Overcoming Fear and Doubt (Church Oct 8)

(Watch 9-minute excerpt: You Don’t Have to Live in Fear and Doubt) At the beginning of Church, Jesse briefly mentioned a few situations going on in the world: Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly “sexually harassed” a number of women over the years. A horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas occurred late the previous Sunday night. Jesse also talked about a Bronx school stabbing in which a homosexual (“bisexual”) Hispanic young man stabbed to death a younger black boy and wounded another black boy because they’d supposedly “bullied” him. (Read Jesse’s article in WND: Vegas and Bronx: Real truth about why people kill.)

Earlier in the week, a young woman called Jesse asking, “How do I get past fear and doubt?” You overcome it by dropping your anger, which prevents you from speaking up with strength in the right way. Unless you forgive your mother and father, and love them, you don’t love God. In the meantime, commit to prayer. Doubt every thought, which comes from lies. Then you can have faith, believe the truth, and not your imagination.

(For example, one guy Joel from the new live podcast program The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban, felt doubt about that morning’s episode. But in reality, at least in others’ opinion, the show went very well.)

As another example, Jesse mentioned the late grunge rock singer Kurt Cobain, whose parents divorced when he was young. He developed horrible stomach pain like his mother, who was dominating, and whom he hated. You become like what you hate.

One woman watching online asked, Is anger the woman’s spirit? Yes, but it’s not even her natural state, but rather the fallen state. When a man is angry, he’s acting like a woman. But women are not supposed to act that way either.

Therefore, love your father, and you will not be controlled by anger.

You don’t make decisions. No human being does.  Decisions are made for you based on the inclination of the heart. If your heart is inclined toward good, you will do your Father’s will. If your heart is inclined toward evil, you will do the will of your father the devil, and he will take you into hell. You don’t have your own will, and you don’t create your own thoughts.

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