Revolver: Facing the Devil Within (Church 7/3/22)

The movie Revolver shows how Satan works the mind, pretending to be you. Are you an individual? Do you keep God’s greatest commandment?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 3, 2022: After briefly discussing the Fourth of July and welcoming first-timers, we talk about the movie “Revolver” (by Guy Ritchie), which Jesse recommended. Different scenes depict the Devil in one man’s mind, pretending to be the man. An expert called Deepak Chopra called it “the ego” and denied it’s the Devil, but it is the Devil. One character goes to apologize to another, and the prideful chatter and impulses in his mind are going crazy. People want you to resent and fear them, so they can control you.

We then discuss: Are you an individual? Unless you become an individual, you will not know God. Stop trying to control anything; let things be, and don’t protect the ego, or Satan in you. Face the fear and weaknesses.

Biblical Question: Do you keep the greatest commandment? Love God with all your heart, along with nothing else, and you will naturally love others.

New Biblical Question: If you lost your insanity, who would you be?

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re live on JLP tomorrow for Independence Day, but the office is closed. Men’s Forum this first Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.!


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jul 3, 2022
  • 0:02:02 Fourth of July
  • 0:09:52 First-timers, how Jesse’s helped
  • 0:16:04 Revolver: Facing the Devil, the ego
  • 0:38:06 The Devil’s mind, the talking mind
  • 0:55:39 Are you an individual?
  • 1:13:29 Stop trying to control everything
  • 1:25:50 Biblical Q: Do you keep the greatest commandment?
  • 1:31:48 New BQ: If you lose your insanity, who will you be?
  • 1:35:45 Closing / Announcement: Men’s Forum

Notes: Happy Fourth of July! Welcome first-timers

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming right around the top of the hour. Jesse invites people to talk about what the Fourth of July means to them.

11:06 A father, after talking about responsibility with guns and fireworks, he talks about his son finding him after fifty years. The young man, the son, also talks about having his father in his life.

11:09 Jesse welcomes first-timers. One man says Jesse’s message helped him “bigtime,” helping him clarify things that were confusing. He says he overthinks the notion of forgiving his parents. He acknowledges that on some level he has fear he can’t pinpoint; he’s not sure whether its resentment he has. He does the Silent Prayer “a little… not as much as I should.” Jesse urges him to see for himself.

11:12 Another first-timer, age 12, Noah, joins with his grandfather, “Pop,” named Tim. The man saw Jesse on The Fallen State, interviewing a guest he liked. But then he got into Jesse’s content. He felt dumb forgiving his parents, but did it anyway. He says Jesse’s message helped him see the “not me” clearer.

Revolver movie: Facing the Devil, the Ego

11:15 Jesse asks if anybody saw the movie “Revolver.” He invites people to discuss it. Jesse says that if you’re awake or working on being awake, you won’t miss the message. Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie made it, back in 2005. Different people talk about it: The ego is vicious, pure evil. The main character faced the Devil at one point.

The light destroys the darkness; the more you learn to be still and not react, you realize it’s not you. Your enemy is not outside you, but is cleverly hidden within you, as well as outside you in others — but much less so.

The character played by the late Ray Liotta wanted the main character to fear him. Jesse compares this to forgiving the mother. When you resent people, you fear them. They know that, and want you to resent and so fear them. When people don’t forgive you, they’re saying they want to control you; they see forgiveness as a weakness — the ego in them, the Devil.

One guy didn’t like the experts at the end of the movie, although others did. Jesse clarifies that there is a Devil, despite one guy Deepak Chopra saying there wasn’t. Jesse also points out the Buddha folks tend to leave out God. But the ego disguises itself as us, and it’s not us, but a spirit that made a home in us.

11:35 One man brings up the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, in which the father dresses up as a woman to see his children.

The Devil’s mind: The talking mind

11:37 Once you see, you see there’s nothing you can do. People let the intellect get in the way, which constantly interprets what’s being said.

Jesse and some people talk about not getting it. You don’t want to watch it with anyone who talks! Stay with it; life is different when you’re free. When you’re free, you don’t have to worry, doubt, or plan. All your ideas about God, and your little identities will be taken away. Freedom will have real meaning once you’re free.

At one point a guy in the movie says the world is evil, but we can overcome it.

Franky says that Sigmund Freud came up with the term the ego in the 1870s. The world comes up with words, which takes you away from reality. It’s the Devil in you.

Franky also makes a point about the ego telling the man not to apologize to the angry one he’d wronged. The guy Ray Liota played was flamboyant and vindictive like a mama.

11:46 Jesse mentions Mr. Gold, whom nobody ever saw. A woman came down to represent him, and intimidated the man who lashed out at her, and then kissed-up to her. In the same way, the Devil only has the illusion to destroy you.

Christians identify with the Devil, thinking they’re identifying with God. They won’t examine why they have worry. Learn to question what’s going on with you. God will answer.

11:52 Jesse talks again about the apology scene.

Are you an individual?

11:55 Jesse asks: How many individuals do we have here? You are an individual person.

12:00 One man says he’s not an individual, because he still needs a group. He feels grounded around others, and reassured in his beliefs.

12:02 Another man talks about a friend whose family is Democrat; he’s grounded on hating Trump and thinking racism is everywhere. Rallies are just egos fighting one another, Jesse says.

The young man asserts his friend’s talk sounded all brainwashed. As soon as one Devil disagrees with another Devil, they turn on one another!

12:07 One man says he hears atheists saying they’re individuals. He says he needs God in his life, so he’s not an individual, but a servant.

Hassan says yes, he’s an individual, in that he allows others not to be individuals. He talks about the freedom of the country, and the Fourth of July. You can love the people, and allow them the freedom to hate the country.

JLP: Stop trying to control anything: being an individual

12:13 Jesse urges: Stop trying to control anything. Let things be. Don’t try to protect anything. People will do and say what they will. It’s easier.

Jesse then asks one more young lady.

12:14 Jesse says: Unless you become an individual, you will never know God. Have nothing or nobody to rely on. Anything you put before Him, and you want to hold onto, control, find comfort, or hate — that’s your god, and you will never know God. There’s nothing in Jesse that would allow him to follow the crowd. People would not follow the crowd or gossip. Today’s society is the weakest I’ve seen!

Jesse didn’t understand how people put men as their gurus. Jesus kept on the road, running from people. People made Jesus “God.”

Be like little children. Kids will be honest without hate or judgment.

If you are afraid to be an individual, let that fear happen so you can overcome it. Stand alone if you’re afraid to stand alone. That’s not you, but the ego in you, the Devil’s nature. The real you doesn’t go from group to group to get an identity.

If the whole world turns against you, you have no problem, because God is with you. Your ideas disappear, and you know the real God.

Just as in the movie, you’ll have the Devil trying to convince you to protect the ego. Let your fears and worries happen; don’t protect the Devil any longer. Let it happen. You don’t want anyone to support your ego.

12:23 One man questions what Jesse and Hassan said about the people allowed to hate the country. The Devil has them too; they’re miserable.

Stop protecting the not-you. Face it; be still and let it happen. Satan will depart and make a home in someone else.

Biblical Q: Do you keep the greatest commandment?

12:25 Jesse asks the new people the Biblical Question: Do you keep the greatest commandment? What is the greatest commandment? How do you know you love God and love your neighbor?

Jesse notes to one man that doing nice things for others because you want the same — that’s all ego.

12:28 Jesse gives his answer. Love God, and you’ll naturally love everyone else. Watch yourself to see what’s important to the ego.

We’re trying to edify one another, and not trying to get something from one another. The real you has no fear, doubt, or worries. Don’t take anything personally; they can’t help it. Every human being is dealing with the same Devil.

Closing / New BQ: If you lose your insanity, who would you be?

12:31 Jesse asks the new Biblical Question: If you lose your insanity, who would you be? One man says he’d be God’s right hand man.

The whole world is insane. If I became sane, who would I be?

Hassan clarifies and “edifies” about people being allowed to hate the country.

12:35 Jesse warns people: Don’t let Satan build the movie up.

You don’t need a plan for a business. Stay present.

We have our Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.

We are live tomorrow on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, although the office is closed for Independence Day.


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