The Way You Think Vs the Way You Are | Church 3/17/24

Did you do the assignment? No one has love. You are alone. God’s mind is clear and present. God’s love is understanding, not emotional.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 17, 2024 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 

Nobody really did the Assignment, so we’re all re-assigned for this week: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. So we discuss the Biblical Question: Can you see the contradiction between the way you think vs the way you are? 

No one loves anyone. Jesse gives examples (including Biden’s wife). You’re all alone — even given “friends,” marriage, etc. People discuss stress and letting go. 

A mother joins us with daughters who’ve attended for some time. Why did God give us a mind? God’s mind is clear, and God’s love is understanding. The human mind is dark, and human love is emotional / hate. 

New Biblical Question: Do you have morals and values? If so, where did they come from? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in L.A., March 21, 2024


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk / Welcome to Church
  • (0:04:00) Did you do the assignment? (Nobody did! Skipping it) 
  • (0:14:44) BQ…difference between the way you think, the way you are? 
  • (0:18:31) Are you a patriot? 
  • (0:23:24) If you don’t work on yourself… 
  • (0:24:27) First-time ladies on their mothers, Jesus 
  • (0:31:07) JLP: Not one person loves anyone. You’re all alone. (Examples, Biden) 
  • (0:41:27) “Stressed.” Stick with it. Everything’s fake. You’re alone. 
  • (0:50:06) Get it together by falling apart. Why did God give us a mind? 
  • (0:57:10) A clear mind from God. A dark mind from Satan. (Women, men, God, killing) 
  • (1:03:08) Martha joins with her daughters. Fear and hate of mothers. 
  • (1:12:03) Joel: Letting go. JLP: Mind of God is always present (whiskey on the road) 
  • (1:15:23) Vivid, disturbing dreams. When you’re present, you’re protected. 
  • (1:18:46) God’s love is understanding, dispassionate. (Humans don’t love.) 
  • (1:23:15) Alone, using people; “Clear mind”? Imagination as a tool? (Joel, Hake)
  • (1:29:44) Jesus: Let this cup… The mind is crazy. 
  • (1:39:45) When you feel panic (or anything), go through it. 
  • (1:46:47) Re-assignment, new Biblical Question 
  • (1:51:21) Disagree? “Love of Jesus.” Face mama! Laura tiptoeing? 
  • (1:59:27) Closing. Women’s Forum third Thursday


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Church Notes

Did you do the homework? The assignment? People don’t remember it… 

(Last week’s Assignment, which we’re skipping discussion today: Get rid of all your heroes. How many do you have?) 

Nobody loves anyone. You are alone. 

Biblical Question: Can you see the contradiction between the way you think and the way you are? 

New Biblical Question: Do you have morals and values? If so, where did they come from? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in L.A., March 21, 2024. 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:26) Intro
  3. (0:01:51) Man caught himself getting impatient with someone on the radio show
  4. (0:03:09) A man joins us with his young son. 
  5. (0:03:48) Did you do the assignment? 
    • (0:07:03) How serious are you about working on yourself? (0:09:52) (Can somebody shoot the baby?) (0:10:58) (1s) It’s so interesting you don’t care enough to work on your life. (0:12:01) (1s-cont) working on yourself takes work … The Devil loves it when you guys don’t work on yourself. 
    • (0:13:03) Donyale says she worked on herself. (0:13:59) we’ll skip the assignment since nobody did it. 
  6. (0:14:28) Biblical Q: Can you see the contradiction between the way you think and the way you are? (Donyale continues) 
    • (0:18:14) Are you a patriot? (0:19:56) Donyale last week: As a result of being a patriot you got in trouble and it scared you. (0:20:46) Did you realize anything? I pivoted. (0:21:51) Have you been tormented this morning with thoughts? No, not at all… (0:22:07) Y’all really working on yourselves. 
    • (0:22:15) Man on assignment: Heroes… (0:23:08) (2s) Y’all do what you want, work on yourselves, gonna get harder, not gonna last. 
  7. (0:24:06) (3?)  Lisa first-timer from Kansas City with her friend. “I have nothing to forgive my mother [or father] for.” No anger. (0:27:33) It’s a struggle. What’s a struggle? How do you know you’re a child of God? The Bible tells me. Did Christ say to be like him? 
    • (0:29:13) (3b?) Her friend Laura also from Kansas City forgave her mother. She said nothing, which was fine. Her father died 26 years ago. (0:30:07) Have you told Lisa to forgive her mother
  8. (0:30:51) (3 or 4?) JLP: Devil is not playing. Don’t play with the Devil. (4a) He loves you saying “we” — doesn’t want you to be an individual. Not one person on this planet loves anyone. (0:32:46) JLP story: Wife doesn’t want man to be himself so she and her friends can be comfortable. (0:33:21) (4b)  President Joe Biden, his family doesn’t care about him. 
    • (0:34:38) Story (with Sean the radio producer) in which the boy doesn’t want to be with his mother without his father. (Not mentioned: Reminds Hake of: Fathers [or parents], don’t exasperate your children… Ephesians 6:4 – Bible Gateway) (0:36:51) Train story a man got shot in an argument… (0:38:13) Story with Joel: A guy helped someone and then the Devil made him feel embarrassed like a sucker. 
    • (0:39:24) You’re all alone. You use the word friend, sister, etc. They don’t like you. 
  9. (0:41:08) (5)  Anthony’s wife. Stressful, just wanted to check out. (0:42:21) Take it seriously. (0:43:02) (5a) JLP: There are layers and layers of Devils… never assume you’ve overcome. Endure, endure. “This is too much,” that’s the Devil talking. (0:44:26) (5bEverything’s fake. You are alone. (0:45:28) You get married, but you’re still alone. (She talks about her relationship with her mother improving after forgiving her. But her mother’s still in hell.) 
    • (0:48:09) (5c) I wish it was as easy as “accepting Jesus” (0:48:39) Stay with it: Don’t reach out to your family members for help. Don’t talk to husband or daughter or anyone. 
  10. (0:49:46) (6?) Mae Mae (Mimi) was taught: Get it together. How? (0:50:23) (6a) JLP: The way you get it together is let it all fall apart. (0:51:33) Mae Mae re: Animals: God gave us a mind. But what’d he give us this beautiful mind for if it’s only being used to trick us? (0:52:19) Donyale … (0:54:38) Birds and bees stay conscious? (0:55:51) What’s the mind for? Intellect, a tool (0:56:38) What’s the mind for? 
    • (0:56:59) The mind is a terrible thing to save. (0:57:10) (5b) Our mind is our worst enemy, says a lady. Because Satan lives in there. Bring every thought into captivity. (0:57:43) Satan makes you do everything you do. What will happen: God will give you a clear mind. His nature will dictate the mind, and you’ll use the mind properly. Stop using your mind, but for practical things. The real you is in His image, but the unconscious one in a fallen state. 
    • (0:59:52) (5c long) Mae Mae: What’s the natural draw desiring a strong man if your journey’s alone? …. It will be made clear? 
    • (1:01:41) Raymond saw a youtube video on God’s kill count. 
  11. (1:02:49) (7?) Martha, a first-timer with her daughters. Surprised to find you you screwed your daughters up? (1:05:00) Forgave mother? (7a) Every human being afraid of their mother and hates their mothers. I faced her a little bit. (1:06:16) Why did you think you loved her when you had not forgiven her. (1:08:04) …  (1:09:25) The vocal one? Love my daughters even though I hate them (1:10:21) Married? Partner. Obey him? Attend to him. Handicapped? 
  12. (1:11:48) (8) Joel on letting go, stressing (1:13:10) JLP: You gotta let go. Conscious. Mind of God is always present. Practice being present. 
    • (1:13:10) … (1:14:37) Whiskey on the road. 
  13. (1:15:12) (9?)  Man had vivid dream. Someone he forgave was stabbing him in his dream while he slept. He woked up mad at the guy. (1:16:22) (9a)  When you are present you are protected. No love in this world anymore. 
    • (1:17:14) Rochelle relates to having vivid dreams, disturbing. 
  14. (1:18:28) (10) Love and treat everyone equally… ? (Lisa’s friend Laura) JLP: God’s love is not emotional. It’s understanding. You won’t judge them. (It coild be a drag queen…) Only God has love, dispassionate love. 
  15. (1:22:55) (11?)  Luxury building, friends around all the time. You’re alone. Exhausted, people using me, I was using them. (1:24:08) 
    • (1:24:21) Sean, certain things you’re aware of are more important than other things, focusing on the things that aren’t 
    • (1:25:34) (Hake wants to visit luxury apt) Chat Q: What is a clear mind, what is a dark mind? 
    • (1:26:58) Joel using imagination like a tool. 
  16. (1:29:25) (12) You can work on yourself, or stay in your hell… (1:29:48) The assignment thing. (1:30:34) Rachel… (1:31:04) (12?) JLP: The more you work on yourself. I understand …. (1:33:04) (Donyale…. Am I crazy?) 
    • (1:34:32) I’m a mighty man of valor. The mind is crazy. … Donyale naming things she’s seeing to stay present. No! (1:37:50) Sean same… (1:38:25) The man saying you verbalizing (1:38:59) Verbalizing thoughts 
  17. (1:39:30) (13?) Mae Mae (Mimi) after talk this week: Need to do Silent Prayer more. Constantly looking at self. (1:41:00) (13a) JLP: When you feel panic, let yourself be panicked. Go through it. God said come as you are: Panicky, worried, afraid, doubtful, insecurity, suicidal thoughts… (1:42:08) You will swim across the border. (Yes, Ma’am! Sit through it!) 
    • (1:42:18) Laura from KC asks: What causes us to have those identities? Mother as a kid. Emotions are demons. Overreacting to situations. … Don’t do anything. (1:44:13) (13b) You racist white woman, Ku Klux Klan member, I’m gonna send the smash and grab people! Shake and do nothing (defend yourself though) She got flipped off the other morning on the way to work at 8 in the morning. Wish them well. Don’t go to the psychologist and get medication
  18. (1:46:28) Work on yourself or stay in your hell. Assignment: Get rid of all your heroes. Trust no one. (1:47:28) Biblical Q: Do you have morals and values? If so, where do they come from? 
  19. (1:51:08) First-time lady Lisa from KC wants to hear the love of Jesus, not about Satan. If you love your mother, forgive her. I love my friend Laura. 
  20. (1:59:08) Closing. Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, March 21, 2024 — 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 

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