Weak Fathers (Church, Father’s Day, Jun 17)

Father’s Day, June 17: At Church, Jesse talks about and with weak fathers, their wives (or ex-wives) and their children, and the need to forgive mothers so that you can deal with men and women and with life in the right way. He talks about BOND’s 9th annual Men’s Conference the night before.

(Watch 16-minute excerpt: I Don’t Wanna Forgive My Mama, Too Much Drama!) Jesse talks with a young Christian lady who asks why she needs to go face her mother to forgive her — Jesse says she’s telling herself that she forgave her in her heart, but that’s the cowardly way out. God said to go and forgive the person who wronged you, and be honest. If they don’t listen, bring a friend. If they still don’t listen, leave them alone and “let the dust hit your feet,” meaning don’t have anything to do with them. But she doesn’t want to deal with all that drama. She mentions that she has not seen real men in her age category — that the guys she thought were good, who approached her, have all ended up “rejects.”

Jesse points out that people are afraid of their mothers — and so they have not forgiven them. They hate them. Parents love their children, but with a false emotional love that has fear — if they had perfect love then you would not need to forgive them. So children get fear and anger from their parents, and especially their mothers.

A man and his wife joined us for the first time — the man said sometimes got on his wife’s nerves, and they both talked about their relationship.

One man brought his father — he said his father was weak with his mother and afraid of her. Men are afraid of their wives! It’s similar to how people are afraid of their mothers. They can’t deal with them. The father talked about wanting to change wives, but Jesse said, no!

A young man lost his ex-wife and their son to a fatal accident on the freeway. He brought other guys to the Men’s Conference last night, including a father.

Jesse encourages everyone to commit to prayer. You can find his Silent Prayer on YouTube by going to SilentPrayer.video and see more info at the bottom of our Church page: RebuildingtheMan.com/church

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