter [cont?]) JLP on Good Friday through Easter … Christ went to Hell, bought us all back. Wiped away all sins. You were born free. Not one human being can control themselves. You’re not in control, and never condemned by God, but the spirit of Hell in you. You’re not your body, thoughts, or emotions. There is no you. There is a you, but when the fake you disappears, the real you will appear. Amazin’… 
    • (1:40:26) Born thru families in Hell, every human being hates their mothers, born thru an angry woman, she hates God, the children, the daddy, herself. Women have no love, only hate. Satan is their god. Your mother is your enemy — not her (1:41:08) (8s/a) (mother-son looks) It’s in everywoman. Hell comes through the woman. Every man with anger is a woman. (1:41:47) (8s/b)  Sorry buddy. 
    • (1:42:17) Christ is not God. My Father works through me. 
    • (1:43:05) Stop calling the Devil you. You are controlled by Evil. It’s not you. You’ve never made a decision in life. The bank robber did not decide to rob the bank. 
    • (1:44:50) Great point that Hake forgets… (1:46:17) Anyone who thinks is of their father the Devil (1:47:39) Ego death… 
    • (1:48:45) As Satan takes over the mind, so the Spirit of Good, perfect Love, controls you when you’re born again. Forgive mothers. … Perfect peace. Mind of God. Right now you have the mind of the Devil. Layers of identities. You have no morals and values. They don’t come from mama, daddy, but from God only. 
    • (1:51:20) New Biblical Q: What connects you with the physical world that you live in? 
    • (1:52:18) Did this help? Today is a day of reflection. 
    • (1:53:16) Enjoyed talking with the trans person on The Fallen State, no judgment 
    • (1:53:44) Forgive mothers. 
    • (1:55:03) Feedback… 
    • (1:55:19) Q: Will we know Satan stepped in? Yes! How will we know when you’re going through the ego death? Challenge: Sit 30 mins in room alone … 
    • (1:58:56) Closing … One of the greatest sins you can commit is to forget to be present. … 
    • (2:01:08) Does that make sense? Did you forgive your mother? 

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