There Are Some Good Women as Well!

We’ve seen much bad news about evil women trying to destroy good men lately. So many women, particularly those who go through the corrupt educational system, learn to hate men. Unfortunately, they especially seem to hate good men! Many women and men in power hate the unborn child, reject fathers, marriage and family. They seek to brainwash children to accept wrong as right, teaching them that righteousness is “intolerance” or “bigotry.”

But happily, there are some good women as well. More and more attend Church at BOND, call in to The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, request counseling, and attend our monthly Women’s Forum. The Women’s Forum is exclusive to ladies, offering a place for women to be honest and deal with spiritual, relationship, and life issues.

The Men’s Forums and Women’s Forums are private — people don’t discuss anyone’s personal business outside the meetings. (Men’s Forums are the first Thursday each month.) We hold Women’s Forums the third Thursday of the month, scheduled from 7pm until 8:30, but this time we went until a little after 9, as they had so much to say! Thank you for your honesty, ladies!

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