Spineless Christians Don’t Deal with Evil | Archive 3/23/14

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Mothers adopt away fathers’ children in Utah! Christians lack courage. Men live at home. Feelings are evil. Steve Jobs was tough! 

Archive Sunday Service, March 23, 2014

Jesse Lee Peterson shares the story of a man whose daughter was adopted by another couple without his knowledge. Utah law allows unmarried mothers to do this without the father’s consent — and women are encouraged to lie! Mothers used to be selfless, but now they’re selfish!  //

Jesse retells a story from last week at the barbershop: Thoughts are your enemy. A man tried to make his wife happy, and of course failed — and now he has no peace!  //  To men whose children are taken from you, recognize where you were wrong, and forgive.  //

JLP wrote a column in WND: “Spineless Christians and the War on Values” — about Christians who live in fear, and shy away from politics and dealing with evil. Grown men today live with their parents — notably in Armenian culture! Men should return to morality, and stop having sex out-of-wedlock.  //  Schools belong to the Devil; they teach immorality to children, and ignore the right way, such as marriage. This is what they’re supposed to do — and we’re supposed to follow God and protect children.  //

Why don’t Christians have courage? Do you lack courage? Speak up! But it’s a spiritual battle between good and evil. All feelings and emotions are evil, as JLP talked about at a recent Women’s Forum (third Thursday of the month at BOND). Feeling inspired won’t last. Living by the revelation of truth never fails.  //

A recent movie depicted Steve Jobs being tough with employees, and using his God-given talent.  //  JLP invites people to consider “the beginning of wisdom,” what that is. Most people lack wisdom.  //  Pray: Don’t whoop and holler with many words, but be still and know God. And be mindful of thoughts, which come from the Devil, imposters pretending to be truth.  //


  • 00:00 Sun, Mar 23, 2014 – Welcome to Church
  • 00:50 Utah adoption law: No rights for biological fathers
  • 04:41 Reaction to law: Out-of-wedlock births, men vs women
  • 06:15 The selfishness of mothers, adopting away men’s children
  • 11:25 JLP: My grandmother fed us children first, before herself
  • 12:53 How not to be bitter as a man?
  • 14:49 Warning to all men: Move wife away from mama (in-law)
  • 17:45 Last week barbershop story: Thoughts, “happy wife”
  • 20:22 Fathers facing injustice, realize you were wrong. Let go.
  • 22:53 JLP article: “Spineless Christians and the War on Values”
  • 27:43 Leave father and mother; make your own family: Armenians!
  • 29:32 Christians waiting for heaven after they die, giving up on now!
  • 31:28 Judge overturned voter-passed Michigan law on marriage
  • 31:57 Armenians: Adult men live with parents! Move out at 18!
  • 34:19 Raymond: Scared the Devil out of me! Face responsibilities!
  • 35:11 Men, return to order. No sex before marriage!
  • 37:16 Schools teach children to have sex, not to marry.
  • 37:45 Public schools belong to the Devil — supposed to do evil!
  • 38:33 Q: Why don’t Christians have courage? You?
  • 41:10 Story of a different voice being thought-provoking
  • 42:48 Spiritual battle between good and evil
  • 45:25 Justifying feelings
  • 46:18 Women’s Forum: Emotions are evil, of the Devil
  • 48:50 Feeling inspired won’t last. Truth won’t fade.
  • 51:54 Steve Jobs was tough! Employees holding you back!
  • 53:15 Again: All emotions are evil. Revelation never fails.
  • 54:37 More on Steve Jobs: If I could do that I’d be all man!
  • 55:28 We all have a talent, a gift, a purpose from God.
  • 57:27 Preview: The beginning of wisdom… most lack it.
  • 58:38 Pray: Be still and know God. Be mindful of thoughts, the Devil.

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