What Is Life? (Sunday Service, Jul 6, 2008)

Sunday Service from July 6, 2008: Jesse Lee Peterson asks if people had a life, then asked what is life? They touch on why people don’t let go of anger completely, as we often have discussed. Jesse asks some people: Should you believe in your business or work? Only have faith in God. Jesse reads a Bible passage toward the end to reinforce the point.

Jesse talks about people coming to Church every week but not having their own life. Everyone should be growing and getting better, not just relying on the preacher to teach them.

Jesse deals with a woman who married her child’s father after living with him 11 years; she’s a Christian; he’s not. She needs to look at herself and not judge him or try to control him. He rejects her “wisdom” because it’s from her ego — she’s not living it; it’s not real wisdom.

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