What Do You Care About? (Church 11/03/19)

Atheists discover God by seeing evil against Trump. Many “conservatives” accept homosexuality as normal; they don’t care about your soul, but only votes. Speak up! But as a son or daughter of God, do not be passionate. Be a living example, not a wordy example. Biblical Question: What do you care about? Nothing. 

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Atheist Discovers God by Seeing Evil Against Trump

Watch clip: Millennials Question Intellectualism, ‘Experts,’ Doctors (12 min.)

Jesse opens up talking about how millennials are “out there.” He’s mentioned many times that they’re talented but the other half is missing. It was reported that “1,000” people “found Jesus” or something at a Kanye West event — a rapper who’s made some Christian-sounding songs. So Jesse asked his producer Nick if he had a “finding Jesus” moment. Nick said he used to be atheist. He used to think only what feels good was moral. But he realized evil existed in seeing the attacks against Trump. In that process he discovered that he was conservative as well. 

Another young man talks about a friend of his committing suicide, a story he’d mentioned before — after she took medication for depression or anxiety. Therapists don’t know what they’re doing. Jesse told a 15-year-old he was counseling to forget about it, and move on — and he was happy to hear it! But therapists wanted him to relive it, talk about it, and cry about it. They like to see you cry. 

Jesse also talked with a psychologist woman saying men are so weak. She didn’t realize that weak men, and she herself, are like their mamas. She cried right there at the dinner table when Jesse saw her issue! (Later Jesse mentions telling this woman that women don’t have love. They receive love from men.) 

Republicans Care About Votes, Not Your Soul (Accepting Homosexuality)

Watch clip: Don’t Let Anyone Take Away Your Freedom of Speech (Re: Homosexuality) (16 min.)

There’s a black guy who works for Turning Point USA. He’s appeared multiple times on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News. A politician (Beto O’Rourke) talked about taking away churches’ nonprofit status if they don’t support homosexuality as good. So this black guy said that he has a “husband”! Jesse had never heard a black man say he had a “husband”! 

In the past, Jesse was a Democrat because he hated white people. But once God changed his heart, he repented, and became a conservative. Being conservative is about being right, not just talking about it. 

Many Republicans don’t care about your soul — they care about votes. So they’ll pretend that homosexuality is fine just to get the numbers. But your soul is more important than voting Republican. 

One young man at Church brought up how at a Turning Point event some guys asked tough questions and were called homophobic, racist, etc. 

Jesse spoke yesterday at an event, and a black preacher got mad because Jesse said that racism doesn’t exist, and other things. He stormed out of the event, and a woman ran after him. Jesse hasn’t chased anyone since he used to chase his “boo” (a reference to Joel calling his girlfriend “Boo Boo.”) Afterward, Jesse explained that the Civil Rights Movement was bad. 

Since childhood, even in his weak “beta” days, Jesse has always spoken up. You can’t take away his freedom of speech — he’ll go to jail to say what he feels. Speak up! 

Many TV shows won’t have you on if you oppose homosexuality. But even in your personal life, if you accept wrong as right, you suffer. Women try to control men with sex, but when you overcome the fallen state, you cannot be controlled. It’s an amazing time to speak up!

Be a Living Example, Not a Wordy Example

Some young men at Church displayed a level of passion about being “Christians” and quoting the Bible. One guy criticized the Jews and referenced a bunch of verses. Another said he was likely going to be going to jail for speaking the “truth” in situations. He told of going into a church and getting thrown out, and of getting sat down by police in Huntington Beach with Ray Comfort. He studied logic or something from the “masters of … dark arts,” whom he would not name. It’s best to be calm, and not listen to thoughts which are from Satan. 

One man observing this nervous excitement said that when he’s irritated, he steps back and is able to respond more calmly and smoothly. Do everything in love. 

Changing the subject, another man asks about the process of forgiving his mother who died. 

After talking with a couple more people, including another former atheist, Jesse makes the point to the passionate young men. Be a living example, not a wordy example. 

What Do You Care About? (Biblical Question)

Watch clip: God Doesn’t Care. He Loves. (7 min.)

Jesse discusses his Biblical Question from the other week: What do you care about? Various people give their answer. (Amid dealing with some other people’s personal issues, including some military guys, Jesse warns about having an “amazing relationship” with your mother.) Then Jesse explains that he cares about nothing. A guy at the gym observed the same about Jesse, which prompted this Biblical Question. You should not even care about work. Rather, you should be grateful. 

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  • Michael Kent Toler
    Posted at 16:29h, 07 November

    Jesse, listening to you is so refreshing and unpretentious after listening to the regular media.. Keep up the good work brother. God bless.

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