Take Up Your Cross and Live in Uncertainty (Church 12/18/22)

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The best life is that of uncertainty. The intellect deceives with knowledge. If you believe God forgave your sins, why do you feel guilty? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 18, 2022


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Dec 18, 2022
  • 0:02:34 Welcoming first-timers
  • 0:04:10 Biblical Q: Certainty or Uncertainty?
  • 0:15:06 Uncertainty of a father (not a “dad”)
  • 0:20:48 Why do you look outside, not within?
  • 0:21:50 More: Which is better: Certainty or uncertainty?
  • 0:34:55 (Warning from JLP: Know for yourself.)
  • 0:37:15 I think I’ve figured out my direction in life
  • 0:46:30 I want to marry and have more kids (sons).
  • 0:48:54 JLP: The best is a life of uncertainty. Face it.
  • 0:53:26 JLP: The miserable intellect quotes the truth
  • 0:55:55 JLP: Be all-in, willing to go through it.
  • 0:58:57 No future. No desires.
  • 1:06:22 Never plan life. Never look for a wife
  • 1:11:53 Intellectuals cannot tell the truth: Fear
  • 1:15:17 Silent Prayer: The last thing the Devil wants
  • 1:16:55 How to look within and seek God (Super Chat)
  • 1:18:44 Woman: I hate that word “obey”
  • 1:22:12 Get the spiritual life right, the practical life will be fine
  • 1:24:44 Don’t put a timeframe on overcoming thoughts
  • 1:27:38 His mother may be feeling guilty
  • 1:31:08 Q: What does it mean your sin has been forgiven?
  • 1:43:55 If you believe God forgave you, why do you feel guilty?
  • 1:54:54 JLP: Stop feeling guilty about things you do. Let go.
  • 2:02:49 Baptized in the Spirit
  • 2:05:07 New BQ: What you do to others, you do to yourself.
  • 2:06:07 Closing / Announcements: Church on Christmas Day!


The Best Life Is That of Uncertainty

WATCH CLIP (11-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  People who are certain stop growing and are miserable.

Take No Thought for Your Life

WATCH CLIP (18-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Don’t think about your age, desires, or future — we don’t know what we want, nor what lies ahead. Only practical thoughts are of use. The rest is ego and of the Devil.

Stop feeling guilty about things you do. Let go.

WATCH CLIP (10-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP speaks after asking people the question: If you believe God forgave you, why do you feel guilty?

See more clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).


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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PST — We start streaming about a couple of minutes before the top of the hour.

Jesse welcomes a couple of first-timers, one of whom forgave his mother who laughed at him.

Biblical Question: Certainty or Uncertainty?

11:03 Jesse starts with his Biblical Question of the week: Which is better: A life of certainty or uncertainty? Different people give their answers. Are you living a life of certainty? One man says he’s living “mostly” in certainty. Nick spent all week thinking about which is better, but not about whether he’s living it.

11:09 A man says he’s a “new believer,” going to church since Sept 29th this year.

11:11 A young lady says God’s plan is bigger and better than what she was so sure about. She’s definitely living a life of uncertainty. Does she prefer that way? Is it better?

Uncertainty of a father (who wants to be a “dad”)

11:13 A man Alex says certainty is better. He’s experiencing uncertainty with his health, his job, his son… it’s pure hell. In what way? Because it’s uncertainty! What is uncertain about those things? What does it mean “hitting rock bottom at Christmas”?

This father says it’s “cold” that his son texted him, “Hello, Father,” rather than, “Hello, Dad.” He says “dad” feels more personal and better — “validates me as a parent.” He repeats the line, “Anyone can be a father… a father is just a sperm donor.” If you’re a father you screwed up; if you’re a “dad,” you didn’t. God is the only Father who didn’t mess up, he says.

Alex refers to his “muscular Christian” friend, telling him to stop worrying about his son’s text.

Why do you look outside for answers, and not within?

11:19 Jesse asks Alex: Why do you look for the answer on the outside and not within yourself? “Because I’m dumb.” Do you think others are smarter than you? “Yes.” How did they become smarter than you? “I’m not living successful life…. A life of certainty

More: Which is better: A life of certainty or uncertainty?

11:20 Doug says uncertainty is better.

11:21 A young man answers before Jesse gets to Hake.

11:22 Hake answers.

11:25 Another man answers after Hake. He quit drinking, and little things are easier (he says “more easy”)… driving the speed limit, for example. Asked about prayer, He’s not praying every morning and night, and doesn’t need the prayer anymore. Explaining, he says he thinks it’s good for his body to relax. He says he’s with the father all the time.

11:28 A young lady says uncertainty is all she knows. Do you believe in God? Is God uncertain? No, God is certain.

11:30 Another woman lives in uncertainty.

11:31 Hassan answers: “Certain uncertainty.”

Warning from JLP: Know for yourself

11:33 (Timestamp 35 min.) Jesse urges Hassan: It’s important that you know for yourself. (I have no idea what you mean….)

11:33 Franky and Raymond answer.

I think I’ve figured out my direction in life

11:35 A young man says uncertainty sounds like confusion, directionlessness. Certainty sounds straightforward, directed, and upright — he’d say that God is certain. He is not sure if he’s living a life of certainty. I don’t know exactly where I’m going in life, the man explains — going several months this way. It felt very uncertain. But I think I’ve figured it out.

Jesse asks the man: What do you mean by “direction in life?” I aimed at college, because I wanted to play football, the man says.

The man is concerned about the future, thinking about it at times. He lives in New York. Where is the future located? Is it possible that the future is an illusion: it doesn’t exist…? How can you prepare for it? You like living that way? I feel like things won’t happen if you don’t prepare for them, the man says.

I want to have sons

11:44 The man says he wants to marry and have MORE kids. He wants a boy. That ain’t gonna happen! So Jesse says. The man wants his legacy, for his father and grandfather.

His name is Nico (sp).

JLP: Face the uncertainty

11:47 Hake asks a Super Chat question (How do you look within and seek God?) which Jesse will get to later. But first, Jesse answers the Biblical Question: People look for certainty on the outside. When you’ve made up your mind that you’re certain, you stop facing issues in life, unwilling to face it, and making excuses. You get drunk or make a phone call. When you’re alone, you get lonely. Instead of facing that uncertainty, going through the storm, you’ll do something not to face the uncertainty. You want to face the uncertainty.

It’ll happen naturally. The uncertain life is the cross you have to deal with.

JLP: Every certain person is miserable. The Devil’s intellect quotes “the truth”

11:52 After a woman talks, Jesse states: Every certain person on this earth is miserable — putting up a front. Other people know you’re just quoting the Bible, or what you’ve heard someone else say.

The intellect is of the Devil. Do not hold onto knowledge. It will deceive you. Look at the Bible thumper people.

JLP: Be all-in, willing to go through it.

11:54 Be all-in, willing to go through it. The woman now faces it at work. She’s not old; this is making her young, she says. The most scary time of life is going through uncertainty.

Saying it’s over, thinking that you’re no longer angry — every thought is a lie.

No future. No desires.

11:57 Never think about your age. The moment you think about it, because all thoughts come from darkness, it makes you think you’ve got to do something else. Go through your fears. Go through the uncertainty.

11:58 The man Nico (sp) finds that’s interesting. If you make a boy, you won’t get an identity from it. Jesse references the man Alex hung up on “father” vs. “dad.” Women get a feeling from hearing “mom” rather than “mother.”

Nico asks about before he marries, finding someone he’d want to marry, planning a date, and more time together. Every step of the way it feels like you have to plan for the future.

Never plan life. Never look for a wife.

12:04 A young lady says those sound like practical aspects of life.

Jesse tells the man Nico (sp), number one: Never plan with your wife. See if she will obey you. Some say they’ll follow you, but they don’t mean it.

Never look for a wife. You will end up with Satan’s daughter. The fact you want it shows something’s wrong with you, that you’re looking on the outside.

Everything we’ve been taught has been wrong: About life, God, and more. When the ego is dying, the plans and ideas are being destroyed. Then you discover life as you live it.

Intellectual people have fear, and can’t tell the truth

12:10 The man asks: Why do people like you seem to be so rare? Because of fear. Intellectual people have fear. Only those who’ve overcome the intellect don’t have fear. Don’t hold onto knowledge. It’ll make you think you have something you don’t. It’s of the Devil.

Last thing the Devil wants: that you be still and know God.

12:13 Nico (sp) is not doing the Silent Prayer. The last thing the Devil wants is for you to be still. The Devil cannot know the plan that God has.

Super Chat: How do you look within and seek God?

Jesse answers the previously-asked Super-Chat question: How do you look within and seek God?

James reminds Jesse of the prior Biblical Question: When do you know that you’re strong?

Woman: I hate the word “obey”

12:17 One lady has a big problem with it when Jesse says that a wife should obey the husband. She’s hung up on the word obey, she says.

Everytime you hear the word “obey,” watch the feelings and thoughts within you about it. She says she tries not to think about it to figure it out. Relax in the pain of that uncertainty, and you’ll come to know and be made free.

Get the spiritual life right, the practical life will be fine

12:20 A young man speaks. Jesse says: Get the spiritual life right, the practical life will be fine. But if you intellectually get it, you’ll be faking it.

Don’t put a timeframe on overcoming thoughts

12:23 A woman asks about seeing the thoughts and when she’ll have no thoughts. Don’t ask that question. Don’t put a time on it. Good question. Be willing to do it if it takes a hundred years.

Most people think they need to think or feel something.

Mother may be feeling guilty

12:25 A young man says he forgave his mother years ago, and then did it again. She took it better than he expected, and started giving him gifts. What should I do about it? — so asks the man. Accept the gift, but still be you and don’t go back to beta, Jesse advises… She might be feeling guilty and trying to make up for the guilt. Stay honest with her. You still show her love by being honest and not resenting her.

Q: What does it mean that your sin has been forgiven?

12:29 Jesse asks: Have you heard that your sins have been forgiven? What does it mean that your sin has been forgiven? One man answers.

12:31 The “new believer” answers: Why do you believe your sins have been forgiven?

12:32 A third man answers.

12:32 Jesse goes back to one man, asking: Do you still have anger? He says things don’t bother him as much.

12:35 One man interpreted it that God no longer recognizes your actions as sin.

12:37 Rochelle gives an answer, followed by Doug.

12:39 A few others answer, including Nick and Hassan.

If you believe God has forgiven you, why do you feel guilty?

12:42 Jesse asks a couple of guys: If you believe God has forgiven you of your sins, why do you still feel guilty for your sins?

12:44 A man says that when you do sin, you should feel guilty and ask for forgiveness. Are you ever going to stop?

12:44 Jesse asks another man: Why do you feel guilty for your sins if you believe that God has forgiven you? The man feels like God will forgive him. He mentions lusting after someone at the gym… We’re human, everyone’s going to do it.

12:50 After several others answer, Hake mentions Jesse’s point about “uncertainty.” Franky and Doug answer, followed by one young man who does not feel guilty, he says. He says you need to forgive yourself.

JLP: Stop feeling guilty about the things you do. Let go, and God will take care of it.

12:52 Jesse makes his point: SWhen you truly see you’re wrong for hating, and you go and forgive, God changes your heart. And you no longer sin. Salvation is of the heart — not of the vices. All the things you fell into when your heart turned evil, you feel guilty about them, but that’s not the sin.

Stop feeling guilty about the things you do. Let go, and God will take care of it.

God will destroy the mindset of the Devil that makes you think and act out. It’s the Devil who’s making you feel guilty about it. You have no control over it. Return to the Father, so that the Spirit of God will destroy it. When you feel guilty, you’re playing god. You can’t have the feelings, unless you have the thought first.

Go and forgive, and God will forgive you. He will take over and destroy the darkness. It’s not even you judging yourself; it’s Satan accusing you. The Devil is the accuser.

Go and forgive your mama and daddy, and God will destroy the spirit of anger. Stop calling yourself the vices. You’re not those things. You’re covering up for the Devil. Call evil for what it is. Don’t let people put titles on you; they’re keeping you from being free. Titles cover up seeing; it’s not you, but the Devil that made a home in you.

Baptized of the Spirit

1:01 PM A man asks where baptism comes into play. If you get baptized in the water, it’s evidence of what’s going on within. Everything is spiritual now.

God doesn’t want you suffering. The Devil has been defeated. But he’s deceiving you in your imagination.

New BQ / Closing

1:03 PM New Biblical Question: What you do to others, you do to yourself. What does that mean?

1:04 Jesse closes: Go and forgive.

We are doing live shows this week, and then shut down after Christmas until New Year’s. (We will be here for Church on Christmas, and will let you know about New Year’s Day.

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