‘What Is a Friend?’ Never Treat a Title Differently | Church 4/23/23

Identities are demons. Never treat titles differently. What is a friend? Is it worth it? Anyone with anger is your enemy. Biblical Question: What is the one thing that separates you from God? Thoughts. We read 1 Corinthians 13, on love. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 23, 2023

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  • 0:00:00 SILENT START (Mic off!)
  • 0:01:10 Pre-church small talk
  • 0:02:57 Satan stole many hours
  • 0:05:12 JLP: Denayja Reese (TFS guest) and identities
  • 0:14:00 Jews, Muslims fighting with Christians
  • 0:21:00 JLP: Never treat a title differently
  • 0:29:57 “I see the spirit in me.” Why judge yourself?
  • 0:32:25 Q: What is a friend?
  • 0:38:28 (A guy brings up The Matrix)
  • 0:45:23 (We need white babies; Practical titles vs identity)
  • 0:49:25 (Christians are as cold as the LGBT people)
  • 0:50:46 Nick feeling like you have friends
  • 0:57:27 “Truth is overwhelming.” Lie to the bad dancer for friendship?
  • 1:04:42 God didn’t make us not alone so we could fight together
  • 1:06:15 Everybody fighting: Should Christians stop abortions?
  • 1:12:16 JLP: Devil working both sides
  • 1:15:32 Friends? Franky stayed with a lying girlfriend…
  • 1:19:29 Doug: Kids fight, but don’t hold grudges
  • 1:22:22 JLP: Anyone with anger is your enemy (Jesus and disciples)
  • 1:25:06 How to deal with shame; losing friends/family/girlfriend
  • 1:33:47 JLP: No one’s ever been there for you
  • 1:34:35 Sean had an amazing conversation on the plane
  • 1:40:36 JLP: The truth is for all, not of color
  • 1:46:55 JLP: Sean dealing with the world in the light
  • 1:48:00 BQ: The one thing that separates you from God?
  • 1:49:41 JLP on BQ: The thoughts. Don’t escape the pain. (1 Cor 13)


Thoughts Keep You Separated from God.

WATCH CLIP (11-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP offers his two cents on the Biblical Question: What is the one thing that keeps you separated from God?

Sean had an amazing conversation on the plane

WATCH CLIP (7-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP’s new producer had a four-hour conversation with an educated liberal woman a flight. Don’t judge people. The truth is for all who will receive it.

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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming with Jesse’s mic off the first minute or so!

11:01 Satan drove a woman around for many hours yesterday, she says.

JLP: Spiritual battle: Identities are demons

11:04 Our battle is a spiritual battle. Jesse interviewed a woman (Denayja) on The Fallen State, who called herself black female lesbian LGBTTQ person (something or other). Every human being has some form of title they give to themselves. Jesse almost felt for her when he heard her say that.

Identities are fighting one another. People will look at everyone else, but not question themselves. Let the identities go. Those are demons — evil spirits. Everybody’s doing it. Anyone pushing anger as good is your enemy, an evil person. When you put an LGBTQ title on it, you cover up the Devil, hiding and denying what you see.

You’re not a drug addict. You’re none of those things. Your heart is wicked. The real you has never been angry nor afraid. You’re neither black nor white, the real you.

Religions fighting: Jews, Christians, Muslims

(11:14) The Jews, not all but most, in Israel are fighting with the Christians. And the Allahu Akbar people are fighting. The only reason you fight is because you don’t know it’s true.

11:16 Sean explains that the Jews think Jesus was a rebel. Hassan adds to details of what Jews may believe about Jesus.

JLP: Don’t treat titles differently

11:20 Jesse continues talking about the religions fighting… Never treat a person with a title any different because of their title. Come out of your imagination about titles. People are afraid to question doctors, and so they’re spoiled.

Everybody deals with the same issues. A person with a degree is no different from you. Jesus told people the same.

The same spirit that dwelled in Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot (sp), Jeffrey Dahmer, men and women who have sex with children — it’s the same spirit of evil in you and everybody.

(11:28) All blamers and complainers are evil. The anger that lives in you is not you. It’s not your anger.

‘I see the spirit in me.’ Why judge yourself?

11:29 Raymond says when he sees the evil anger in him, he judges himself. But if you see it’s a spirit in you, why judge yourself?

Jesse reiterates that people who get worshiped are in the same hell as everyone else.

Q: What is a friend?

11:31 Jesse asks Lijie: What is a friend? Does it work? “Most of the time.”

11:33 Rochelle answers next. Others answer.

Matrix, white babies, practical titles, Christians and the Bible

11:38 A guy brings up the Matrix.

11:41 You can live on earth …

11:44 Jesse says we need white babies, because blacks and Mexicans won’t make a ship / airplane to go to the moon like Elon Musk made.

We need the practical titles, but they are not who we are. Titles are not meant to be an identity.

11:48 Christians cling to the Bible.

Nick feeling like he has friends

11:50 Nick has friends. What is a friend? Nick explains a friend is someone whom you like, and they like you. Why do they like you, and you like them? What do you get from your friends? Camaraderie: Feeling like you have friends. Nick says his friends lie to him, and he doesn’t really care; he doesn’t judge them.

11:53 Franky speaks.

Truth is overwhelming: Lie to the bad dancer for friendship?

11:57 Lijie thought the same as Nick on friends lying, and Rochelle not having expectations, but thinks friends and community are important. The truth can be overwhelming. If someone’s poured their life into dancing, but can’t dance. You have Simon Cowell for telling the truth. She felt bad that the relationship was no longer there, as a result of her honesty. She felt bad because she likes having relationships with people.

We aren’t meant to be alone, she says, because otherwise God would have stopped at Adam.

People fighting, including Christians! (Should we fight over abortion?)

12:04 Jesse explains: God didn’t make us so that we wouldn’t be alone, so that we would be fighting together.

12:05 Jesse tells her she can disagree. Have you ever seen God outside with a picket sign? Should a Christian try to stop people from having abortions? Should the haters of Christianity be trying to stop Christianity? Jesse’s trying to get you to think. “I know we’re going down a rabbit hole.”

12:10 A man comments on laws and politics. (Somebody kicked the camera!)

JLP: Devil working both sides

12:11 JLP says: The Devil is in the details. He’s working both sides. Jesse sings regardless of whether he can sing. Human beings are not thinking. Paul was a thinker about what he was doing. You can’t blame another human being for your actions.

(12:13) The man continues to talk with Jesse about the culture war. Why should we fight?

Staying with a lying girlfriend

12:14 Franky talks about friends and girlfriends. She lies to him, yet he stays with her. Now that you see truth, why not overcome the lie and move on with your life?

Kids without grudges

12:19 After Alexis briefly answers, Doug comments that kids fight but then don’t hold grudges. Jesus kept himself separated from his disciples in a way, which he saw in The Chosen.

JLP: Anyone with anger is your enemy

12:22 Jesse points out Jesus knew that the disciples had anger. If they have anger, they are your enemies; they will turn. The moment you tell Judas he can’t dance, it’s over. You don’t have to tell them you know it; you just know it. It can put a space between you and them.

How to deal with shame; losing friends/family

12:25 A young man asks how to deal with shame. Jesse urges: In the very same moment that you see the wrong, don’t judge yourself. Shame is seeing something else is driving you to do crazy things. Satan will try to make you judge yourself. It’s not you judging yourself.

Let knowledge go and wisdom will come. Satan’s been talking with him; he had to let a girl go. He’s always had “homies.” But they got issues, and things changed.

JLP: No one’s ever been there for you

12:33 Jesse tells him: Nobody’s ever been there for you.

Sean had amazing convo with a lady on the plane

12:34 Jesse has Sean recount talking with a young woman flying on the plane, sitting next to her mother. They spoke for four hours. She was an environmentalist woman with degrees. He stayed nonjudgmental, and now she has something to think about.

12:38 Jesse points out: Christ didn’t have picket signs. He didn’t judge them for not changing, nor feel bad if they rejected the truth. Everybody has the right to stay in their hell; and you’re wrong for judging them for it.

12:39 Hassan answers the Biblical Question: What’s the one thing that separates you from God?

JLP: The truth is not of color

12:40 Jesse recounts asking a guy: What’s wrong with the blacks? The truth is not of color, or of us. Truth is from God. Love the blacks enough to tell the truth. The truth is for all who will receive it.

12:43 After Franky speaks, Raymond says: Friends are smiling killers.

12:43 A young woman appreciates Jesse suggesting we think spiritually. The world taught us all wrong.

JLP: Walk in the spirit, not in titles

12:45 In responding to the woman, Jesse urges again: Get away from worldly titles. Walk in the spirit, so we can spiritually see what’s going on. We’re not our bodies, emotions, or thoughts.

JLP: Deal with children of the Devil in the light

12:46 After Hassan speaks, Jesse comments on Sean having a sober 4-hour conversation with the woman on the plane. Go amongst the children of the Devil, and deal with them with the light. How will we help them if we judge them and not going amongst them. Sean says it’s living by revelation.

BQ: What’s the one thing that separates you from God?

12:47 Jesse quickly asks several people the Biblical Question: What’s the one thing separates you from God?

JLP on BQ: The thoughts…Don’t escape the pain.

12:49 Jesse answers: The thoughts. Deal in love. Be willing to go through it. The more painful it is, the freer you’re becoming. Be grateful for it. It’s the nature of the Devil that’s dying. Don’t use anything to escape the pain.

Don’t stay in the comfort zone when you see your girlfriend is lying to you. You must be born again; you need love for this.

Jesse has James read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 from the Bible, and follows up.

(12:58) Jesse reiterates: Bring every thought into captivity.

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