What is real power? | Church 5/12/24

Wife “wants” to obey husband, but won’t! 20yo gal’s smarter than many men. You’re not in control: Never done wrong! Real power: When you’re you, no anger/fear. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 12, 2024 — Happy Mother’s Day! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, May 16, 2024, 7 PM at BOND https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/ 

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  • (0:00:00) Small talk (Palestine, Israel) — Welcome! 
  • (0:05:39) Where you been, Mimi (Mae Mae)? 
  • (0:09:01) Wife wants to obey, but husband doesn’t! 
  • (0:17:33) Wife stays on YouTube, won’t pray, loves her hell! 
  • (0:28:29) 20yo gal: Alpha nutcases on videos. Forgive father, mother.
  • (0:45:45) Her mother: Working on yourself? Father dead to me 
  • (0:48:46) Two guys: Forgiving mother. Getting rid of fear/anger (Brothers) 
  • (0:59:16) You’ve never done wrong. Spirits in imagination control you. (Woman, young man) 
  • (1:09:35) Man: Not in control of anything. Women want to obey 
  • (1:14:37) No control in life? Many stupid, weak men. (20yo gal, feedback) 
  • (1:29:18) Biblical Question: What is real power? 
  • (1:35:13) JLP on BQ: Real power. Devil hiding God from you. 
  • (1:53:14) Happy Mother’s Day! Women’s Forum! You smoke pot? (20yo, friend)


Real power is when you’re you. (24-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Wife ‘wants’ to obey (or does she?), but husband doesn’t want that! (19-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Daughter thinks ‘alpha’ is stupid, mom’s busy on rightwing Twitter (20-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Seen too many stupid, weak men to submit as a woman (20-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes 

REMINDER (FOR NEXT WEEK, YET AGAIN! 5/19/24): The prior week’s Biblical Question: Can you ever really know another person? 

This week’s Biblical Question: What is real power? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, May 16, 2024, 7 PM at BOND https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/ 


(0:00:00) Pre-service small talk (Palestine, Israel) (0:02:39) Welcome to Church (0:03:17) Welcome, first-timers… 

**Where you been, Mimi? People who believe things are lost. 

(0:05:39) Where you been, Mimi (Mae Mae) — her work schedule conflicted with Church. **(0:07:08) People who believe things are lost. She was confused and upset! **(0:08:06) JLP: We were taught to believe in God. But we don’t know Him. … **I thought you went to free college from Biden. (Funny) 

**Wife wants to obey, but husband doesn’t want her to 

(0:08:55) Man says not always, his wife does not obey him. What’s that like? I don’t necessarily want her to obey me. She wants to though! He’s thinking about her listening to commands. **(0:10:17) Why don’t you divorce him? (funny) — the man continues. **(0:10:55) How do you define obey? O-B-E-Y. She wants to obey you, but you don’t want her to obey you. 

He explains he wasn’t open to what we were about at BOND. (0:12:20) But it’s been good he’s being more assertive. (0:12:57) Why don’t you like the word obey? I associate it with a command, a master-servant, parent-child relationship. (0:13:57) At first I don’t want people to suffer, but it helps people grow and change in a good way. 

(0:14:13) Wife speaks, along with husband: If she doesn’t obey, she’ll fall back in with the Devil. The world uses it in a negative way. …. 

**She still goes on YouTube, disobeying! Crazy! 

(0:17:47) Husband: She doesn’t really want to obey. She spends too much time on YouTube on the phone. I suggest it’d be better, but I won’t command it. 

(0:19:48) Why haven’t you stopped, wife? I converse with the thoughts in my head.  … I try to prove my intelligence; I’m insecure. (0:22:22) Why are you insecure? Why do you keep worshiping the Devil? Are you doing the Silent Prayer? 4 minutes. I’m playing with it. You’re not ready to overcome your hell truly? He can’t make you. 

**(0:24:09) You knew she was this crazy before you married her? Yes. **(0:24:35) All married couples are crazy. 

*(0:25:13) If you didn’t love your hell, you’d be doing the Silent Prayer, etc, etc. **Most human beings love their misery. 

(0:26:38) Husband says it’s not getting worse, but better. … After 10 years we’re finally not making each other worse. 

**What do you think of what you’re hearing? 

(0:28:23) What are you thinking about what you’re hearing? You don’t wanna know! It’s good you don’t want to command! Two autonomous individuals. Two retarded individuals? 

**(0:32:22) She’s a nutcase on the videos. Yeah, my mom’s the same way! Mother and father are not together. She knew it’d make me upset to take me here. I get frustrated easily. (0:34:27) Why are you bothered by it? It makes me sad this narrative is perpetuated. The fact women are here … (0:35:17) You shouldn’t be bothered by someone else’s issue. 

Father’s narcissistic…

Closer to mother than father… She’s younger. (0:37:12) Who you prefer to be closer? Do you miss your father? The idea of him. He’s difficult to be around. “He’s narcissistic.” You’re narcissistic? No. What’s it like not being able to communicate with him? 

(0:40:22) Forgive him; he can’t help himself. Give it a try? Forgive him so you can be free. 

(0:41:48) Your mother’s not easy to deal with. Neither are. 

Surprised you’re like your mother? You wanna have peace. 

(0:42:41) Surprised to know you’ve become so much like your mother? I don’t want to be as emotional as I am, but I’m empathetic, whereas others are apathetic. Forgive your parents — you become like whoever you’re angry at. 

(0:45:23) You wanna have peace. 

*Mother, are you working on yourself? 

(0:45:39) Mother, what do you say about all this? Gratitude. Working on yourself? Forgave mother? Made peace with not having father around. 

*Two brothers: Forgiving mother. Getting rid of fear/anger

(0:48:36) Young man: have you forgiven your mother? Alpha male or beta? 

(0:52:22) Does father know you’re afraid of your mother? How you gonna be alpha, you’ll be afraid of all girls! 

(0:53:16) His brother, another young man: Forgave her maybe just intellectually. 

**Great statement on fear / anger (0:56:43) Thoughts… 

*Have you ever done anything wrong? (The other mother again) 

(0:59:13) (To one of the brothers) You’ve never done anything wrong or right. 

(0:59:30) The other mother chimes in again… Why do you think it’s you? … I overthink. … (1:02:17) Is it possible it’s not you overthinking? Something else is doing it, not you? (1:03:05) Devil in you; you escaped into your imagination; it has been controlling you. Listening to thoughts and emotions, your enemy. 

(1:04:03) Back to the young man… **(1:06:41) We can’t judge others. (1:07:15) Any other question? I judge others and then I judge myself. **What you do do others, you do to yourself. This false self (there is no you). Humans can’t judge and be free. **(1:08:52) You lil judger. Let it pass, don’t judge. 

Man: Not in control of anything. Women want to obey. 

(1:09:28) Randy mentions BQ’s: Working on himself a lot. No control over anything…. 

(1:14:09) It takes about 50 years… Women want you to 

Woman on hierarchy. In control of your own life? 

(1:14:33) The young lady who came on-stage, briefly … 

(1:15:38) The 20yo gal again: Why are you at alpha male central (off-mic)? Makes sense you’d think men should control women if no one’s in control. 

(1:20:10) Joel on the hierarchy — seen people abuse it. (1:21:22) The gal talks, saying she’s seen too many stupid weak guys to think they should control. (1:22:38) If the father is right, you’d be right. … Keep on living. 

Compassion, empathy: picking and choosing (Feedback) 

(1:22:38) Mimi (Mae-Mae), you had a question? Pick and choose who you fight for. Men are stupid. If you don’t care for one, you don’t care for any. A lot of hell inside. 

(1:26:30) Donyale: Why you sitting there all prim and proper, not saying anything? 

BQ: What is real power? 

(1:29:14) BQ: What is real power? Donyale… (1:30:43) Doug… (1:31:26) Lady who joined with the mother and daughter: No doubt. (1:32:35) Raymond: Be aware in the moment. (1:32:59) Randy’s wife: Letting God. (1:34:04) Hake (1:34:47) Joel 

JLP on BQ: Real power. Devil hiding God from you. 

(1:35:08) JLP on BQ: People in the media, government, think they have power, can send your children to war. (1:36:43) Counseling: Husbands and wives beating each other. None of that is power. 

(1:37:33) Nobody on earth has power. There is power. You have to overcome fear, anger, comparing yourself to other people. When you can be you, and no one else but you, you’ll have power. Haven’t overcome anger, fear? You’re not yourself. In your egotistical mind, you think you’re something, and you’re not. Counseling with people in govt and on TV, they can’t be alone, they have to drink alone or get high. 

Devil doesn’t want you to find God. Love all. 

(1:40:37) All human beings are evil. You’re not stuck. There is a God, and there is a God. They are not each other. The Devil’s worst fear is you might find God. He does not want you to find God. (1:41:38) Example: The two brothers. … (1:42:49) Your lil friends don’t want you to find God. “You think you’re better than me.” They’ll build an army against you. **(1:43:17) Human beings are like wolves. 

(1:44:22) See that you’re no good. Admit to yourself. If you don’t love all, you love none. God loves all. 

You’re not your hell. It’s inside you. 

**(1:45:03) You’re not your thoughts, emotions, body. Devil doesn’t want you to know that. Not your depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, fear, doubts, worries. It’s all an illusion. You won’t let the illusion go, rather believe a lie. **(1:46:14) Did you know I’m black and slow? “Yeah.” (Funny) — We weren’t created to need friends, etc., but to be free. Let the illusion go. 

You have a right to live in your hell, and I don’t have a right to be mad at you (husband, wife, etc.). (1:47:48) All your miseries are inside you. Your hell, your fear. Overcome that, you have perfect peace. … 

(1:49:08) As adults, you have to overcome it. Husband/wife… “I’ll do anything to keep you.” That’s not love, nor freedom. 

**(1:50:19) How to overcome your hell. Next time you feel anything. Try this: Stay in the fear, and watch it. Stay with it. Watch it. You’ll overcome it. Don’t run from it, go unconscious. … Overcome your Hell you’ve been living in … 

Closing: Mother’s Day, Women’s Forum, missed BQ, you smoke pot? 

(1:53:08) Closing: Happy Mother’s Day… 

(1:54:20) You smoke pot? … What’s mother say about it? But forgive your parents. 

(1:55:54) Korean lady: How did you end up with these two? She met daughter at 6yo, adopted kittens, got to know them. Good to see her open up… 

Thanks, all! 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

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