What Is Hell? | Church 3/3/24

Tell us about your fears. Shy guy on-stage. Man loves his Hell, walks out. That’s all of us. Hell: Still wanting to be someone. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 3, 2024 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, March 7, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A., CA https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 

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  • (0:00:00) Dog raincoat story / SILENT TWO MINUTES (SORRY) 
  • (0:06:23) Attitude. Men, dogs are weak. A man should be tough. 
  • (0:11:47) JLP: When you wake up, don’t tell anyone. 
  • (0:15:44) Tell us about your fears (Man, woman) 
  • (0:25:34) Shy guy comes on-stage, unconscious 
  • (0:40:21) Ladies fear husband leaving (…JLP: Never take sides) 
  • (0:53:39) Man loves his Hell (family drama). How do you know you care? 
  • (1:04:43) Feedback for man (he gets up and leaves); That’s everyone. 
  • (1:15:14) Sit through it. (Employee fight story) “I’m not as bad as him.” 
  • (1:22:04) Can’t you help others wake up? No. Is God mad/sad? 
  • (1:30:17) Biblical Q: What is Hell? (“Women.”) 
  • (1:42:36) Gal on-stage, JLP on BQ: Give up wanting to be somebody. 
  • (1:50:37) New BQ: Do you know God? Who is God? 
  • (1:52:10) Gal on-stage: Dad’s Muslim, dislikes BF. Forgive him, and mother. 
  • (1:59:44) Bible thumper, did you forgive your mama? (Closing)


Woman fears husband leaving. (Never, ever take sides.) (13-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Shy guy goes on-stage. Was ‘hiding in the attic.’ (15-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Hell is not knowing who you are, yet trying to be someone. (10-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Tell us about your fears 

Biblical Question: What is Hell? 

New Biblical Question idea: Do you know God? Who is God? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, March 7, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A., CA https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Dog story / SILENT FEW MINUTES
    • (0:03:00) SILENT
    • (0:05:24) OK we’re back… 
  2. (0:06:10) (1)  Man speaks about showing up and having a good attitude (he looks Jewish or Allahu Akbar, but he’s Mexican or something) 
    • (0:07:52) Men and dogs are weak now (0:09:57) Man follows-up. He just saw “Nefarious.” His single mother babied him; he was weak for so long. A man is supposed to be tough. 
  3. (0:11:32) (2)  JLP: When you wake up and want to start telling people, they get angry, attack you, dare you to leave your religion… (0:13:17) Don’t tell anyone. Christ didn’t argue about it. Let yourself grow…
  4. (0:15:29) To man: Talk to us about your fears (0:15:57) First man speaks on facing most fears. He grew up Catholic. Tries to be a strong person. (0:18:22) Woman asks him if he fears his own thoughts, or others’ words. (0:19:12) JLP: Have you been called the N-word? 
    • (0:21:04) To woman: Talk about fears… She gets in her head. Thoughts, not trusting God. She mentions abandonment (did she mention her husband?) (0:23:04) What does it mean to trust God? Not to think. (“This person’s going to leave me.”) (0:23:49) What does fear of abandonment mean? All her life… (0:25:06) Are you white? White people not supposed to fear that way. 
  5. (0:25:18) (3)  To another guy: About your fears. A shy guy. Judgmental, sizing up. Afraid of speaking what I really think. (0:26:46) Comes on-stage… From San Diego. (0:29:28) Well-dressed guy in the audience: He stole that suit! (0:30:12) (3a)  You’re not weak because you don’t speak up — you’re weak because you compare 
    • (0:30:56) Mae Mae (Mimi), what prompted you? Young man references last week’s point from JLP: Being unconscious like hiding in the attic as the house is robbed youtube | rumble … More questions from others… 
    • (0:34:45) Forgiven mother? Father? He forgave his mother soft and weak. There’s more conflict with his father. He grew up afraid of him. Now he’s still holding back. His father’s tighter with him than anyone (including his siblings), so now he’s afraid of crushing him. (0:37:37) He’s already crushed… Last word. Jesse’s wrists hurt. 
  6. (0:40:09) (4)  English wife … She’s afraid of her family walking away. (0:42:56) Let that go. (0:43:44) Which is better for you, for them to walk away or die? 
    • (0:44:34) Radio show: Lady called afraid her husband is going to leave her. (0:46:09) Mimi/Mae Mae took sides with her husband. She was putting on a mask for her husband. (0:46:52) Man: I didn’t hear his side. (0:47:35) Was she using you to manipulate the situation? (0:48:21) Probably both their faults. (0:48:39) Swedish or Dutch gal: I felt with her. 
    • (0:49:12) (4a)  Sometimes women leave out the most important details (0:49:42) Back to the English wife… 
    • (0:50:49) (4b)  JLP: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever take sides… Has nothing to do with you! Two devils fighting! 
  7. (0:53:25) (5)  Man wants to live with his brother! (two weeks ago) Lucas speaks, tells a story of wrestling and hurting his brother. (He didn’t even want to wrestle.) Now there’s all this drama… JLP cuts him off.  (0:57:25) Advice: Cut ‘em out of your life. I can’t! … You love your Hell! You remind me of [Alex with the new bike]. (1:01:17) How do you know you care? you hurt him? JLP: Go sit next to the black lady [Mae Mae / Mimi]. 
    • (1:04:26) Sean (then the blonde, then the Chinese), You love talking about it. You’re acting. It feels good to act. (1:06:01) The young lady: I’d wrestle also. I felt frustrated; you’re not listening. You’re pitiful, pathetic. 
    • (1:07:17) He walks out. Chinese guy, I haven’t seen “Nefarious” yet, but feel like I just watched it. (1:07:59) He needs to focus on himself. (1:08:33) Seems like he’d been drinking. (1:09:08) Complete act. … He’s everybody in this room. 
    • (1:10:01) Mae Mae (Mimi) I almost feel like I’m being controlled. I couldn’t shut up. I can’t be still. … Donyale… (1:12:18) The Fallen State 
    • (1:13:26) … (1:14:27) Monique (sp) first-timer relates to man 
  8. (1:15:00) (5a)  JLP: Sit through it. You won’t overcome the old nature until you stop running from it. 
    • (1:16:25) JLP: Two employees in an argument. It’s hard if you’re not paying attention, to go through it. … (1:18:16) Donyale didn’t want to admit she could relate to it. (1:18:59) Joel: Enduring … (1:20:37) Moses struck the rock out of frustration. “Lovely lady.” 
  9. (1:21:49) (6)  Shouldn’t speculate whether he was drunk. Can’t you help them wake up? No! You can’t even help yourself wake up. (1:24:23) Angry at the world. People have to want to come out of their hell. (1:25:30) (6a)  JLP story: Jesus and God get cafe mocha and egg bites.  God’d be mad/sad, emotions — he’s dispassionate. You can turn over the tables without being mad. 
    • Jesus: Fully human, fully God, speculating 4-dimensional being in 3-dimensional world. 
  10. (1:30:06) (7)  Biblical Question: (Donyale) What is Hell? Women. She talks about judging women. (1:34:32) All you have to do is watch. (1:34:40) Hassan… Could it be the perception is wrong in the employees story?  
    • (1:36:10)  Mae Mae (Mimi) … (1:36:58) Joel … Enjoyment of judging, knowledge (1:37:40) Anchor Baby … A bunch more answers … (1:39:09) Being in your head, not reality. Do you ever do it anymore? … (1:40:32) Raymond: Addiction to anger… (1:41:35) Los Angeles… (1:42:05) Hake, Sean… 
    • (1:42:28) (8)  Gal comes on-stage: Your mind … (1:43:15) (8a)  JLP: Hell is not knowing who you are while still wanting to be someone. (1:46:47) Mae Mae (Mimi: Is God always in control? I can just do the job. (1:47:42) (8b)  JLP: All identities must die. … Hate, anger, judgment. Forgive mothers, fathers. (1:49:49)  You can’t save anybody! Look at all the bums in the street. He’s already made the way. 
  11. (1:50:21) New BQ: Who is God? Feedback. 
  12. (1:52:08) (9)  Gal’s mom is Christian, dad Muslim. Cut her off over boyfriend, thinks she’s going to get pregnant. (1:55:34) Puerto Rican / Dominican Christian boyfriend. … (1:58:48) Never thought I resented my mom until now. 
  13. (1:59:29) (10?) Bible thumper, did you forgive your mama? Here with his father who listens every day. 19yo… 
  14. (2:01:27) Closing … Men’s Forum! (2:02:35) Donyale on new BQ… 

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