What Distinguishes You from Other People? | Church 12/3/23

Why do you lie? Everyone is a liar. Nothing distinguishes you from other people. Have you ever created a victim?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 3, 2023

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk with a Jew
  • (0:02:27) Everyone is a liar: Liars talk
  • (0:12:24) White lies? Black lies? Lying in advertising 
  • (0:22:46) Lying to beggars, solicitors. Hake’s lies…
  • (0:30:13) Liar: Woman lied to a weak man
  • (0:40:36) Liars: Joel, Sean, and Nick 
  • (0:48:53) Sitting still four minutes feedback
  • (0:50:04) Biblical Q: What distinguishes you from other people? 
  • (0:53:27) Man feels less than others: Dead-end Job, no “Career” (BQ)
  • (0:59:07) Prostitution, OnlyFans, judgment (“Job vs Career”)
  • (1:04:33) Are you your talent? (Talents distinguish us.) (BQ)
  • (1:10:59) Are you your looks? (BQ)
  • (1:12:43) Are you the food you eat? Are you your body? (BQ)
  • (1:14:54) Canadian athlete (BQ)
  • (1:19:26) Q: Are you a victim? Do you create victims? 
  • (1:21:49) “Standing up for the truth” (BQ: What distinguishes you…)
  • (1:29:54) Q: Have you ever created a victim? 
  • (1:34:14) JLP on BQ: Nothing, we’re all the same. We’ve all created a victim. 
  • (1:47:37) How do you create victims? …Watch yourself. 
  • (1:53:16) New BQ: What do you have to give to anyone? (Closing: Men’s Forum!)
  • (1:57:32) What does it mean to go to God in fear and trembling? (Maybe BQ)


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Church Notes

This Sunday: Spotting a liar / lie (everybody lies, is a liar, how to watch a liar)

Biblical Question: What distinguishes you from other people?

Are you a victim? Do you create victims? Have you ever created a victim? 

Men’s Forum this Thursday — last first Thursday of the year! 

New Biblical Question: What do you have to give to anyone?

Or, possible new Biblical Question: What does it mean to go to God in fear and trembling? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk with a Jew
  2. (0:02:00) Welcome to Church
  3. (0:02:27) How to tell a liar
    • (0:03:24) (1a) Every human being lies
    • (0:03:44) How do you lie? (0:06:04) Raymond, you a liar? Yes, I am. How do you lie? Because I’m a coward as well. His dad wanted him to stand up for himself, but in truth he could not. (0:06:50) How many were told to stand up for yourselves? 
    • (0:07:05) (1b) Are you a liar? I try not to lie. I lied yesterday. Lying is the road to hell. Bank account. None of your business? 
    • (0:09:03) Another liar, “retired liar,” used to a lot. Silent Prayer. (0:10:06) Silent Prayer helped him see reality, personality of who he thought he was or was supposed to be. (0:10:59) Young lady… (0:11:35) I can’t lie, it’s hard. 
    • (0:12:24) Alexis, why? I put faces on, pretend, posture. Do you know? I do. I fib. Words and face? (0:13:00) (1c) Just white lies? Why haven’t you told a black lie? What is a white lie? 
    • (0:14:29) Hard to tell the truth, easier to lie. (1d) I don’t feel too bad about it. 
    • (0:15:05) Jewish man: I’m not a liar. But I rarely lie. 
    • (0:17:07) (1e) Rachel in sales… (0:19:28) All advertising is lying. So when you got hired, you knew you’d be lying. 
    • (0:20:06) Donyale, it’s necessary, to save my life. (1f) Children are traumatized by little… You don’t think they’re traumatized by lies? With a lie than with the truth? Apparently… 
    • (0:22:46) (1g) Rochelle, yes, liquor store, to beggars. Why respond rather than lie? Also, save the whales: “I’m in a hurry,” when I’m not. Why do you think they’ll have a long conversation
    • (0:26:21) Hake lies, why? Pride, people-pleasing, pretending unselfishness
    • (0:28:28) Anthony: Pretending to be somebody you’re not. Denying reality. Are you lying now?
    • (0:30:13) (1h) Dutch gal (mic not on at first) — lied about feeling sick to her friend. Why wouldn’t you just say no, not tonight. Also, with the weak man she dated. So easy to deceive myself. I was so triggered and kidnapped by “this liar.” I was strict with him, had a weak moment. Resentment, he manipulated me. No. (0:38:53) (1i) JLP: Ladies, be honest with men. You’re daughters of God. 
    • (0:39:51) Wife, do you tell your husband the truth without resentment? 
    • (0:40:36) Joel says good and bad lies. Good lie example? Bad lie? Funny when James lied this morning. (0:43:54) Sean thinks it’s natural and necessary to lie, it’s important. Irish people are immune to psychotherapy, the talking cure. You never know when they’re joking. Every time you use words you’re lying, they’re ideas. (0:46:35) Sean: Great to see you, let’s get lunch sometime. (0:47:33) Nick is a liar, he knows it. Example? I’ll think I’m saying the truth. 
  4. (0:48:29) Biblical Question: What distinguishes you from other people? 
  5. (0:48:53) Four-minute sitting still was hard, says the British wife. 
  6. (0:50:04) Donyale on BQ… 
    • (0:53:27) (2) Young man: Nothing. Think I’m less than other people. Living with grandmother. (2a) Job is dead-end, not career. It’s just a dressed-up word to make the ego feel better. “It’s not getting me anywhere.” Getting you money? Yes. It’s getting you somewhere. I could do better! (0:59:07) Prostitute and picking cotton, both just a job… The ego does this to us. Don’t judge yourself if you are. (1:00:33) So many jobs and careers are equivalent to a lot of things people do. (1:01:20) “Only Friends” OnlyFans… person judging them… 
    • (1:04:33) (3) Dutch gal vs Beethoven: Our talents… Are you your talent? (1:08:32) (3a) JLP: Be careful not to use the intellect to tell the truth. Build the ego. (What Joel?) Be careful with that. (1:10:59) (3b) Are you your looks? That’s Hell. Hell is divided. You feel good/bad, look good/bad. 
    • (1:12:43) What distinguishes you from other people? Man: Many variables, food, music, people attractions, family, DNA, ancestry, makes you unique… Are you your body? Jameson, first-timer, via IG(!)… 
    • (1:14:54) Good question… Mom thought he was going crazy. Canadian athlete… (1:17:47) Jesse sings “Calvary” after hearing Calgary
    • (1:18:19) British wife…. 
    • (1:19:26) Are you a victim? Do you create victims? Rochelle… (1:20:43) Jewish man… (1:21:49) Jewish man on BQ: Standing up for the truth distinguishes me… (1:24:02) The first step of courage is not to take part in the lie. (1:24:48) What do you mean by standing up for the truth? Example? Can’t think of one. (1:26:36) Joel agrees, laying weapons down. (1:27:30) (4a) Jesse to Joel on Jew: He don’t even believe in Jesus! He a Jew! Oh, I like the Jews now. I’ve been to Israel! … (Joel continues) 
    • (1:29:54) Man on BQ. Are you a victim? No. Do you create victims? (1:31:35) Breaking my daughter’s heart, I hurt her. …. (1:32:48) Francisco… (1:33:47) Joel: No, although I’ve influenced. But they have to believe they’re a victim. 
  7. (1:34:14) (5) JLP on BQ: Nothing, we’re all the same. Either we’re in hell or out of hell…. (1:35:54) (5a) When you can’t created a victim… (1:36:49) Hake’s lie this morning… The mind… The way you can tell someone is lying… (1:38:17) (5b) There is a secret to making boys first… I’m gonna hold this one… Everyone who spoke today lied. How can you tell a liar. Once you realize how you lie, it’ll end just like that. Wisdom is amazing. It makes you free. (1:40:11) (5c) Assignment: See what you can understand in situations. (1:41:09) Ladies, say no. Be honest, you’re too weak, you’re begging. Don’t let your ego want to play with him, make him beg, don’t get a thrill. 
    • (1:42:05) JLP again on BQ: You’re no different from anyone else. Every human being is two hoops and a holler from becoming Jeffrey Dahmer. Be careful not to get stuck on the intellect with this. … If the mind is reminding you of the truth, that’s the Devil… 
    • (1:44:03) Can you tell when that’s happening with you? … Stop repeating the Devil. Don’t get so excited that you repeat the Devil. 
    • (1:45:05) Nick… You know me… Nick admitted he thought he was less than others. 
    • (1:46:30) Donyale: No one gave me a compliment! (1:47:37) Rochelle still confused about creating victims… When you teach someone about the truth, you create victims… 
    • (1:50:10) JLP: Watch yourself, you will understand the world around you. 
    • (1:50:47) Donyale… Realization… Don’t hold onto knowledge, nor wisdom. Just live. 
    • (1:52:24) Anthony on BQ… Nothing distinguishes
    • (1:52:54) Everyone lied today. 
  8. (1:53:16) (6) New BQ: What do you have to give to anyone? (Closing: Men’s Forum!) 
  9. (1:57:32) What does it mean to go to God in fear and trembling? (Maybe BQ)
    • (2:00:32) (6c) There is a truth that will set you free…

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