No Such Thing as “Deadbeat Dads” (Church, Aug 12)

At Church, Jesse explained that there are no such thing as “deadbeat dads.” We also discussed silent prayer, anger, forgiving mothers, returning to fathers, the Kingdom of Heaven and Teacher within.

Ernesto asked about Jesse saying that you should marry within your race. In your fallen state, a man may unconsciously try to get away from his mother or father, going to China to marry a woman, and still end up in hell, married to “mama” — attracted to the spirit that he hates. But people call you racist for speaking against what’s abnormal. He’s Hispanic, and dated a Korean. He was angry at his father, but he forgave him and moved out.

Spiritual questions from a newcomer

(Jesse introduces Hector.) Bill asked his 16-year-old daughter to watch Church; she called Jesse “sexist.” Not all, not all, not all, but most! Kids don’t normally hate their fathers, but only by identifying with the mother. Let people suffer! God does. Don’t force it.

Bill also asks about the verse “by his stripes, we are healed.” Jesse explains God restores everything through Christ, but we must love our earthly fathers who represents Christ, who represents God. The attack is on the fathers. People are driven by anger. If men wake up, we get authority back. Men and women must return to their earthly fathers.

Lastly, Bill talks about his stepmother; she had young children when she married his widowed father. He also resented his father. (Don’t marry stepparents, folks! Kids resent that.) He should go and forgive. He called her a “blessing,” yet he resented her. Often people will lie and say, “My mother was a wonderful woman.” If they don’t have love, they can’t be wonderful.

(Hector explains how he met Jesse at the gym, and asked him for a job.)

Jesse has a challenge question…. But first….

Silent Prayer and overcoming emotions.

James asks Jean’s question from the Live Chat on YouTube: She doesn’t feel anything different with Silent Prayer. Overcome emotions which are from hell, not from God. Relax, have no opinion about it, and don’t let Satan deceive you.

Jesse tells a story of a man who woke up, and can no longer be emotional with his wife, despite her wishes. Next time she asks, go outside and see if there’s a blue moon; if there is, then you can. He cracked up. Men should help women overcome the hell in them. Don’t love the hell in them; love the hell out of them. If the man gets emotional with his wife, everybody suffers. Overcome the fallen state.

Then James asks from online: Can you forgive and still feel angry (No.), but just know that all emotions are not real? (Yes.)

No such thing as “deadbeat dads”

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Jesse’s challenge question: There’s no such thing as a deadbeat dad. Disagree? One lady says yes: A man not doing his responsibilities because of selfishness, not paying child support. Did he say, “I’m a deadbeat dad”? (Is her husband beta or alpha? Sorry his father married a stepmother after his mama died.) Joel agrees with the definition of “deadbeat dad.”

Another young lady agrees, saying her dad abandoned his responsibilities. In high school, she’d see other girls with their dads at sporting events. He was part of the Jehovah’s Witness “cult” — a horrible religion that says you can’t play with other people. Terrible!

Lock Your Door and others are undecided on their opinion on “deadbeat dads” — he hasn’t met one. Another guy says nothing is worse than the anger the mother puts in the child. He tells about forgiving his mother.

One man was called a “deadbeat dad.” He couldn’t hold a job, was weak minded, but always did what he could with his son. Social workers, friends and family told him he was a “deadbeat dad.” Forget about them; let it go.

Anger hurts the child more than alcoholism.

A lady understands and agrees, but asks about the guy who’s an alcoholic, tears the house apart, then leaves. He does give the money. This happened to her. Jesse explains. 99.99999.9999% of the time, fathers leave the homes, because father and mother hate one another. Men, overcome that, so you don’t have to run; you can see how to deal with it. Men love their children, but just can’t deal with the mother. The mom stays but raises more hell. She forgave her mother, but needs to forgive her a little bit more. (Laughter!) In your real self is no anger, but all love, all peace, all the time. Jesse jokes he’s afraid of her mother.

This idea of deadbeat father is made-up by the children of the lie, just like the lie of racism, sexism, homophobi-ism. Men are fighting with the mothers of their children. Even when the courts give 50-50 custody, the mothers are controlling the situation. Men get frustrated and walk away. Men pay child support, and women get make up and clothes for it, and kids don’t get the money. Let no man teach you.

This fallen state hurts women too. Sometimes the women are crazy, psycho, angry. The same God can dwell in the woman.

Lock Your Door had a severe alcoholic father, who was not even abusive, but tells stories based on what his mother said.

Ermias asked about men and women who don’t take care of their kids, spend time with them. You call them an angry, selfish person. They’re in a fallen state — blind and cannot see. Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Call it what it is. Don’t use the same language as the children of the lie.

“Every outside has an inside.”

Then Jesse asks about something he read: “Every outside has an inside.” People respond to it. The kingdom of heaven is outside us, but it’s also within. Angry people live from the outside in. But what comes out gives life. You shouldn’t trust the preacher. Don’t let anyone teach you. You have one Teacher within, the Holy Spirit. Mothers make the mistake of teaching their children the moment they pop out of the mama’s womb. So parents should train up a child by being a living example.

It’s sort of like trusting your gut, your natural instinct from God, rather than your intellect.

A man from before, Bill, asks why people are not doing greater works than Jesus, after Jesse’s recent Biblical Question. He read From Rage to Responsibility. It’s in all of us. You have talent inside of you. Jesse didn’t know about politics, but made up his mind to tell the truth no matter what. It drives the children of the lie insane.

A man Mark can see the point about “deadbeat dads,” but asks where that thinking ends. Jesse says: In reality, we’re either wrong or right. People in the fallen state only feel judged. Lift people up by being honest and nonjudgmental, meaning you don’t have resentment in your heart, not putting them down. Jesse talks about Amber Rose of the Slut Walk and his fun “slut maker” word. (Those who call men “deadbeat dads” also put men in jail to make sure they can’t get a job and pay child support.) If you’re really of God, you also won’t call women sluts.

Move away from parents and grandparents.

James, host of The Hake Report, who’s used the N-word before, brings up a young radio show caller Efferson from Oakland, CA, who said his body wouldn’t allow him to let his girlfriend move in with him. You develop self-control when you wake up. It’s not common sense for men and women to live together and have sex before marriage. (Jesse tells about Efferson’s parents not liking his white girlfriend — he’s from Africa — and coming to his house on his birthday to destroy his apartment. They broke the TV and tore up everything.)

Online, a woman Ruth asked if she can ignore her “mum,” who constantly calls her up to 10 times per day. Ban her, and don’t allow her around your kids. Men and women are leaving their kids with the grandparents who messed up the parents! One grandmother gave a father’s children sweets despite the man forbidding sweets! Move away from your mother!

If you have anger, you are of your father the devil.

One woman says she had a good, godly mom. She said she didn’t have any malice in her. Jesse questions her about it, but she remarks: Why do you want to argue with me! Jesse asks her if she has anger. She cannot answer directly, but talks about giving it to God, and having Jesus in her heart. She said, “By faith, no.” Jesse asks for just a “yes” or “no” answer. “I’m black and slow.” She answers, “I’m female Hispanic and I’m smart…” and tries her best not to let anger control her life.

Anger is a spirit that made a home in you. Human beings cannot handle it. It’s impossible to be a child of God or a child of Satan. She says she doesn’t entertain it. But just think about it. If you have it, you’re not of God.

Most people don’t have love.

When you allow yourself to go through those moments where you feel nothing, or feel like you’re nothing, you can overcome.

Stories of forgiveness

A young lady tells about forgiving her mother who judged her and made her feel insecure. She didn’t understand at first, but did eventually. But she doesn’t need to understand — regardless, she felt relief. She’s doing the Silent Prayer, which helps calm her down. She also went to her father. He lit up, saying it made his day, and hugged her for the first time in she doesn’t know how long. Speak up; don’t resent. Overcome the spirit of mama, and return to the spirit of the father. God said he would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers.

A man told about forgiving his father, and the dynamic changed. He will speak with his mother. You get your courage back when you face the person.

Don’t look outside.

Jesse asks for Matthew 24 :26-27, in which Jesus said, “Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it. For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

Do not look outside. Stay with the prayer, and have no opinion. 

Jesse thanked MoxieGirl on YouTube who did a donation challenge last week. Give back, so we can help others. We offer counseling — it’s amazing!

Jesse talked with several people who joined us for the first time.

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  • Aimee Delacourt
    Posted at 06:29h, 23 August

    Just bc YOU have never met a deadbeat dad, doesn’t mean they don’t exist everywhere. In fact, I’d argue that you have met a deadbeat dad. They don’t wear signs on their foreheads & they don’t advertise it. In fact, they are master manipulators & very cunning liars. If you met my daughters deadbeat dad, you would love him & hate me. He’d convince you I’m a liar. But…. If anyone he lied to would think a little harder, they would realize his lies make no sense. He says I’m a hopeless drug addict but I’m a Registered Nurse with no issues. I’m on probation for using drugs, yet no arrest or legal records at all. I live with someone that’s on probation but the only person I live with is his 2 year old daughter. He says cheated on him & the baby can’t be his but he says that it was a white guy but the baby is black. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness from God bc he hasn’t asked for it & does not admit that he is wrong. I have forgiven him bc I don’t want to live with the anger. But, he is still living in sin, he is still wrong, and YES, he is a deadbeat & they do exist!

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