Racism Does Not Exist, Never Has (Church July 9)

(Watch 6-minute excerpt: Was Segregation “Racist”? Did Blacks Really Want Integration?) On Monday, Jesse told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that “racism” does not exist. In fact, it has never existed. Numerous outlets picked up on the statement. Due to the feedback, Jesse invited everyone to discuss it. People often bring up slavery as “racist.” But slavery was simply part of the times among all cultures. It was not about race, nor was any of the fallout post-Civil War with Jim Crow or Segregation. In reality, people have always judged falsely in blindness and anger — just as they do today. Whites allow other people into the country; those people reap the benefits, but turn on the whites who feel imposed upon, and call them “racist.”

Blacks were doing quite well in separate schools and businesses. But they were influenced by “leaders” who wanted Integration. So they shut down black schools, and crowded white schools with blacks. Neither were happy. You can’t force someone to love you. All people discriminate, and you should be free to do so. Blacks were more moral and respected before all of this, because they were not angry. Jesse caught his cousin lying about whites calling him “boy” — it never happened! Today, we’re fed lies about how badly whites treated blacks.

Today, the injustice is against white people. Blacks pretend to want an honest discussion about “racism,” but call whites “racist” when whites tell the truth. So blacks and others get to talk about whites, but whites don’t get to speak! The fact that blacks and Hispanics hate one another is not generally called “racism.” People use racial slurs such as the “N-word” to try to hurt others. Blacks and others use “racist” to hurt whites. “Racism” is supposedly the belief one race is superior to another. But those who accuse whites of racism or white supremacy feel morally superior to those whites.

One person asked if a person can “sever” their conscience, so that they live without any conscience. Jesse said yes, for example the Planned Parenthood women who aborted babies and sold the body parts for profit had abandoned their conscience. God and Jesus will sit back and let you reject good and do evil.

Jesse urges you to pray, so that you might overcome anger and judgment which separate you from God. He also recommends all people read his book in which he proves that racism does not exist; that it’s a spiritual battle between good and evil, right versus wrong. And that blacks suffer not due to “racism” (which doesn’t exist), but the destruction of the family, and the lack of moral character. Read The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood.

Also watch Jesse Lee Peterson’s YouTube playlist: Racism Does Not Exist. 

  • Bryan Kelly
    Posted at 01:42h, 13 January Reply

    And it’s not just white people, its mainly, more actually white Americans being called racist.

  • Jane Doe
    Posted at 08:48h, 15 April Reply

    Racism was a word made to fit a circumstance, just like a plethora of words created in society. There was a situation initially; that needed a term. So, one was given to it. Racism wasn’t just a random word created for future use. That’s not really how things work, silly. It i factually inaccurate to say that racism never existed. No matter how you twist the data and intertwine it with your personal bias, racism by definition existed and still does. Your entire article sites no actual educational scholarly studies or sources, This is literally just an opinionated rant that could only be passed off as truth to the illiterate or politically uninformed. Jesse is in fact the only thing resembling a citation in this entire passage. Next time you decide to make a claim like this it might be helpful to do at least some amount of research of real, substantial studies and factual information. Just a little tip.

    • Adam Fontenet
      Posted at 14:02h, 19 July Reply

      I know for a fact that you are black because black people need a scapegoat for their own misfortune and they blame invisible forces like racism rather than disciplining themselves and solving problems in their communities. You are not a mind reader and quite blaming people you don’t know or ever met for you not being a productive member of society.

      • John Smith
        Posted at 18:23h, 09 September Reply

        Your obviously a white racist, you ignore racism towards blacks but get all up in arms when its whites thats the victims. Your disgusting, you don’t care about black people or equality.

        • James Hake
          Posted at 13:32h, 14 September Reply

          That’s not true. “Racism” doesn’t exist. More than anyone else I know, Jesse loves black people. And all people.

  • Peter Lithuaeur
    Posted at 11:58h, 08 April Reply

    There are some good points made throughout the video and transcript but a lot of them are assumptions made about individuals during that time period. The simple fact that he claims that racism doesn’t exist is false inherently because the government didn’t let black people become in power. This itself is racism, a prime example of it. All you need is a few examples to examen that racism is real. You state that black schools were doing really well and almost no one wanted to integrate. I’d love to see the facts and information to back that claim up. A lot of your major claims are on the basis that what you are saying is factually accurate when you don’t provide sources, evidence, or any examples that can be 100% proven. I agree that racism is not just from whites but your argument is easily debunked. Racism is real, you are just an idiot LUL. Racism is real but not as bad and only done by white people as you mentioned though.

    • James Hake
      Posted at 14:08h, 14 June Reply

      Peter, first of all, you’re wrong about the history. Black people were in government positions and held power. In fact, the black men wielded more natural authority due to having moral authority, such as Booker T. Washington, and any man of character. You can’t keep a good man down. Further, even where blacks were excluded, that was not “racist.” It may have been wrong in some cases, but it was not “racist.” And many blacks today want to segregate, and feel that integration hurt the black community. Jesse’s giving you first-hand accounts, which is a better authority than statistics and dubious written “history” which are both twisted. “Racism” is an illusion. You just don’t recognize that.

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