The Number One Enemy of Mankind | Archive 2/23/14

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God gives your heart’s desire: Let go. Thoughts are the enemy. Think of others, not yourself. Pray and watch Satan’s deceptions. 

Archive Sunday Service, February 23, 2014: Jesse Lee Peterson urges that you bring something, to let go, and not simply come to receive. Ever fought for a woman, only to be disappointed? Greater than a need: God will give you the desires of your heart. To know whether a desire is right or wrong, let it go. God doesn’t need your work or help.  //

QUESTION: What is the number one enemy of mankind? People offer their takes: A man suffering various troubles from Chicago says “self doubt.” Others say pride and anger. Franky and Jesse say one’s thoughts are one’s greatest enemy. Pray and watch: Bring every imagination into captivity. In the heat of the moment, stay calm, whatever you feel, and be aware of thoughts.  //

Stop thinking only of yourself, and think of others — pray for your enemy. Rejoice in tribulation. We read from 2 Corinthians 2: 7-10, and 2 Timothy 3: 10-13, about God’s strength in weakness, and endurance in persecution for devotion to Christ. There is no such thing as good thoughts: Notice that “good” thoughts only lead to “bad” thoughts.  //

2 Corinthians 2: 7-10 – 7 Wherefore, so that I should not get above myself, I was given a thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan to batter me and prevent me from getting above myself. 8 About this, I have three times pleaded with the Lord that it might leave me; 9 but he has answered me, ‘My grace is enough for you: for power is at full stretch in weakness.’ It is, then, about my weaknesses that I am happiest of all to boast, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me; 10 and that is why I am glad of weaknesses, insults, constraints, persecutions and distress for Christ’s sake. For it is when I am weak that I am strong.  //

2 Timothy 3: 10-13 – 10 You, though, have followed my teaching, my way of life, my aims, my faith, my patience and my love, my perseverance 11 and the persecutions and sufferings that came to me in places like Antioch, Iconium and Lystra — all the persecutions I have endured; and the Lord has rescued me from every one of them. 12 But anybody who tries to live in devotion to Christ is certain to be persecuted; 13 while these wicked impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving others, and themselves deceived.  //


  • 00:00 Sun, Feb 23, 2014
  • 01:06 Bring to others. Let go.
  • 03:02 Heart’s desire, greater than a need
  • 07:07 How to determine good or evil in desires
  • 09:15 God doesn’t need your work
  • 10:18 Q: What is man’s number one enemy?
  • 11:45 Self doubt (Chicago man), pride…
  • 13:50 More: The number one enemy?
  • 26:37 JLP: The enemy: Your thoughts. Pray and watch.
  • 33:10 Let it go, come to God. Bring imagination into captivity.
  • 35:22 In the heat of battle, stay calm, be aware of thoughts
  • 37:44 Ego is a byproduct of imagination
  • 39:03 Rejoice in tribulation. Stop thinking of yourself. Pray for others
  • 43:08 “I love you” is a lie.
  • 44:07 Tree of Knowledge: Let it go for wisdom.
  • 47:38 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10: Strength perfect in weakness
  • 48:49 Don’t be mad at weakness
  • 52:53 Chicago man agrees on thoughts
  • 54:00 2 Timothy 3: 10-13: Watch thoughts/deception from Satan
  • 57:33 No such thing as good thoughts: Parents / children

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VIDEO  YouTube Premiere Weds. 3/8/23  |  BitChute  |  Rumble: BOND  |  Odysee

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