People Live as Animals, Not Conscious Human Beings

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

Knowledge keeps you in darkness. Would you rather be stopped by black or white police? Human beings live like animals in anger. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 29, 2023:  Millennials get carried away with “Just-in-Time” logistics.  //  Stay with watching the thoughts. Don’t rush into intellectual learning. Don’t think you have it: All thoughts are lies.  //  One woman faces ego death amid provocation, dealing with her problem with the word “obey.” Men, don’t marry a woman who won’t obey. But you can’t be beta. Stay with prayer. The Devil doesn’t take a break.  //

We talk at-length about the Tyre Nichols beating by Memphis police officers. Would you rather be stopped by black or white cops? Watch the thoughts; the Devil lies to you before knowing the truth. The world draws you in and you get caught up. BLM and Antifa don’t care about the alleged victim.  //

Do you ever try to be like someone else? How will you be yourself? Can you be inspired by others without losing yourself?  //  Both dogs and people live an “instinct life” of emotions, rather than a conscious life of love. Your enemy is your enemy. And your friend is your enemy. Both dogs and women can sense a man’s fear.  //  Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems? In reality, there are no problems. Know thyself.  //

ANNOUNCEMENTS: JLP is suspended on YouTube; watch Rumble! Men’s Forum first Thursday, Feb 2, 2023, 7 PM at BOND!  //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jan 29, 2023
  • 0:02:13 Welcome: Just-in-Time logistics
  • 0:06:51 Follow-up with lady: Don’t rush intellectually
  • 0:12:54 Knowledge keeps you in darkness
  • 0:18:01 Don’t think you have it: All thoughts are lies
  • 0:22:22 Not responding when provoked
  • 0:27:39 Ego death: Pills, problems with word “obey”
  • 0:35:14 JLP: Don’t marry a woman who won’t obey
  • 0:36:30 No “righteous anger”
  • 0:40:14 Identifying / rationalizing anger
  • 0:43:46 Prayer: The Devil doesn’t take a break
  • 0:44:44 Man’s son disappointed in parents to their face
  • 0:50:25 Super: Prayer before a meal? Eat to remember
  • 0:53:35 Memphis police situation (Tyre Nichols beating)
  • 1:10:17 Rather stopped by white or black cops?
  • 1:12:58 JLP: Watch thoughts/Devil. World draws you in
  • 1:21:00 Loving dogs? Be like someone else?
  • 1:33:53 Dogs and people: Instinct life, not conscious/love
  • 1:46:22 Your friend is your enemy
  • 1:49:54 Dogs and women smell your fear
  • 1:52:26 BQ: Why get involved with your problems?
  • 1:54:28 JLP: No problems. Know thyself
  • 1:58:42 Closing: No JLP YouTube? Men’s Forum


Would You Rather Be Stopped by Black or White Cops? (Memphis / Tyre Nichols)

WATCH CLIP (11-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP asks black men who they’d rather be arrested by: black cops or white cops? Jesse’s relatives got angry that he has a wait-and-see attitude toward the story of Tyre Nichols’s passing after a confrontation with black Memphis police. The Devil works in your mind and others’ to get you emotional and jump to conclusions when you don’t know the whole story.

Dogs and People Live by Animal Instinct, Not Consciousness

WATCH CLIP (17-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Like dogs, people live an instinct life, rather than a conscious life — their “love” is not real; they’re trying to get something from others. In the light of God, there is no positive or negative, or emotions.

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Church Notes

10:57 AM US PST – We start streaming a little more than a couple minutes before the top of the hour.

Just-in-Time logistics

11:00 At the opening of church, we talk about “just in time” logistics.

Follow-up with lady: Don’t rush into it intellectually

11:05 Jesse follows up with a lady from last week. She hasn’t talked with her sister yet. She’s trying to be conscious in what she does, and watching her thoughts — she finds herself having “less thoughts.” Don’t rush into it, getting it only intellectually. Intellectual knowledge is evil.

Knowledge keeps you in darkness

11:10 A man asks a question… Most people think they don’t have anger, not angry right now, or don’t have much anger. That’s another example of the knowledge of good and evil. People go from group to group picking up information, quoting it. Knowledge keeps you in darkness. To hold onto knowledge is evil, of the Devil. Jesse was a guest on a podcast this week, with an atheist host who used to go to a major evangelical church, and a Christian teacher. People don’t see or overcome the intellect.

Either you have anger or you don’t. It’s the spirit, the nature of Satan that you’re living in. The light destroys the nature of the Devil. Don’t call yourself your vices. Stop identifying with that stuff. Anyone with anger period is of their father the Devil. There is no in-between. You can’t serve two gods. Angry people are serving the Devil.

Don’t think you have it; all thoughts are lies

11:15 The man continues, saying sometimes one thing will set him off. He doesn’t always go with his feelings now. Quietly watch it and go through it. When you protect it you’re getting deeper in the nature of the Devil. Don’t think you’re getting there or think you have it. All thoughts come from the Devil.

11:18 A man asks why Jesse asks if people have overcome anger. Jesse says: To see that you can’t see.

Not responding when provoked

11:20 Jesse talks with a woman who had surgery on her eyes. She asks about laughing at anger. A man needled her about supposedly trying to get a younger man, and she laughed, and didn’t respond. It’s not you that’s taking it — it’s the not you. The real you feels nothing about it. Stay with it. (Her coworker thought she was going to go off.)

She says she’s been through some roller coaster: She’s scared to death of mice. When doing the Silent Prayer she pictures mice coming for her.

Ego death

11:25 She also brings up the word “obey” and how it was bugging her. Her father and brothers would come at her; she felt attacked. She’s sweating from head to toe after the roller coaster ride. When does it stop? Never ask that.

Someone called Jesse yesterday saying, Jesse, I can’t do this! It’s too hard! The woman says she can’t cry anymore. You’re not a baby! The average person doesn’t want to go through this death. You have once to die and once to live. The woman asks if adolescents go through this. Most need their little egos for energy. As adults, we have to overcome it.

Stay with it. If you knew it wasn’t you, it’d be over. It takes longer because we fight it, and don’t really want to go through it. You’re not convinced it’s not you.

11:32 The woman says she’s been on medication for depression for over 25 years. She gets a seizure sometimes when not taking it. She’s weening herself off of it. One step at a time.

Never tolerate disobedience

11:33 For obedience, Jesse urges men not to marry a woman who will not obey him. But women can tell when men are beta.

No “righteous anger”

11:34 A man talks about the “spectrum” of anger. Is there any practical anger? People claim they have “righteous anger,” but they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Intellectualizing/rationalizing and identifying with anger

11:38 A man asks the connection between the identity and the intellectualizing of the anger.

11:40 Raymond and another man talk about identifying with anger and rationalizing anger. It’s the same thing. Raymond says it’s the root of all addictions.

Prayer: The Devil doesn’t take a break

11:41 A wife and mother says she sometimes misses a day here and there in prayer.

Again: Man’s son is disappointed in him

11:42 The father Alex is shocked his son said to his and his son’s mother’s faces that he’s disappointed in them. It’s hurtful. Why? (He came up with an abbreviation “BAR” that stands for bitterness, anger, and resentment, or something.) His son is unwilling to forgive, just like his father.

Jesse reminds him to be aware when he speaks. He starts looking sideways and getting carried away. Which is worse, to fail your son spiritually, or to be a drug addict and raise him?

11:47 The woman says to be glad his son told him. So he can see himself and his response. Deal with yourself.

Eat to remember: Stay conscious

11:48 When you eat, eat to remember, Jesse advises in response to a Super Chat. (The atheist podcast host said that eating the body and blood of Christ seemed like weird cannibal stuff. Intellectual Christianity can turn you into an atheist.) Be present of God. Next time you eat, see if you can stay conscious through the whole meal.

Memphis police situation

11:51 Jesse asks a young woman her thoughts on the Tyre Nichols beating in Memphis, TN, by police, and the reaction. Nick and Doug react. (Rochelle only watches JLP and Hake.)

11:55 One woman says it was difficult to hear the boy crying out, but isn’t sure what to think. Another man said he should comply.

11:57 Another woman said she saw a lot of anger in the video. No love. It was hard to watch as a mom, because she thought about his mother. The earlier woman also found it hard to watch, because it seemed excessive.

11:59 Hassan says since they were black cops, he saw it was just evil; they overreacted on both sides.

12:00 Doug learned to do what cops say as a kid. The cops know more about what’s going on than you know they know. You can fit the description, and if you do what they say, you’ll be fine. The cops were in a special unit to deal with a high crime area — especially in Memphis. They dropped the test standards for police officers.

12:03 Rochelle has been stopped by cops, for expired tags. She wanted to meet a cute cop.

12:04 A young woman said it was unfortunate that nobody stepped in. He called for mama (Jesse jokes about him calling for mama). Raymond speaks.

12:06 One man felt it seemed contrived or a setup. Memphis has been dangerous a long time. There’s a lot of anger. He’s not used to complying with authority, especially male authority.

Would you rather be stopped by four black cops or four white cops?

12:08 Jesse asks the man if he’d rather get stopped by four white cops or four black cops?

Jesse asks another black man the same question.

JLP: Watch your thoughts; the world draws you in

12:10 Jesse jokes about black cops versus white cops. Watch your thoughts. Jesse watched what the Devil told him as he watched the video. In a friendly phone conversation a family member asked Jesse’s opinion on the issue. Jesse didn’t have an opinion yet. In America, we’re supposed to have a fair trial. At least the blacks can’t cry “racism” over it. Two family members got mad at Jesse over having a “wait and see” attitude.

The Devil’s children either side with the dead suspect or with the cops. We don’t prejudge the people before they go to court, but the Devil’s children are protesting as if they know the real story. They don’t know they’re being seduced and set up for evil.

12:15 Come back to paying attention to the Devil in all things. Anger is being pushed as good. The world is set up to draw you in. Let them work out the situation, those involved.

12:17 The man died a few days later.

12:18 Doug points out: Antifa and Black Lives Matter don’t care. Devils are used by Devils. You can’t be used.

(Loving dogs?) Be like someone else?

12:19 Jesse saw neighbors with yellow raincoats on the dogs.

12:20 If you’re trying to be like someone else, how are you going to be you? You’re not really like that person. When you see the person differently, you get mad.

12:22 The lady mentions the phone call on the radio show that sparked this question, about being inspired by Michael Jordan. Hassan agrees about modeling after someone inspiring.

12:25 The lady reiterates her question, and talks about style.

12:26 A young woman who’s creative says it feels almost false. Can you be inspired without comparing? Yes, the first lady says.

12:28 Jesse talks about learning how to do different things from different people, but not acting like them or chasing the same success.

Dogs and people: Instinct life, not conscious life (no love)

12:31 One young lady says people love their dogs because they’re excited to see you, they obey, and don’t talk back.

12:32 Jesse tells a story of a dog turning on him. We’re living on instinct life, and not conscious life. We’re like animals. People can be friendly, and snap just like that. You don’t have love. You’ve fallen away from the light, from perfect love. When you overcome anger, you start to see and rise in consciousness.

A man asks if he’s in a fallen state because he puts a yellow raincoat on his dog. Jesse points out you’re weakening the dog, destroying the dog! In the same way you destroy yourself.

12:39 The young lady asks about animal instincts kicking in for survival. She talks more about experiencing negative and positive things.

12:46 Your enemies are your enemies, and your friends are your enemies. That sounds hopeless. Overcome it. It’s very hopeless. Anyone who has anger is your enemy. They can’t help it.

Dogs and women smell your fear

12:47 Raymond asks about fear. A dog and a woman can smell you when you have fear. You can live a life without fear, if you die from the ego.

Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems?

12:50 Jesse asks people if they ever try to solve their own problems? Why do you get involved with your own problems. A few people say they don’t. One lady she used to because of thoughts, she thought she could fix it.

JLP: No problems. Know thyself.

12:52 In reality, no such thing as problems. If you think that it is, you’ll feel it is, and you’ll try to solve it. If you doubt the thoughts, once you truly forgive, you’ll know, and stop responding to the Devil’s temptations. There’s a higher way of living. Work on you; pay attention to you.

Closing / Announcements

12:56 Jesse Lee Peterson YouTube channel’s suspended this week. Catch him on Rumble for the radio show. Jesse reiterates his point about the instinct life, which is a lack of love. We have our Men’s Forum on Thursday!

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