Why Do You Return to Your Own Vomit? (Church Sep 3)

(Watch 6-minute excerpt: Have You Blasphemed Against the Holy Spirit?) Today we held a silent prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana — as the President said it’s National Prayer Day.

Jesse asked if anybody brought any questions or comments to share at church, or if they only came to receive. Several people talked again about whether they know themselves. Most people do not — even those who pray, some still do not know themselves. So Jesse asked, “What is your motive?” This is an important question because people return to their wrongdoing, their hell, “like a dog returns to its vomit.”

In response, people tried to answer why they go back to evil. One man made the point that he never truly left — he only pretends to want to leave. Another said he does not believe that all things are possible for those who believe. So a man watching online asked, “Is knowing yourself achieved by shedding the ego and being honest with yourself and others?” Jesse said that is part of knowing yourself, and elaborated more.

One person watching online said he worries about going blind. He had corneas replaced in surgery at age 10, and his sight is fine now. But he worries about possibly losing his sight in the future. In attempting to answer his concern, a man said he knows how to give the advice that you should “live in the present” and not think about the future — but he himself does not live that way. People think themselves wise because of the truth they know in their intellect, yet do not live right. But Jesse explained that those thoughts and worries do not come from you, nor from God, but from Satan, from your father the devil. Do not listen to them.

Toward the end, Jesse asked, “Have you ever blasphemed against the Holy Spirit?” Nobody said they had, but some did not know what it meant. Although Jesse did not have much time to expound, he briefly explained that you already have the Holy Spirit inside you; it is your connection to the Father and to the Son, to Christ. When you do not listen to the Teacher within, and live according to the Spirit, you are rejecting it.

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