Overcoming Life Challenges (Men’s Forum Report, Sep 6)

BOND Men’s Forums are always excellent. This meeting we talked about why guys join us. We also discussed hypocrisy, sin and judgment, and overcoming challenges in life. People are waking up!

Why do these guys participate in the Men’s Forum? 

First we went around answering the question: Why did you come to this meeting? Most of the guys said they attend in order to be around other men. A couple of the guys said it was a highlight of the month for them every time. One man was simply getting away from his girlfriend! — he had a lot to share later in the meeting. Another man is leaving town in a few days to join the military.

The evil of growing up without a father

One man told about working with children, estimating that 95-percent of troubled kids he sees come from homes, with no father. One nice kid he knew needed nothing more than the presence of a man — he didn’t require any firm talk or correction as long as he had that. His mother would drop him off to sell candy bars outside the grocery store for hours on-end. The man said that his freedom from anger allowed him to deal with the stress of working with these kids, as well as at home: he wakes up in the morning, does his prayer, and faces the day’s challenges.

What makes a hypocrite?

Jesse asked the guys about a hypothetical scenario in which one Christian man, in a position at a church, and a non-Christian reporter woman were having sex and everyone knew about it; then another couple, a Christian man and woman, were having sex but kept it secret. Jesse asked the question: Who is/are the hypocrite(s) in this situation? The guys went around the room and gave their best answers. They all agreed none of them should be having sex, since they weren’t married. They all have a responsibility to do right. But they disagreed on which were the hypocrite(s) — any, all, or none!

Jesse gave his take at the after everyone else said their peace, and they talked about judgment, doing right, and what drives people to do wrong.

Bad habits, addictions, and sin

One man asked about a particular vice, whether it was right or wrong. Some guys really did not know what to think about it. Others talked about how the practice, especially combined with other things, tends to consume a person. In reality, you should not do it. But if you do, do not get into it. Do not judge it as good or bad. Don’t add other things to it, nor get into your imagination about it, either thinking of the past or future or anything but present reality. Judgment prevents you from trusting God and overcoming all things.

Overcoming challenges in life

Jesse asked people what they’ve realized since waking up. One man talked about dealing with the mother of his children. He found himself finally able to set a good example even in challenges and disagreements. In the past he used to flee or overreact to situations, not knowing when to speak, what to say, or how!

(Watch this 4-minute Short Cut from Church (also embedded above), which also includes testimony from one of the guys: Mothers, Stop Living Through Your Children!)

One man told how he dealt with difficult, disrespectful people who acted wild and bullying toward others, and challenging him. He maintained his poise and sense of authority without responding to their provocations or attempts to humiliate him. He won the respect of everyone there, and made an impression as a real leader.

People are waking up!

Multiple guys noticed that more and more men (and women) from around the world are waking up, forgiving their fathers and mothers, and going free! After 28 years of working at BOND, Jesse’s seeing lots of fruit. The number of people responding, calling into his show with testimonies, has only grown especially in recent years.

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