What Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year’s Church 2023)

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as extensive church notes.

Have you changed? We discuss Forgiveness, Prayer, Love… 2023 theme: When you disappear, heaven will appear. The false “you” must die. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 1, 2023 — Happy New Year!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: No radio show Monday! (We’ll be back on-air Tuesday!) Men’s Forum first Thursday, Jan 5, 2023, 7 PM at BOND!


  • 0:00:00 Jan 1, 2023
  • 0:02:14 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:12 Welcome, newcomers
  • 0:05:29 Face the Devil in mama, face the Devil in you
  • 0:10:02 How were you helped last year?
  • 0:13:52 Father got fired for gossip, still not praying
  • 0:21:24 Family: No expectation, sit in anger, let thoughts come/go
  • 0:29:06 Woman’s story of a bad marriage
  • 0:35:45 (Cont…) Love: Do you believe God loves you?
  • 0:40:01 (Cont…) Where did you get your love? Israelis?
  • 0:42:17 Woman recognized truth from Jesse; was called cold
  • 0:46:01 Woman’s son forgave her. Silent prayer when traveling
  • 0:51:38 Testimony on forgiveness
  • 0:54:15 Cultivating stillness: Alarm for Silent Prayer in the middle of dinner?
  • 1:04:54 Mean cousin’s mother died: Justice or revenge?
  • 1:10:53 Impossible to blame if you see yourself. We’re blind and dumb
  • 1:13:40 Franky, Hake, Hassan: Lies, selfishness, becoming nothing
  • 1:17:15 JLP: Same issue worldwide: Anger, doubt, know thyself, shake
  • 1:26:25 Drifting into thoughts/feelings; Appreciation, gratitude?
  • 1:30:23 Q: Heaven will appear when you disappear
  • 1:34:14 JLP: Theme this year: Work on disappearing
  • 1:38:40 JLP: Which do you prefer: Stress or to be nobody?
  • 1:39:41 JLP: Repeating intellectual learning: Love enough to call it out.
  • 1:41:03 JLP: No one has ever done anything to you
  • 1:42:21 On getting angry… (Frederick: Forgave mama?)
  • 1:44:31 JLP: The real you has never experienced loneliness
  • 1:45:32 How do I pray for others? We don’t know what to pray for
  • 1:48:04 Adam’s loneliness? Living divided vs. whole
  • 1:52:30 Last questions and comments
  • 1:54:44 Closing: Let knowledge die
  • 1:57:27 Announcements: No show Mon! Men’s Forum Thur!


1 – Face the Devil in mama, face the Devil in you

WATCH CLIP (5-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP talks with the first beta of the year 2023! — about thoughts and forgiving mama. Don’t go with feelings!

2 – What JLP Learned in 2022 (Everyone Has the Same Issue)

WATCH CLIP (9-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Jesse realized everyone has the same issue around the world: Anger and therefore doubt. Know yourself. Shake and face the person rather than appease!

4 – Heaven Will Appear When You Disappear (Theme 2023)

WATCH CLIP (11-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Jesse shares his theme for 2023: Work on disappearing. Which do you prefer: Stress or to be nobody? (A young girl answers.) When you repeat intellectual learning, we’ll call you out (in love, not judgment). No one has ever done anything to you. The real you has never experienced loneliness.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).


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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PST We start streaming a couple of minutes before the top of the hour.

Welcome, first-timers

11:01 Jesse welcomes first-timers, including a lady from the UK.

Face the Devil in mama, face the Devil in you

11:04 A young man (first-timer) asks when Jesse stopped thinking (he hasn’t, but knows it’s not him now). Jesse talks with the man about facing his mother and not going with feelings. First beta of the year! Face the Devil in your mother, and you can face the Devil in you. They got into a shouting match a couple of weeks ago.

How were you helped last year? Change? Learn anything?

11:08 Jesse asks people: How was your life? How were you helped: Did you change? Did you learn anything? A man says he’s gotten better at praying.

11:10 Another man moved out of the U.S., backpacked, and learned you can’t run from your problems by going to a new location. The U.S. is falling apart, but so is the rest of the world, he says.

Father got fired for gossip, still not praying

11:12 The waiter father feels he got closer to God after being in the gutter with his son, who has now talked with him. He got fired after gossiping with a female coworker who snitched on him. He’s still not praying, because he says he wants to do it right, the way a young lady in church gave him tips.

Family talks: No expectation, sit in anger, let thoughts come and go

11:20 A young lady says that Women’s Forums really helped her. Jesse agrees: One of the worst things you can have in life is expectations. (We’ll talk about that in a minute.) She also says being still, letting life pass, watching others’ behavior and how she reacts — so many things she’s learned.

11:21 Her 9-year-old brother says he talks to his dad, and his sister still irritates him. Keep it simple, Jesse tells him — when you feel the anger coming, just relax.

11:22 His 7-year-old sister Alaiah (sp) sometimes gets angry and says she does the Silent Prayer, just sometimes. She says it’s a hard question whether she irritates her brother.

11:23 Her mother tries to sit in the anger, but it’s painful to let it pass and not react. Jesse mentions about letting a seed die, and fruit comes forth.

11:25 Her husband learned not everything that comes in your head is from you — all thoughts. Some Christians tell you to align your thoughts with the Bible.

Woman’s story of a bad marriage

11:28 First-timer Connie (sp) walked by and took a brochure. She missed an evening meeting in the past. She says when a woman follows a man, she gets in trouble. Explaining her past, she was raised a traditional Christian woman, and was married 46 years. She said no (to sex) to him after 10 years, and says he beat her for the first time. So she moved out; police didn’t take her report; she went to marriage counseling.

Getting agitated, she says she should have divorced him after he hit her, saying he viewed her as a slave. She tried to get love from him.

To the woman: Do you believe God loves you?

11:35 Jesse repeatedly asks her: Do you believe God loves you? Disliking the word “love,” she says she believes he forgives her, and that she’s saved — and that nobody loves anybody. How can God love me if there’s no such thing as love, she asks. If the love you

To the woman: Where did your love come from? Children?

11:38 Jesse asks: Where did the love come from that was in your heart, if it didn’t come from God? (Her husband was Jewish, and everybody laughs. The Israelis can plant thoughts that you didn’t have.) She’s Lutheran, and not Jewish.

11:40 She didn’t have children with him. She talks about being Lutheran.

Woman recognized truth from Jesse, was called cold

11:41 Another young woman binge watched The Fallen State before discovering Church. She’s been doing the Silent Prayer, and learned about her thoughts.

Woman’s son forgave her. Do the Silent Prayer when traveling.

11:44 A woman’s son forgave her two years ago after listening to Jesse. Jesse recommends FaceTiming someone to forgive them, rather than being around violence. She “occasionally” does the Silent Prayer. Suffer and die! Why not every morning and night? When she travels, she gets tired and falls asleep before realizing it. Jesse advises her to pray when she has a free moment, before getting tired.

Testimony on Forgiveness… Alarm for Silent Prayer?

11:50 This year was “transformative” for a young lady who forgave her mother.

11:53 A young man also references forgiveness. He talks about cultivating silence and stillness. Jesse doesn’t understand what he means by the word “cultivate.” Sometimes he’d get up from the middle of dinner to pray, even when out with others.

11:57 Jesse asks the young lady her thoughts on his going to do the Silent Prayer. Jesse says you don’t have to leave the table; just realize you need to come back to the Father. It’s the light of God that allows you to see that you drifted off into the darkness of the imagination.

12:02 The young man explains he’s very extreme, setting goals and alarms — he sets an alarm to pray at night before sundown.

Cousin said “F— you and your mother.” Justice?

12:03 A man says his cousin told him “F— you and your mother.” Fourteen years later, the cousin’s mother died. Is that justice? It may have felt like revenge to you, Jesse tells him. The man owes him money as well. You remember because the Devil reminded you, Jesse tells him. God does not judge, and he does not punish.

It’s impossible to blame if you see yourself. We are blind and dumb.

12:09 After Doug makes a brief point, Jesse says you’d never blame anyone for anything, if you truly saw yourself. If you’re complaining about another person, you’re not seeing yourself. It’s impossible to blame if you see what’s going on with you.

Doug continues: He didn’t realize he was covering things up and not dealing with things. Jesse says: It’s amazing how blind we are. We’re as dumb as a doorknob. You see it when the light starts to shine.

12:12 James reads a Super Chat: How do I let go? (We will address this later.)

12:13 James says he was reminded he’s selfish and lax in life.

12:14 Hassan elaborates on “becoming nothing” and “ceasing to exist.”

JLP: Same issue worldwide: Anger, doubt… Know thyself and shake

12:16 What Jesse learned this year: Our battle is a spiritual battle. The world is changing because the heart is wicked — it’s the same with everyone as well as in you. We can be in the world but not of it. America is gone, because the hearts of men and women are wicked. If you changed the heart, the country would change. Most have been taught anger is good, and Christians and nonchristians alike actually believe it. Anger is pure darkness and evil, evil, evil. It’s the nature of the Devil.

Everyone has the same problem. Without realizing it, you eventually notice you’re not affected.

There’s never a time to have doubt, be insecure, shy, want something, or rely on others (except for practical things).

God is nothing like you can imagine. He’s a knowing, a revelation — not thoughts or imagination. If you stay with it, you will come to know God. Stay with it and you will be free. Stay with prayer and watching you.

Whatever’s happening outside you is not happening to you. If someone tries to hurt you, they’re hurting themselves. The ego doesn’t want you to know you’re not in control.

If someone yells, observe it, but don’t take it personally. Jesse tells a story of an angry black woman clerk — you’ll try to cover it up by appeasing her. Shake at the window and ask a second question, and watch yourself. If you’re shaking, that’s your problem. Let yourself shake through it. In God, there’s no fear at all. Anyone with fear is of their father the Devil.

There’s never a reason to have fear, worry, doubt. If you do, you’re worshiping the Devil.

Drifting into thoughts and feelings; Appreciation and gratitude?

12:26 A woman mentions prayer and thoughts. She’ll go into thoughts during prayer. She’ll express gratitude. Jesse advises her she doesn’t need to do that — it’s ego. Thanking God for external things can give you a good feeling. The fact you’re seeking the Father is gratitude. If you appreciated God for your things, you’d keep it clean and keep it up. Same with your family.

Q: Heaven will appear when you disappear. What’s that mean to you?

12:29 Jesse asks people what it means to them when he says: When you disappear, heaven will appear? One man gives a brief answer.

12:31 Another young man talks about the “not you” disappearing.

12:31 A third man talks about being hell to others.

12:32 A fourth man mentions his ego.

JLP: Theme this year: Work on disappearing

12:33 That’s the theme this year: When you disappear, heaven will appear. Satan doesn’t love us, but God loves us. You can have paradise right here on earth. You’ve got to disappear: Every thought, emotion, opinion, plan, will, ideas about self, reputation, what you think you want — the ego must die.

You make what you do or your relationship to others as your false identity. You’re identifying with hell. In order to live, you must die — and you will rise and shall live. This country and the world won’t get better; it’s wicked. Families and friends don’t get along, because the heart is wicked, about themselves and not others. “If you don’t cater to me, I won’t do anything for you.” That’s all ego.

We’ll work on dying. The ego death, because you identify with it as you, is hard.

Which do you prefer: To have stress or to be nobody?

12:37 Jesse repeats last week’s question: Which do you prefer, to have stress or to be nobody? You’re protected when you have perfect love. It’s the nature and identity of God. We’ll break down the ego this year.

Repeating intellectual learning

12:38 Most can tell when you’ve learned stuff intellectually, but they’ll sit back and judge you silently. You’ll be corrected this year. We have to love one another, but cannot judge one another.

No one has ever done anything to you

12:39 Thoughts run deeper than just hating mama and daddy. Every thought is a lie. You cannot be hurt if there’s no you. No one has ever done anything to you.

Getting angry…

12:41 Frederick agrees only you can make yourself mad. Jesse says: Once the spirit of anger is taken from you, you will never get angry. You start to overcome.

JLP: The real you never experienced loneliness

12:43 In closing, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. But you’ve been protecting the false you as though it were you. When your feelings get hurt, or you look for love, or get lonely — that’s the Devil, not you. But you believe it and react. The real you has never experienced loneliness.

How do I pray for others? We don’t know what to pray for…

12:43 A lady asks: How do I pray for others, if all thoughts are lies? Wish them well. We don’t know what to pray for. God, let your will be done. That’s the prayer. Lay down your requests, and get up and live. People shouldn’t even have requests. Every thought is from the Devil, except for practical thoughts (you don’t live by those). God tells us: Take no thought for your life. Children of God own the world, but don’t know it.

Question about loneliness: Living divided

12:46 A young lady asks about loneliness: When Adam was lonely, God made Eve out of his rib, she thought. But that was not the loneliness of feeling like you want a husband or wife.

12:48 Jesse comments that there’s an opposite with every thought. With God, there is no up or down. It’s one, and not divided. When you live in your ego, you’re divided.

12:50 Jesse says: You must be willing to stand alone. The not-you has to disappear. You have no idea who you are. You are a whole person already. Christ said: It is done. The Devil’s been defeated. But because your ego is of the Devil, he’s defeating you.

Last questions and comments

12:51 A lady feels she’s always been here, although it’s her first time.

A man asks about marriage.

12:52 Frederick talks about attacking the ego.

Closing: Let knowledge die

12:53 Let the intellect die. Let knowledge die. You’ll have wisdom from the knowledge.

Let life happen. Watch quietly your reaction to what’s going on. You have the wrong relationship with the false self.

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