What Is Wisdom? | Church 12-31-23

Is America in boiling water? How were you helped this year? What is wisdom? Consciousness. 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk: Did Santa visit you? 
  • (0:04:23) Are we in a pot of boiling water in America?
  • (0:11:24) Is it in you to run for office?
  • (0:16:34) How were you helped this year? (BQ: What is wisdom?)
  • (0:20:22) I idolize marriage, wanting a man (Year-end / BQ)
  • (0:30:07) I’d feel betrayed if girlfriend left (Year-end / BQ)
  • (0:40:00) Rochelle: “attack,” dogs biting, licking faces
  • (0:46:13) Rachel: God is not emotional; Jesus was bad, and drank
  • (0:49:29) Mae Mae: I wanted to be God; pain, forgiveness
  • (1:00:09) Nervous feelings are evil. Need to break-up with girlfriend 
  • (1:13:37) Evil gives panic: Let go of the idea of marriage (Year-end / BQ)
  • (1:19:57) Experts on BQ, What you’ve learned
  • (1:33:17) JLP on BQ: Wisdom is consciousness.
  • (1:35:06) 2024 year’s theme: Want for nothing. 
  • (1:38:35) JLP: Don’t want anything from anyone, or for yourself


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Church Notes

End of year service: Did Santa visit? Is America in a pot of slowly boiling water? 

What did you learn about yourself this year? How were you helped? 

Biblical Question: What is wisdom? 

2024 year’s theme: Want for nothing. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk on Santa
  2. (0:01:39) Welcome to Church
  3. (0:02:03) We’ll have a light church service today
  4. (0:02:25) Donyale says Santa is real
    • (0:03:18) The little boy who spoke earlier comments
    • (0:03:50) The little boy’s sister also doesn’t believe
  5. (0:04:23) Raymond talks retirement and the pot getting worse
    • (0:06:51) Anthony says he’s doing something… Jesse said we weren’t gonna play this year
    • (0:09:23) Sean: Is America in a pot of slowly boiling water? Yes. Move somewhere else. Go somewhere else. Another young man speaks… 
  6. (0:11:24) (1?) Wanna sit up front? It feels better in the back. Face the comfort zone. Is it in you to run for office? Why not? Christian heard of us from a friend. 
    • (0:14:32) Young lady says we have all the wrong people in the right places. She campaigned for RFK. 
  7. (0:16:34) How was this year for you? How were you helped this year? Anthony: Recognizing what’s going on inside of me, rather than outside. 
    • (0:18:12) Anthony on Biblical Question: What is wisdom? 
    • (0:19:02) Anthony’s wife: I was a hot mess… 
  8. (0:20:22) Young lady: I’d be in a mental institution. I idolized marriage and a man. Why do you want to get married? It causes panic, the idea of wanting to let go. She cries, gets lonely, has a fit. 
    • (0:23:04) What is wisdom? She answers…
  9. (0:23:24) Randy: Learned a lot. Home starts with me. … What is wisdom? 
    • (0:24:43) Randy’s wife… Did you know your wife is Mexican before you married her? 
    • (0:27:29) Young woman: All thoughts are lies, it hit. I’m a Bible thumper without the knowledge. “Preparing for your husband,” she’d talked about some time back… (0:28:51) What is wisdom? 
    • (0:29:21) Young man in purple sweater with the flower. 
  10. (0:30:07) Young man who spoke earlier: Trying to remove thoughts, harder than he thought. I believe I care about my girlfriend. I like her. If she were to leave, I’d feel betrayed. Why would you feel betrayed if you love her? 
    • (0:36:00) Young lady: Loving people even when they betray us. Not try to make anything work. Let go. 
    • (0:37:01) Donyale
  11. (0:40:00) Rochelle: Dealing with life, knowing hell… the “attack” the other week… Wisdom… Got bit by a dog yesterday at work. (0:44:30) Do you still believe dogs love you back? 
  12. (0:46:13) Rachel: All thoughts are all lies… God is not an emotional God… Jesus Christ is anything but weak, says Jesse. 
  13. (0:49:29) (2) “Mae Mae,” how to pray, Satan was my god, I wanted to be God
    • (0:53:30) Mae Mae forgave the person, had been attached… 
    • (0:56:05) Do you know why we love one another anyway? 
    • (0:57:56) What is wisdom?
  14. (0:59:01) Man’s father died, he forgave. He says: I believed what they said demonizing him, but now I don’t let them talk that way. What is wisdom? Trusting in God. 
  15. (1:00:09) (1b? 3) Nervous at beckoning up front. Thoughts. Those feelings aren’t you, they’re evil, they’re all ego. Let them die so you can be free. I think I need to break up with her. I don’t see a path forward to marriage. Not wanting to look for a new one. Only seek God. … She wastes her money. Don’t want to hurt her feelings. That’s protecting the evil in her. She’ll be happy. 
    • (1:11:21) Did you forgive your mother? Not yet. I love my mother. 
  16. (1:13:37) Evil in you is the feeling of fear of letting go of marriage. It’s just an idea. Let the idea go. 
  17. (1:14:46) Wisdom is a word like we think we know something. What have you realized about yourself? Let ego go to reconnect with sister. Heart surgery. 
  18. (1:16:01) Mae Mae: Good to be conscious that thoughts are from the Devil. Comment on father-daughter… 
  19. (1:18:10) Do you love your father? 
  20. (1:19:09) BQ: What is wisdom? Daniel 
  21. (1:19:57) Experts: Joel … woman should go for the guy. (1:21:17) Doug: Thinking I had something, I didn’t have it. Didn’t realize my thoughts are not me. (1:22:46) Daniel: I try too hard. Wisdom is peace. (1:23:36) Franky: Friends and family don’t like me. I don’t have to pick sides. 
    • (1:24:47) Lijie (“My best friend”) – Wisdom is what God reveals to us. How have you been helped? 
    • (1:26:12) Sean: Thought I knew… Didn’t know that I didn’t know. I thought I knew that I didn’t know. I’m a mess. But I don’t care. (1:27:45) JLP on a family member: Nobody loves anyone! Yet everybody’s fighting to get and give love. (1:28:32) Sean on BQ…
    • (1:29:02) Steve with the dog (b/c he’s blind) separating from thoughts. 
    • (1:30:01) Hake: If something’s bothering me, it’s with me. BQ: Common sense you wouldn’t have thought of. 
    • (1:31:12) Man got out of prison, seeing errors in self and others. Stopped prayer. Go back to the Silent Prayer, and stay with it. 
  22. (1:33:17) JLP on BQ: Wisdom is consciousness. Practice being conscious. Knowledge is not wisdom. Let knowledge pass through. … You can’t bring anyone along with you. 
    • (1:35:06) This year’s theme: Want for nothing. 
    • (1:39:29) Be conscious going through the hell. Dying ain’t easy. It’s hell! Go through the storm. We’re so identified with the false self. You don’t even know who you are yet! 
    • (1:42:22) Stay conscious when you go through the death. … You’ll know God. Ideas about God are all wrong. 

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