No Such Thing as Problems (Sunday Service, May 4, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service, originally aired May 4, 2008:


Jesse talks with a man Patrick about what keeps people unconscious, and whether he still loves pleasure more than peace. This man Patrick sees a war going on within him between seeking pleasure versus doing what’s right. Some people are very prideful and cannot let go of their thoughts and ideas about themselves and what they were taught wrongly about the things of God.


There is no such thing as a problem. There are only situations. And you’re not wonderful. Some people chase after positive thinking — believing, or at least telling themselves, that they’re good when they’re not. Others are into thinking negatively about themselves or others. All such judgments and opinions are lies. How do you recognize the voice of God? God’s voice is a voiceless voice. It’s a knowing. It’s common sense. Some ladies talk about “promptings,” or thoughts that they can almost hear and that sound like their own voice — that’s not of God, but of your father the Devil. The Devil will imitate yourself, people you know, and make you think your thoughts are from you or from God, but they’re from evil, from hell.


Jesse talks about phony preachers like Juanita Bynum and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. — Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years. Juanita at one point seriously contemplated suicide. Why would anyone listen to a woman like that — she has the same problems they do! And Jeremiah Wright, Jr., carries on, saying crazy things, making a fool out of himself. But when you read in the Bible, when Christ preached, he didn’t run or dance, whoop and holler. He spoke with the people.


Jesse urges people to do the Be Still and Know prayer, also known as the Silent Prayer. We also offer counseling, and you can get into contact with us at our office at BOND — the website is the same thing as


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