What Are the False Needs in Your Life? | Church 3/19/23

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How many personalities do you have? Satan lives in the mind, not you. If someone cheating affects you, you have a false need. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 19, 2023: A man thinks he’s tired of suffering, but he’s not; he’s not praying!  //  How many personalities do you have? Different ones for “business,” family, friends? Do you get angry? Embarrassed? Those are personalities. One lady wants to be Ludacris! Everyone is insane. (BIBLICAL QUESTION: What are the false needs in your life?) Does Satan dwell in you? Satan lives in the body and in the mind, which is not you!  //

We don’t need to be taking sides. We can have peace. Sit in silence and go through the inner conflict. There’s no such thing as a good thought. There is no “you.” Even a husband or wife cheating should not affect you! (It only does because you have a false need.) A man realizes he’s childish in old age. Seeing it will change it. Be all in: Doubt every thought!  //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 19, 2023
  • 0:01:36 Welcome! Anybody have a life?
  • 0:05:57 How many personalities do you have?
  • 0:21:52 Personalities: Why do I wanna be Ludacris?
  • 0:42:20 Personalities: Everyone’s insane
  • 0:50:47 Personalities: Does Satan dwell in you?
  • 0:58:46 JLP: Satan lives in the body
  • 1:09:18 JLP: Taking sides vs. Peace… sit in silence.
  • 1:17:32 Feedback: What about good thoughts?
  • 1:25:17 Cheating shouldn’t affect you (There is no you)
  • 1:45:44 JLP: Change nature, not minds
  • 1:49:17 Old yet childish: Seeing it will change it.
  • 1:56:23 Be all-in: Doubt every thought
  • 2:01:15 Closing: Pray


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Satan lives in the body and mind; it’s not you.

WATCH CLIP (18-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP speaks after asking people the question: How many personalities do you have?

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT – We start streaming about a minute before the top of the hour.

Anybody have a life this week?

11:01 A man says he’s a hoarder, but is not praying. He thinks he’s tired of suffering.

11:02 JLP asks him: How many personalities do you have? Jesse advises him: You are happy with it, but he doesn’t know he’s happy.

11:03 A young woman went through with acupuncture, but it didn’t help. (It helps her husband.)

How many personalities do you have?

11:05 Jesse asks another young lady how many personalities you have.

11:08 Jesse asks Hake and a couple of young ladies the same question. One woman mentions road rage. She thought she was crazy.

11:10 One man lists 4 personalities, detailing the ones at work, family, friends, and at Church with JLP. The man’s wife says she’s pretty consistent, but she does have a business personality.

(11:16) Doug also talks about his personalities. Do you get angry? Yes. That’s five! Are you happy like that? Do you want to overcome them or keep them?

11:19 Nick says more than one. He says he’s trying to cover something up. Do you get embarrassed?

Personalities: clown face, Ludacris, stoic, one

11:21 A young lady says she has a lot even by herself at home. She puts on a “clown face.” Where did you get the idea you need all these personalities? She says: I don’t know who I am. “Why do I wanna be Ludacris [the rapper]? …black dude rapper from Atlanta?”

11:24 A lady feels that emotions are not personalities. She has not wondered where the emotions come from, saying she’s not super emotional. 11:27 As the lady continues, Jesse encourages everyone to know yourself. You’ll see how much you don’t know yourself. The woman describes her family as formal.

11:30 One man says he has one personality: INFJ (the Myers-Briggs thing). 11:31 Rochelle answers: She’s just herself. 11:34 Jesse asks her the Biblical Question: What are the false needs in your life? She says none!

11:35 Franky says he has none. Jesse urges everyone: It’s not a test! You’re not going to get an “F”!

Personalities: Making me feel less insane. Everybody’s insane.

11:41 One of the earlier ladies says it’s a good question. It makes her feel less insane to know everyone’s going through it. Jesse says everyone’s insane. It’s good to uncover the truth.

Another man talks about spacing out. 11:44 The man answers the Biblical Question: What are the false needs in your life? What is it like knowing you don’t control anything? 11:45 Jesse asks the man’s son about his different personalities. He doesn’t mind it.

11:46 Raymond says he has an evil personality.

“One personality with many sides.” Does Satan dwell in you?

11:49 Lijie answers the Biblical Question: I have the need to know — to have knowledge. She realized it’s not good to be alone — a false need to be alone. She says she has one personality, with different sides that show. She calls herself a child of God who is complicated. Does God dwell in you? Does Satan dwell in you? “That’s a scary thought.”

11:52 A man asks how JLP saw during the radio show this week that a woman actually loved her misery. Until you can understand what’s going on in yourself and truly start to overcome, you’ll see what’s going on with others.

How do you feel when your wife thinks you’re better than her?

11:56 The man’s wife talks.

JLP: Satan lives in the body; false needs

11:57 Watch yourself during the week. Stay with it no matter what happens. Satan lives in the body. Satan is working through people to destroy. When you feel something about it when you get a look from someone, that’s an evil spirit in you. What she’s doing has nothing to do with what’s going on in you.

We call things by different names to cover up evil.

Ladies, and men, when one tells another, “I love you,” they’re really saying, “I hate you. I’m just using you for a false need.”

If you think it’s going to be a rough week, that’s Satan tempting you to try to fight him. Stop fighting! Give the Devil no fight at all. The Light will fight on your behalf. To get mad about being mad is supporting the Devil.

If someone acts differently from the way you think they should act, that’s happening within you. Nothing on the outside is happening to you.

Satan is not in you, but in your mind and body — that’s not you.

JLP: Race, War, Taking Sides … vs. Peace

12:08 We’re fighting over race! Who convinced us to do this, or to think one’s better than the other, or the other’s holding one down?

People feel good when they hear we’re not going to war.

Don’t take sides. Be one. With different personalities, you’re split — up, down, yes, no… You can be as comfortable at work as you are at home, because there’s no switching back and forth. You’ll be at peace.

Men and women say the worst things possible to one another, to kick you when you’re down. But they love you!

JLP: Sit in silence, and take it

But thank God for Christ! It’s not you. Take it anyway. Sit in the silence. The last thing the Devil likes is silence. Young people are little computer addicts. Same thing as when it was TV — a distraction.

We’ve been deceived with words.

Feedback: What about good thoughts?

12:16 Lijie asks about the heart and mind being wicked: What about when we have good thoughts? JLP says: There’s no such thing as a good thought. There are practical thoughts.

Question where thoughts and feelings come from. Work on yourself, Jesse urges her. Writing something off as your personality or “who you are” is a lie. When people give to the homeless, they look around and feel good. Let what you do in secret stay secret, so you don’t get high on it.

There is no you: Cheating shouldn’t affect you

12:24 There is no you. The idea that there’s a you is a thought. People can tear you down if you have an idea of yourself. Because of fake personalities, people get mad at others about others’ situations and actions — whether it’s robbing a bank or cheating in marriage.

12:27 Jesse tells a young wife and mother: If you were not trying to get a sense of identity or something from him.

12:28 (Jesse makes the point: Never put your business out there.) A woman (the proper lady) says of cheating: it’s not a big deal. It happens. It’s not grounds for divorce. It’s not license to do wrong. But I would work it out.

12:30 Jesse asks another young lady her reaction. Her mind is blown, and she doesn’t know.

12:33 The proper lady speaks again, saying she caught herself being incensed at a man who did wrong with a package. She removed the emotion from it and just dealt with it, realizing she’s done wrong too.

12:34 The first young wife and mother speaks on how it affects young children in a family, what happens between the husband and wife. She doesn’t have male friends (except married couples, she clarifies with her young son, but she wouldn’t eat alone with the other man).

12:38 Another young wife and mother speaks about the Women’s Forum, and people stirring the pot of her imagination. She talks about sitting in her own hell, realizing she needed to be fulfilled, to be herself without “needing” him.

12:43 They clarify about the need to set boundaries.

JLP: Change nature, not minds

12:44 Jesse speaks and points out: A human being cannot stop another human being from crossing a boundary. When God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree, it became a temptation. When a parent tells a child not to do something, you’ve tempted them. The ego has to break the boundary. If there’s no ego, there’s no boundaries. You just naturally do right.

Old and childish: Seeing it will change it (No choice in life)

12:48 A man realized he’s immature at an old age. “I’m a man boy!” JLP advises: Seeing it will change it. But most people don’t trust the light.

(12:52) The woman talks more with Jesse about the cheating thing, and consequences to actions. You don’t have choice. We’re not in control. We can’t judge one another. The mind is wicked. Emotions are wicked.

Be all in: Doubt every thought

12:55 Thinking will wear you down. Lay your weapons down. Be all-in: Doubt every thought. Have no fellowship with any thoughts at all. Do nothing. Satan has little demons.

Closing: Pray

1:00 Do the Silent Prayer.

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