Renewing Your Mind from Within | Archive 12/22/13

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Did our 2013 theme help you? No, says a man in a bad marriage. Look at your messed up mind, not others! Stay with prayer. 

Archive Sunday Service, December 22, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson thanks everyone for another great year at BOND. Our theme this year was: Renewing the mind from within. Did it help you? An unhappily married father says no! As a man, he’s given up on leading and loving his wife! God doesn’t give up on you! Stay with quiet prayer: Satan doesn’t want you to be still!  //

Jesse asks several others: What do you know for sure now, after renewing your mind from within? What did you learn about yourself? What did you realize?  //  Jesse talks about the battle in his mind growing angrier as he separates from the thoughts from the Devil. He tried fasting recently, and realized how connected to food he was. In the same way, fast away from the ego, which tempts you into the false future and past. As human beings, we don’t know what we want. In every decision you make, you’re playing god. Submit to prayer, and let go. //


  • 00:00 Sun, Dec 22, 2013
  • 04:07 Theme: Renewing the mind from within
  • 05:26 It didn’t help John: Bad marriage
  • 12:38 Not a normal marriage?
  • 15:28 As the man, do you lead her?
  • 17:16 It’s about you, not her.
  • 20:25 God doesn’t give up on you.
  • 23:22 Love even your enemies
  • 24:28 Never a time for hate
  • 25:17 How to love
  • 29:26 More marriage feedback from ladies
  • 31:59 JLP: Love your wife
  • 35:30 Pray. Satan won’t let you pray.
  • 38:37 Q: What do you know for sure now?
  • 41:42 Q: What did you learn about yourself?
  • 43:39 To learn how selfish you are, renew your mind
  • 46:09 Q: Were you renewed this year? Realize anything?
  • 52:35 JLP: Battle with my mind
  • 54:02 JLP: Fasting from the ego: No future/past
  • 56:49 JLP: Don’t know what I want: Decisions playing god
  • 59:11 JLP: Submit to prayer. Let go.


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