The Purpose of Forgiveness (Church, Aug 26)

At Church, Jesse talks with several people about forgiving their mothers, and returning to their fathers. He also warns women not to date married men — and men and women not to remarry after divorce! (Ignore echo at very beginning — it gets better!)

Forgiving mothers and fathers

A young man named Roman told going and forgiving his parents in person — his father got goosebumps and said it meant a lot to him, and they both felt a weight off. But his mother said he should thank her, not forgive her! He’s been married 2 years — it’s been getting better, despite that his wife does not totally agree with him.

Another person talked about what Jesse says, “Suffer and die.” If you do right, you can suffer and live! (He also talked about Christian history.) Once you wake up, you’re no longer anyone else, but Christ works through you.

Jesse told a story of women he knows who date married men! In their fallen state, they believe the men will marry them! Jesse said when he was in that state, as his ego was dying, he knew he had to suffer through it.

Do not judge yourself, but pray

Another man talked about coming home from a trip and losing his temper with his mother. (Jesse joked: “Beta!”) He does not want to apologize — so he asked if forgiveness is just a one-time thing. Satan tempts you to judge yourself after you do wrong. Do not make it a big deal — or else you’ll play god.

A woman fears she’ll be triggered by her mother’s reaction when she goes to face and forgive her. She quit her job where her supervisor reminds her of her mother! You become like the person you hate. In counseling, a woman will say her husband seems just like her mother! Don’t put off forgiveness until tomorrow — today is all we have.

Prayer is observation — kids escape into imagination to survive trauma growing up. Do not analyze thoughts. Memories are thoughts of the past which no longer exists! Let them pass. The light of God causes you to observe, allowing you to see spiritually!

People try to control you — calling names, turning nice, trying to get you to react, so they can feel better by judging you. (We have Christ’s spirit, the same that raised Him from the dead. The children of the lie control us, discriminating against us.)

A young woman went to forgive her mother. Afterward, the mother sent her passive-aggressive, sarcastic text messages. She loves her father. Jesse urges her to do the Silent Prayer –

Men, drop anger, and drop sex out-of-wedlock!

Jesse asked one man: Are you an “alpha male” or a “beta male”? A man asked if he should forgive his stepfather. As a substitute teacher, he acted just like him. You cannot be an “alpha male” and have anger.

He noticed that sex before marriage brought him disaster every time. Another woman talked about this issue. Stop sex to see how you really feel about another person. If not for sex, men would not have anything to do with women!

Answering questions and concerns

At one point, Jesse answers questions and issues raised by people watching online:

  1. What does it mean for that a man is the head of his wife?
  2. Can a man call his mother to forgive her, instead of traveling to the opposite end of the country?
  3. Can you repent after denying the Holy Spirit?
  4. How do I stop imagining conversations with people in my head?
  5. People lose their friends after they wake up or speak up.
  6. Don’t worry about people who died before Christ.
  7. Should you do Silent Prayer after dropping anger?

A man explains he grows “frustrated” but not “angry” — by tasks, not people. He feels its normal, realizing at a young age that he should not act angry.

Discussing current events and issues

Jesse then tells a few stories:

  1. A father living with a son in his 20s shot and killed the young man in a fight over cleaning his room!
  2. One 5th-grader in the South called his teacher “ma’am,” which offended her — she said wanted to throw something at him — so she punished him! She still teaches there, able to traumatize other kids!
  3. Jesse reiterated his warning to women dating married men: They don’t love you! Divorced people should not re-marry. Although a woman who married in the fallen state may divorce her husband — in reality, there is no divorce; marriage is until death do you part. If you divorced, just come to Jesus and find peace.
  4. The black government in South Africa began robbing white farmers of their land, as blacks rape, rob, and kill them in hatred. If we don’t wake up, this will come to America.
  5. Meanwhile, white people cry over a tree that died in the woods! It reminds Jesse of them crying after Trump won.

At the end, Jesse asks: What is the purpose of forgiveness? (Watch 3-minute SHORT CUT) Return to the father. Before you enter the Kingdom of Heaven within, you must forgive. Every soul yearns for the father. Even weak men represent Christ on earth.

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