What Good Do Your Emotions Do You? | Church 6/4/23

Do you believe you can live a life with no emotions? (Latin emovere, “to disturb”) Emotions are gooey, clogging thoughts from flowing through you.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 4, 2023 

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  1. 0:00:00 Pre-Church small talk
  2. 0:01:18 Welcome to Church
  3. 0:01:48 What’d you discover about yourself?
  4. 0:02:48 (You gotta work on yourself)
  5. 0:04:50 I am so judgmental
  6. 0:06:05 Man came to church from Houston
  7. 0:07:56 (Everybody has fear.)
  8. 0:08:42 Man and woman from Eritrea, Africa
  9. 0:11:14 (People don’t know they need to slow down)
  10. 0:11:47 If you forgot everything/everyone, who’d you be?
  11. 0:14:30 (It’s either good or evil, no in-between)
  12. 0:16:47 Biblical Q: What good do your emotions do you?
  13. 0:26:30 (Without emotions, would you be a robot?)
  14. 0:27:45 Is it normal to be busy in the mind all day?
  15. 0:29:42 (It’s not a test. Relax. Speak from the chest.) 
  16. 0:32:46 Is it possible to live a life with no emotions?
  17. 0:37:37 Should a dying person carry on about it?
  18. 0:38:19 Hard to imagine no emotion. Half-Pakistani (funny moment)
  19. 0:40:25 Psychopath: Anyone with emotions (experts have it backwards)
  20. 0:44:42 Nick (Anchor Baby) on BQ: Disturbing spirits/demons
  21. 0:47:39 Raymond on BQ: Absolutely nothing. (“War” song)
  22. 0:51:04 Rochelle: Son’s father was dying. I wasn’t emotional.
  23. 0:56:02 Lady envies of Nick’s answer: Root of words
  24. 1:01:02 We’re lied-to from the womb
  25. 1:02:54 (“Jesus wept.” Was it from emotions?)
  26. 1:03:25 (He listened to you. Listen to the woman, suffer. Funny)
  27. 1:09:11 (Donuts, make you wanna slap your mama)
  28. 1:10:25 Lijie has Anchor Baby repeat his point (Emotions)
  29. 1:11:52 Sean (new producer) on BQ: Opinions, judgments vs observation
  30. 1:17:24 Doug on BQ: Overly emotional in sports wins/losses
  31. 1:19:36 JLP on BQ: Emotional people are evil
  32. 1:21:37 (Emotions are like gooey in a clogged-up sink.) 
  33. 1:23:15 Divided: happy vs conscious. Every thought captive: Rise.
  34. 1:27:45 Count it all joy. Face fear: Not-you the fool. Defending the Devil
  35. 1:36:59 The Devil tells you emotionlessness is robotic
  36. 1:38:16 (Judgment of others will disappear. God reveals: a knowing)
  37. 1:39:58 Super chats on BQ; Q on fear and evil
  38. 1:42:36 Jesus looked angry: conscious anger, no emotion attached
  39. 1:45:58 Vanity: Believing you can change life. Now is new. 
  40. 1:48:00 Helpful? Pray and watch. Keep mind with body. No opinion.
  41. 1:51:57 New BQ: What is your greatest fear? Everyone has it!
  42. 1:55:14 (All fear being exposed: Brother to the greatest fear)
  43. 1:56:36 (Silent Prayer every morning/night? Mind with body)
  44. 1:57:39 Closing: Stand alone. 


Emotional People Are Evil

WATCH CLIP (19 min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP offers his two cents on the Biblical Question — What good do your emotions do you? 

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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming just before the top of the hour. 

What’d you discover about yourself?

Anybody work on yourself? You gotta work on yourself. What’d you discover about yourself, that you were not aware of before? 

11:05 A woman realized about herself that she’s so judgmental. 

11:07 A couple of men from out of town (Houston, TX, and Eritrea, Africa) are visiting for the first time. 

The Eritrean man’s mother passed away recently — she was the ideal mom, he says. He was married. 

11:09 A woman is here from Eritrea as well. 

If you forgot everything/everyone, who’d you be?

11:11 If you forgot everything you ever did (so called “good or bad”), and everyone from your past, who would you be? Jesse asks a man this, in addition to what he’s discovered about himself. 

11:15 Alexis wants to be close to her dad, she says. 

Biblical Question: What good do your emotions do you?

(11:19) Lijie feels happiness is a good emotion. She feels she turns to God more when she’s sad — although she notes she is trying to turn to God more. W ould you be able to turn to God if you did not have the sad emotions? Would you have the sadness if you didn’t have the happiness? “I wish I didn’t have certain emotions….” Do you not want to overcome the happy ones? “I want to feel them.” Why? 

11:22 The Eritrean man answers. Do you believe we can live without emotions? With emotions, we’re living like animals. Would you prefer to have but discern the emotions, or not have them at all? Where’d you get the idea being without emotions would make you like a robot?  

A lady agrees with the man about it being normal to be busy in the mind all day. 

11:30 The Eritrean woman agrees with the man as well. She mentions Sarah laughing in the Bible (interestingly, it’s perhaps an example of laughter being bad). Is it possible to live a life with no emotions? She and Jesse discuss death and crying. Is it normal for a person who’s dying to be 

(11:45) Nick says emotions is the wrong word — they’re spirits. Emovere (sp) is latin or a language for “to disturb,” he says. What is reality? It sounds like we should live without emotions. If God can destroy evil there is a reality without emotions. 

11:46 Raymond answers: Absolutely nothing. (“War” song) 

11:50 Rochelle says: “Ask me something.” Everything talked about today is blowing my mind. 

(12:09 Franky talks about his emotions being seduced and him being weak. Earlier, he said he can no longer eat a donut.) 

(12:10) Lijie asks: Is it possible to have a holy emotion, like a Holy Spirit? 

12:11 Sean the new producer speaks: Any opinions or judgments hinder being able to observe. 

12:13 The half-Pakistani man speaks again. 

12:16 Doug answers. 

JLP on BQ: People who are emotional are evil

12:19 Your emotions are about you, never about the other person. Everyone who’s emotional is evil, and has an agenda. When you don’t get what you want, you get mad. It’s still about you — you’re trying to get something to feel something. 

12:20 Emotions are like gooey in a clogged-up sink. Consciousness has no emotions. Divided people want happiness — if you think happiness is good, you’ll think unhappiness is bad. 

Rise in consciousness. 

Marriages, relationships, and business-ships don’t work. You go to war to make people give you what you think you want. 

Emotions gotta go. Look at war. 

Count it all joy. The not you is what you made a fool of. Be still and watch. Everybody has the same problem. When a wife or husband cries because the other doesn’t love her, thoughts of revenge come: Cussing someone out, breaking car windows… Take the moment and go through it: Question why I’m feeling this way. Stay quiet in those times. The Devil will make you find someone else. 

Emotions are gooey. 

The fallen state, the lower level, is unnatural. When you rise in consciousness, you’re overcoming the abnormal lifestyle. You become spiritual in the body. It can and will happen if you stay with you, watching you. The light of God will destroy the darkness — it has no power. If you did nothing about the fear, it would have to leave. You give it life; the Devil has to live in human beings. Run to it, not from it. 

The Holy Spirit doesn’t care about your past or future; it’s your Teacher. It will teach us all things, bringing all things to your clear remembrance. Most don’t trust the Teacher at all. It’s not about whooping and hollering. 

Unclog the dark gooey stuff. The thoughts can’t flow through you — they get stopped up in you. 

12:36 The Devil tells you being without emotions are being like a robot. 

Feedback, Closing, and New BQ: What is your greatest fear?

12:45 After Super Chats and other final questions and comments, Jesse closes: Vanity is believing you can change your life. You’re neither saint nor sinner. “Next week will be better” — no it won’t. Why not be fine right now? Eternal life is right here, right now. It’s not in the future or past. God is not into time. He’s into now. Now is new. 

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