Revolver: From Where Do You Get Your Security? (Church 7/17/22)

Yet again, we discuss “Revolver,” which reflects the world living in their imagination! Biblical Question: From where do you get your security? 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 17, 2022: We open by talking even more about the movie “Revolver” (2005, with Jason Statham and Ray Liotta), discussing thoughts and the enemy within you. The film reminded Jesse of when he went to forgive his mother. You can life life free of thoughts. But in your cares, you pray to the Devil in vain, and not to God. Don’t give up on watching yourself. No one is your problem. With suicidal thoughts, the Devil is talking to you.

Biblical Question: From where do you get your security? Let life happen, and stop blaming others for your overreaction. Face fear, and in the light, God will take it. Don’t go with the crowd; be an individual, and question what you think you know. Jesse humorously recounts where he used to get his security: Strawberry pop, black walnut ice cream, and peanuts — all mixed together! God gives us warnings even in our fallen state. Listen to them. In reality, as you come into the light, you realize you don’t need security.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jul 17, 2022
  • 0:02:20 More on ‘Revolver,’ thoughts, enemy within
  • 0:15:23 JLP: Like forgiving mother; Life free of thought
  • 0:33:50 Praying to the Devil; Don’t give up on you
  • 0:51:58 No one is your problem; suicide: The Devil talking
  • 1:03:27 Biblical Q: From where do you get your security?
  • 1:11:52 Let life happen; Stop blaming; Face the fear
  • 1:19:13 Be an individual; JLP’s ‘security’; Suicide; Warnings
  • 1:37:10 JLP: Don’t need security / Closing

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming just before the top of the hour.

Opening: ‘Revolver,’ thoughts, enemy within

11:01 We open church talking more about the movie Revolver (2005, by Guy Ritchie). People talk about the thoughts plaguing and fooling the main character.

11:11 Jesse asks: How many doubt that your enemy is within? A few more people talk.

JLP: Revolver like forgiving mother

11:13 Jesse explains: That movie is the whole world. Jesse urges that you separate the message from the person.

Jesse talks about being in his head, and not knowing he’s in his head. He didn’t realize that his thoughts were not his own. God allowed Jesse to see he had this anger holding him back in life, 33 years ago. Right away he forgave, and knew he had to face his mother.

The movie reminds him of going to forgive his mother, and fear overtaking him. Although Jesse didn’t know at the time that the Devil was talking to him, he knew he couldn’t turn back.

The movie is all about ego — violence, sex, greed, power, and totally about fear and living in your head.

Jason Statham’s character’s two bosses gave him one more thing to do: To forgive the Ray Liotta character, who wanted him to fear him. This reminds Jesse of when you go to forgive your mother, and Satan’s busy in your head, trying to talk you out of it.

JLP continues: Live free of thoughts

When the elevator got stuck between the 14th and 12th floor, Jason’s character stood still and faced the Devil, despite thoughts. You cannot face thoughts on your own; it feels like death! You are not your thoughts; all thoughts are all lies, all the time, about everything — from the Devil, not you.

The whole world are living in their imagination; they have identified with their thoughts. Face the Devil, and the light will defeat the darkness. In thoughts, there is no peace. You live by intellect, not wisdom. You can quote the Bible, but your heart is far from it. Stay with quiet prayer, and watch the thoughts. You can live life without thoughts (except practical thoughts). Bring all thoughts into captivity.

Feedback: Praying to the Devil; Don’t give up on you

11:32 A man talks about living in his imagination and thoughts. Jesse says you can waste a lifetime praying to the Devil, thinking you’re praying to God. All your prayers are in vain, based on the ego, on Satan.

Jesse urges that you not get caught up with what Jesse’s saying even in this meeting. You can’t figure out anything. Stay present. Once God takes the anger from your heart, it will be impossible to hate.

11:37 Francisco and Jesse talk about the inability to kill the ego, and the notion of suicide. Franky still has to forgive his neighbor.

11:40 One young woman fears getting fat; she mentions forgiving her mother, and then going to Chipotle. Jesse adds to her point: Be aware of the fear to face the grumpy, impatient boss. Let the fear be there, but go to the boss anyway. Face the fear, shaking in your boots; you’ll see that’s not you.

Satan is accusing you in your imagination, and Satan working in people outside you also accuses you. Don’t give up on you; no one can help you like you can help yourself.

11:46 As a man starts to talk, Jesse talks about God changing his heart; he didn’t know that was going to happen. Jesse asked the pastor at his old church about his lack of peace, despite his efforts. He told him to read the Bible more. So Jesse, having already read the Bible, asked God to let him see himself.

In talking more with this man, Jesse reiterates a common point: If you don’t love all you love none.

Feedback: No one is your problem

11:50 As Doug starts to quote the movie saying there’s no such thing as problems, Jesse too emphasizes that. Doug says if someone’s making you angry, you’re supposed to look at you, and not them. If someone causes you to have fear, look at you, and not them.

11:52 Raymond wishes us a Happy White History Month.

While talking with Holly, Jesse says: Every human being goes through this.

Jesse talks about in the movie, the man could hear the Devil talking.

11:55 Franky says the movie is like the principles. He used to beat up people with the Bible, or become a “Jesse thumper,” or follow some other “guru.”

11:57 Jesse urges: Don’t hold onto knowledge. You can hear it, but not hold onto it.

Suicide: The Devil talking to you

11:58 Jesse asks a young woman what she went through when considering suicide.

Jesse reported on his radio show that suicide rates are increasing. People can’t handle the pressure of the imagination, and lies about life around them. The thoughts sound like your thoughts.

Medication cannot help spiritual issues. If you miss one day of the medication, reality hits and you want to get a gun and shoot up the world.

Be willing to stand alone, and take responsibility for your own life, and your reactions.

Biblical Question: From where do you get your security?

12:01 Jesse asks his biblical question, and corrects the sentence structure of the original question: Where do you get your security from?

One man says: Validation of other people gave him security.

A first-time visiting family answers the question and talks about life.

Hake answers.

Another couple of men speak.

Feedback: Let life happen; Stop blaming; Face the fear

12:10 Jesse reiterates: Of yourself you can do nothing. Just see it. You’re not in control. Let life happen.

Hassan says he gets his security in knowing that there is no security. Jesse agrees, there’s none.

Stop blaming: A husband may ask a wife: Why are you so angry? The wife may say: You made me angry! But that’s not true, because she was already angry; if she weren’t angry, she couldn’t be made to be angry.

A young man moved out here, driving from Philadelphia. The people working on the car told him it wouldn’t make it. But that’s someone else’s fear. The fear is not your own. Face it, and stop running from it.

Feedback: Be an individual; JLP’s ‘security’; Suicide; Warnings

12:17 Another young lady answers the Biblical Question. Asked if she’d ever considered suicide, she says she never did, she thinks because of strong parents.

Another young woman says she enjoys the biblical questions: They get you thinking and questioning. It’s evil not to stand alone. The crowd takes the wide road leading to destruction. Be an individual — that’s what made America great!

12:24 Jesse recounts going through insecurity when he first started BOND. He imagined climbing into a neatly dug hold in the ground, and pulling the grass over himself. Where he got his security during that time was soda pop, ice cream, and peanuts. He became fat as a pig.

The young lady called the ambulance on herself after attempting suicide by taking pills and climbing into a bath tub. She had to walk to the phone booth to call the ambulance, before cell phones! Jesse too recounts taking a bunch of pills after a bad breakup. The hospital pumped his stomach.

12:29 Jesse asks Katie or Kate (Hake doesn’t remember, although she said she’s Irish and a trucker) what it’s like being a great grandparent.

One man had security from control; he’d use fear to get people not to “cross” him.

12:32 Asked about coincidences, Jesse states: God tries to warn us, even in the fallen state.

Hassan asks to clarify about mixing soda pop with ice cream and peanuts, as Jesse described. Jesse mixes all his food together. Jesse would also make a peanut butter and hot dog sandwich.

12:35 One last man answers the Biblical Question.

JLP: You don’t need security / Closing

Jesse says: Don’t hold onto anything. When you go into the light, you don’t need security. Let life happen. Stay with the Silent Prayer.


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