Self-Knowledge: Solution to Suicide & Judgment

Jesse told the story of a friend’s son who committed suicide on Thanksgiving Day. He jumped off a bridge. He was 41-years-old. Why didn’t he overcome his issues and learn how to deal with life in the right way? It’s a spiritual battle, and we cannot overcome our own issues. (Suicide is selfish. Many people commit suicide over the holidays. This man was taking psychotropic drugs. He hated his father, and also himself.)

Jesse asked people if they know themselves or see themselves. When you know yourself, you don’t care what others think. But you can’t make it happen. You must endure. Forgive your father and mother. Do not judge or hate yourself or anyone. Rather, know yourself. Self-knowledge is a state of nonjudgmental attention, without asking, “Why?” In reality, we are no good (but in our fallen state we think we are somebody). Why shouldn’t you suffer? Who are you that you do not deserve what you get in life? So pray.

Assignment for this week: Pay attention to yourself, what the devils telling you, what you’re feeling and thinking. Watch that without any opinion, even though Satan tries to make you have an opinion.

Do your prayer and put God first, pay attention throughout the day.

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