Overcome Being a “Selfish Millennial” (Church, Nov 4)

At Church, we talked about men who wear hats indoors (which is inappropriate), selfish millennials who rebel and want to overcome anger, how to get over the past and remain in the present, and how an alpha male or alpha female should act. We also touched on a story of a white man at a Dunkin’ Donuts who called a black female employee a “F—ing N-word” after she said something that angered him. At the end we talked about how Christ is our brother.

(Pardon the rough start this morning. We had trouble getting the stream to work!) 

We talked a little about the upcoming midterm elections. Then a lady asked about her dreams. She talked about her mother who died.

Men who wear hats indoors

(Watch 11-minute excerpt: What’s with Men Wearing Hats Indoors?)

Jesse made fun of Joel for wearing a cap today inside the building. In the good old days, men knew not to wear hats indoors. We’ve been so corrupted by the children of the lie, that we accept wrong as right — having sex out-of-wedlock, and all kinds of things. After Jesse said this, all the men in Church took off their hats! Imagine if the people of good stood apart from the world, and set a good example! Some of the ladies at Church talked about how men have forgotten how to be men, and how women give them mixed signals. One woman talked about the homogenization of men and women, and how confusing it is for people. One young man said he told a woman to suffer after she refused a seat he offered!

This young man asked how one can remind oneself to get over the past, not worry about the future, and realize that the present is what’s important. We talk about this a little, and then come back to it more in-depth later in the service.

A “selfish millennial” rebelled against his mother

Another young man joined us because his mother who also showed up told him about Jesse. He agrees with Jesse’s message that it’s simply good versus evil. He admits that he does not want to go to work, but he does because he has to work. Jesse told him never to admit that out loud! Jesse comments that millennials are some of the most selfish people! Everything is all about them! Jesse asked him how he became a selfish millennial. the young man responds that that’s a good question.

This man, Kyle, admits that how he was perceived became more important to him than what he put out in life. Jesse understood this, and said that parents make children this way. Parents today don’t want their children to feel pain, so they stroke their egos, and build them up even when criticizing their wrong behavior.

This man’s older sister also joined us — she said she was the “good” child (she put the word “good” in “air quotes”). There are six siblings in their family.

How to get back to the present

We returned to the question about moving on from the past: One man believes that the future matters, but Jesse says that it does not. This man felt that was nihilism, suggesting that life has no meaning. But Jesse insists that life does have meaning, and that nothing is that important. People can change — when you wake up, old things have passed away, and all things become new. Jesse urged everyone: Do not talk to the Devil. The Devil feeds you thoughts.

Joel asked how we build children’s confidence if parents should not stroke their children’s egos? He teaches dance to kids, and when he tells them the truth they shut down a little, and don’t do as well. But that’s because their parents did that to them — treating them so that they cannot handle correction in the right way. Kids know when they’re treated too nicely, and they resent it.

Kyle says that he gets angry at times because he doesn’t have peace. He cannot figure out the right way, and it’s confusing. He turns his anger toward himself — he called it “self-loathing.” Jesse urged him: Stop believing all thoughts. Jesse explained to him that thoughts in your mind are not your thoughts — they are not from you. You wouldn’t put yourself down if you were the one giving yourself thoughts.

Question about romance, alpha males, and alpha or beta females

James asked a question online in the Live Chat on YouTube from Sasha. She asked: Can a man who is being romantic be an alpha male, or is he a beta male? Jesse answered by talking about the intentions of men in trying to please women. But an alpha male would treat her well, and treat everyone else well too, and would be right with his girlfriend or wife, and with his children. She also asked: Can a woman be an alpha female or a beta female? Jesse said yes, that the same principles for men also apply to women — only their roles are different.

A white male customer cursed at a black female employee at Dunkin’ Donuts

(Watch 18 1/2 minute excerpt including viral video clip: “N-word!” Angry White Man “Racist.” Angry Black Woman?)

Jesse told the story of a video he came across in which a white man standing at the front of the line on his cell phone at a Dunkin’ Donuts. A black woman working at the counter told him something that caused him to go off cursing at her, calling her “F—ing N-word” and other things. She too yelled at him, saying something like, “Your mama.” The man even shouted at her through the window after he left. Jesse asks if anyone did anything wrong in this situation.

The black people in the audience felt that the black female employee was wrong for mistreating the customer. Most people said that both were wrong for being angry. One woman said that they were like two demons trying to show each other that they were the strongest. One woman said that the “N-word” is only used because black people overreact to it — people wouldn’t use it unless they knew it would hurt their feelings.

Jesse says that we should overcome words and not let them affect us. These are words that angry people use to hurt one another. Overcome the fallen state of anger, so that you will not be affected by words. This woman may lose her job, and this man may too lose his job — white people are under attack and so he will be called “racist,” and she may be treated as a victim. One woman pointed out that it’s typical of black women to have attitude, and it’s atypical of a white man to go off like that.

Christ our brother

(Watch 7-minute excerpt: Jesus Is Our Big Brother, the Holy Spirit Our Teacher, God Our Father)

Before we ended Church, a man asked about Jesse saying that Christ is our brother. His question: How should we look at Christ? People turn others into gods by worshipping the preacher, the rock star, men worship women — all kinds of false gods. Christ himself said that it’s not him, but the Father in him. Christ is our big brother, and by believing him, we can return to the Father.

People falsely accuse Jesse of telling people not to read the Bible. But Jesse tells people to read the Bible, but not study the Bible. Because the word of God is written on our hearts. So read the Bible, but put it down, and don’t try to interpret it with your intellect, where Satan can try to interpret it for you.

When you drop anger, you stop judging yourself and others, and stop playing God — so then you can return to God.

Jesse and Joel had talked earlier about how life is so simple. When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.

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  • Allegro
    Posted at 15:48h, 05 November

    Isn’t Jesse interpreting the Bible by denying that Christ was claiming to be God in human form? Seems very contradictory and quite sad that he gets to pick and choose what he wants to believe.

    Typical doctrinal deviations
    Also, be aware that repeating the words of these basic doctrines does not yet make sure that you know what they mean. In fact, the Mormons and Jehova’s witnesses use almost the same terminology when they talk to us. But still they mean something quite different from what we mean. For instance

    Mormons believe in the authority of the bible, but they say “as far as it is translated correctly” – which means that they can always argue that a certain passage was translated wrong if it contradicts their teaching. Besides, they believe that the word of God is more than just the … canonical books. For them, the Book of Mormon is also from God.
    But as we they say: “the bible is our final authority”

    Jehova’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is God, but for them that doesn’t actually mean much. In their eyes Jesus is “a god” like many other, although created first. So they deny that Jesus was there from the beginning or is equal with God, the father.
    The Moonies believe in the authority of the bible but they make it subject to the interpretation given by Sun Myung Moon.

    • James Hake
      Posted at 15:47h, 07 December

      The Bible’s quite clear that Christ claimed to be the Son of God, which is what Jesse says. Doesn’t leave any room for interpretation. Seems like you’re the one stretching and re-interpreting the meaning honestly.

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