[VIDEO] Jesse Lee Peterson on SonLife Broadcasting with "Frances & Friends" - Rebuilding the Man
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[VIDEO] Jesse Lee Peterson on SonLife Broadcasting with “Frances & Friends”

BOND founder and president, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, was interviewed on Sonlife Broadcasting Network on “Frances & Friends” with Frances Swaggart (wife of Jimmy Swaggart), and it was one of the most honest and straight up interviews he has ever done! There are still people out there who love the truth and aren’t afraid to put it out there; Frances Swaggart is that type of person.

Jesse and Frances talked candidly about race, his book “The Antidote,” how churches are failing, the racial division in our country, #BlackLivesMatter, President Trump’s performance thus far, and the destructive effect Democrats and radical feminists are having on families—especially on black families. They took calls and responded to viewer emails. The response has been amazing. We wanted to share the interview in its entirety. Watch Jesse’s appearance HERE

What is SBN?

Sonlife Broadcasting Network is a television and radio network broadcasting around the world 24/7. SBN is an extension of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the goal of SonLife Broadcasting Network is to reach the world with the Message of the Cross. “Frances and Friends” features guests discussing topics that directly affect the modern church.

Thank you for your continued support of BOND.

  • Tina Canady
    Posted at 06:28h, 27 July

    I watch France’s and friends every day I was so happy to see you come back to the show you preach teach the truth and that is what this nation needs,Yes the truth hurts but I would rather for someone to tell me the truth and not lie to me cause if they lie to me they do not love me.Please keep on doing what you are doing this nation needs the truth we need Jesus.looking forward to seeing you gain on the show..thank you and God bless you

    • James Hake
      Posted at 10:17h, 01 September

      Thank you, Tina, I am passing along your note.

  • Brian T.
    Posted at 17:10h, 05 October

    It’s a shame that African Americans like Jesse Lee Peterson are given air time! He’s a huge disservice to the African American community. I was shocked by his statements and by the statement from Frances that “blacks should be grateful and get on their knees and thank God that their ancestors were brought to this country as slaves!” Where Christ is in that statement is beyond me. I wonder if she would be willing to trade places with African Americans and their plight in this country?!

    • James Hake
      Posted at 15:37h, 02 April

      Brian, you’re wrong. Jesse is not “African American.” He’s 100% American. You should call-in to his live daily show with your disagreements and criticism: 888-775-3773 M-F 6-9am PT / 8-11am CT / 9-noon ET. http://jlptalk.com

  • Natasha Illin
    Posted at 21:59h, 01 April

    I’am an aboriginal descendant an I’m 37 years of age I’ve had a history of family violence at the age of 17 where i had my child taken from out of my care as my partner had neglected her I was also charged of the crime that he had committed as I was told I could not get separate legal representation .as he was non indigenous I had my child place back within my care .I than had left that environment with my child regardless of the abuse that I had put myself thru in regaining my child back as they would not transfer to another city or allow my child to leave from where the incident occurred .I haven’t had any involvement with d.oc.s until 2003 as I re- entered a relationship in 1999 my partner had went to prison for defending his child from a well known criminal that wasn’t his associate as we had lived in separate residents .he had made false allegations to the department of children services which they had acted on his behalf as I had loss our third child at birth I had an autopsy done on my child an she had passed away of natural courses the department had removed my children of false allegations I had left two years later I had another child an they had taken him off me as soon as I had given birth I have not met the foster career but a family member had lived next door to them she was concerned of his well being I informed chidsafety they had ignored the concerns I than received a phone call at 4am that I had to go immediately attend the hospital as I could loose him I kissed my child before he went into surgery I sat in the small chapel an I said lord forgive me for my sins an please don’t let me go thru the suffering of another loss child .my prayers was answered an he had survived .an they had given my child back to that foster career I had left his father as he said it wasn’t his child from at the start of the pregnancy children services had went out there way to allocate him I was concern for my child of being within his care so I Bork child services by restarting a relationship with him as he had habit’s we had a second child then he had gotten violent but my children were in the care of children services when I was 27 I had left cause I felt like I was loosing the plot I had maintained my contacts thru put the period of time up until I had left out of town my mother who had become unwell after children services removed my children from off her in 2003 I had returned back in 2008 I was pregnant with my first fullblooded aboriginal child they removed my baby as well after the fact they said they wasn’t going to remove my child I asked myself a thousand times why why every time I cry as my children ain’t with me I get angry all the time .as I’ve always been aware of back ground history I come from a tribe of many stolen generations of clans my grandmother taught me love respect forgiveness .the only stuff up in my eyes are these facts lord says do not judge but these people to do they make a life out pass history without knowingly the individual of our aboriginal within our days of society most of my people suffering cause our elders where stolen an brainwashed cause of the lost of contact of loving caring nurture of understanding we didn’t ask to be seperarated from our people an land an across off sites living nativeness my children were taken cause of misleading information from a convict colt an they repeatedly stole my children cause I smoke cigarettes an nothing else above but it was OK to provide black fellow’s for payment of slavary an Rudd may of apologized for stolen generation but refused to apologized for year of 2003 an now of 2003 to 2008 they still stealing children an I can say this cause it happened to me I have been living a prisoner within society since 2003 its now 2018 an they have know evidence as such an I still don’t have my children within my care so should I forgive the government within today’s society.

    • James Hake
      Posted at 15:35h, 02 April

      Natasha, yes, you should forgive the government within today’s society. You should call-in to Jesse’s live show with your question, “Should I forgive the government?” 888-775-3773 M-F 6-9am PT / 8-11am CT / 9-noon ET. http://jlptalk.com

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