Real Brotherhood: Lifting Up One Another - Rebuilding the Man
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Real Brotherhood: Lifting Up One Another

Jesse Lee Peterson led BOND’s final monthly Men’s Forum for 2016 on Thursday, December 1. Guys showed up from as far as San Diego. Attendees ranged in age from 24 to 60, but everybody related in the discussion. It was both humorous and serious.

A few guys took turns standing before the others to tell what was going on in their lives. Jesse talked about the Men’s Forum (in the posted video above) on his radio show the following day.

Stuck in a Rut?

One man described issues with alcohol and drug abuse, even facing time in jail. He’s talented and successful in his pursuits but got into a funk. Another man started his own business but faces problems of discipline and procrastination. The guys told him to learn to love everything he needs to do.

Sometimes our problem is not “laziness” but a lack of love for God, for what’s right. One guy reminded a struggling man at the meeting, “Seek first the kingdom, and all will be added.”

Do Not Shrink from Challenge

A newcomer quit a good-paying job with a big company because the stress brought out the worst in him. He became rude toward people over small things. One man told him that, although he quit this job, the same situation will arise for him again. Jesse told him that next time he should face the pain; these situations are opportunities to see his character flaws and grow.

When you miss an opportunity or fail a test in life, do not regret it. Be grateful, and another chance to overcome your issues will appear.

The Right to Reject Wisdom and Suffer

One man was on the verge of being kicked out of the house he lived in. Although he had little money, he got into a legal fight over the issue, rather than taking his money and moving to a place with job options.

Because someone was rude to him, he was obsessed with sticking it to that person, to the point that he lost sleep, was stressed and visibly angry. He knows friends who may help him monetarily.

Everyone urged him to leave the situation, that he was wrong. But he was intent on doing it his way. Although he will suffer for this, he has the right to make mistakes in life, and we do not have the right to hold it against him.

Biblical Question

Jesse asked the guys what they thought Jesus meant when he said, “Do not let your left hand know what the right is doing” (see: Matthew 6:2-4). Some had never heard the passage before. Those familiar with the verse believed it meant that we should not “show off” when we give to the poor, but that we should give in secret.

One guy was very tempted all week to call-in to Jesse’s radio show to tell him what he believed it meant. But he knew his thoughts were deceiving him. Jesse noticed that all of us who answered had the same answer. He said that should raise a red flag, since the truth requires wisdom. The right answer is different from what “everybody else” says.

Jesse planned to talk about what Christ meant by this at Church on Sunday, December 4.

Jesse said on his radio show that this type of brotherhood we all shared at the Men’s Forum is what is meant by his organization name, The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny — BOND.

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