Romance a Woman? Live in Spirit and Truth? (Church 1/12/20)

Church from Sunday, January 12, 2020: Jesse Lee Peterson asks his new Biblical Question of the week: Should a man romance a woman? He gets extensive feedback, talking about sex and how women and men see things differently. Then he gets to his Biblical Question from this past week: Do you live in Spirit and Truth? Amid the conversation, we deal with mothers, daughters and sons, marriage, smoking pot, doing edibles, and finding true peace. 

Walking in Spirit & Truth (Church Clip 1/12/20)

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At the very beginning, a man who brought his nephew last week was upset. He had to deal with realizations about his sister, his nephew’s mother, who was like a second mother to him. He thought she was nice, but didn’t realize things until that day. 

A young man Cameron from Alaska made a point to join us for Church. His girlfriend JoAnne (we’re unsure of spelling) also joined us. 

A 26-year-old man joined us with his aunt, who gave him a ride to Church — she hadn’t heard of us. He wants to move out of his mother and father’s house. He says his father’s weak. He’s considering joining the military, which Jesse encourages. Jesse also mentions the BOND Home for Young Men, which may have a vacancy for him in the future. 

Announcement: Women’s Forum Thur. 1/16/20

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We’re currently on month-to-month with the landlord at our current location, but continue to look for a new building. 

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