Stop Sinning (Church, Jan 6, New Year)

At Church we talked about forgiveness, dealing with mothers and relationships, taking responsibility for your life, and stopping sex before marriage and sin.

First Jesse talked with a young woman about her problems with her mother. Her mother would worry that she died in some accident she saw on the news. This young lady’s been coming to church but only recently started doing the Silent Prayer. Shameful! Jesse’s going to deal with her at the upcoming Women’s Forum, third Thursday of the month at BOND in Los Angeles.

(Toward the end of the conversation we had to restart the stream due to technical issues, so part of the service is cut off around 17 minutes into Church.)

Everything that happens to you is your fault.

(Watch 14-minute excerpt: Everything That Happens to You Is Your Fault)

Jesse makes the point that everything that happens to you in your life is your fault — specifically as an adult. Whether getting into an arranged marriage, getting cheated on (if you’ve been having sex with someone outside marriage), or lending money to blacks or whites and not getting paid back! Don’t borrow money. Children of God should be self-sufficient, saving money, and wise.

There was a Muslim Democrat woman who said about the president, something like: We’re going to impeach the “M—F—er”! She shouldn’t be in office with that kind of evil attitude!

Jesse asked his Biblical Question of the week: What’s wrong with too much knowledge?

Men should be logical, and not intellectual. Look at the intellectuals running the country into the ground! — they’re destroying society!

Marriage, relationships and family

A woman talked about her “toxic relationship” with a man, who now lives in New York. Jesse urges her to go and forgive him.

A man talked about his relationship with a woman — he would go to her and have sex with her. You should not do that! You should also not tell a woman your weaknesses as a man, or cry on her shoulder!

A woman from Norway watching online gave a Super Chat and said she has no anger, but doesn’t believe in God — if He exists he must be very cruel, she believes. She lost family members in tragic ways throughout her life.

Jesse answered another online question about Jesse’s statement that women do not have love to give. Men should not look for love in women.

Don’t have sex before marriage!

(Watch 30-minute excerpt: NO SEX Before Marriage: Millennials Disagree!)

One young man says he does not believe in marriage — everyone he hears from says it’s awful. But he does have sex out-of-wedlock sometimes. Millennials have talent, but no morals! This young man’s girlfriend feels she has morals, but does sometimes have sex with her boyfriend. Jesse urges them to stop until or unless they marry. She’s in her 20s, and wants to wait until her 30s to marry. She thinks she looks young so she feel she’ll still be desirable later in life.

Another young man says he’s a “Zoomer” (Generation Z), from the group younger than Generation Y. He seems to support MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way — and not getting married unless you have a prenuptial agreement and confirm the woman has not had many sexual partners prior.

Some of the other ladies and young men in Church respond to all of this talk. They agree with Jesse that one should not have sex before marriage. Some of them have made that error and now see they were wrong.

2019 theme: No sin. Stop sinning.

(Watch 5-minute SHORT CUT: “2019 Theme: NO SIN. Stop Sinning!”)

Our theme this year is: No sin. Stop sinning. Many people admit that they do still sin.

1 John 3 says that the Devil has been sinning from the beginning, but no one who is born of God sins. He cannot sin.

The way you stop sinning is you stop judging.

One man says he’s addicted. But you’re not addicted. Be aware when you’re in the midst of your habits, but do not get into them. And forgive your parents. Do the Silent Prayer.

Also save 10-percent of your earnings so that you can invest when the time comes. Finally, please donate to BOND.

CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)


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