What Does It Mean: We Are the Bride of Christ? | Archive 6/29/14

Nanny from Hell! The soul is the bride of Christ. Thoughts mislead you. R. Kelly’s “trans” daughter: Does God love us as we are? 

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Archive Sunday Service, June 29, 2014: Did anybody have a life this week? A few people ask questions: Don’t hold onto knowledge. You want wisdom. You don’t want to be taught. When you live by the light of God, you overcome temptation. When doing good, you shouldn’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling about it. When JLP reads the Bible, he puts it down and lets God reveal to him, rather than analyzing and interpreting it himself. (Someone scared him out of reading Revelations.)  //  

There was a live-in “nanny from Hell” from Upland, California. The man of the house couldn’t make her move out — not a real man! Laws are written against us!  //  

The Bible says we are the bride of Christ. What does this mean? Does your understanding help your life? The soul is the bride of Christ.  //  

Jesse saw a movie in which a husband cheated on his wife, getting his girlfriend pregnant. The thoughts told him to commit murder. Thoughts do the same to all who lack understanding.  //  

Singer R. Kelly’s 13-year-old daughter decided to become a “transgender boy.” The child’s mother accepted it, telling her she loves her no matter what she does. Do you agree with this? One lady says that God loves and accepts us as we are. Does God love us as we are? If He loves us as we are, why do we have to repent in order to enter Heaven?  //  

A young man has anger. Jesse encourages him to forgive his parents.  //  Read Romans 8: 37-39, and 2 Corinthians 6: 16, about how our soul connects with Christ.  //  


  • 0:00:00 Pre-Service intro
  • 0:00:29 Welcome: Exploring Your Faith
  • 0:01:08 Don’t hold onto knowledge. Wisdom vs teaching
  • 0:04:48 Temptation, Light of God; Doing Good, Warm and Fuzzy
  • 0:06:39 Read the Bible, let God reveal. (Scary Revelations)
  • 0:09:08 Live-in nanny from Hell: Upland story
  • 0:11:53 Not in my house!
  • 0:14:41 Laws against owners; a real man’s authority
  • 0:17:02 We are the bride of Christ: Meaning? Does it help?
  • 0:20:19 Wrong Apocrypha verse? Book of Wisdom 1: 3
  • 0:21:36 The soul is the bride of Christ
  • 0:25:25 Movie: Husband cheated! Thoughts: murder
  • 0:27:07 That’s what happens in us, no understanding
  • 0:28:32 Family in Christ vs Christians faking it
  • 0:30:14 R. Kelly’s 13yo daughter “trans.” Mother accepts it.
  • 0:30:52 Love your child? Does God love us as we are?
  • 0:37:33 What my grandmother would say. Love, yet reject?
  • 0:42:53 Old lady tries to remember Bible study learning.
  • 0:46:25 God does not love us as we are.
  • 0:54:14 Young man has anger
  • 1:00:05 Read Romans 8: 37-39, 2 Corinthians 6: 16

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights


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