What Is Your Reason for Living? | Church 5/28/23

“Gay” friend? Don’t know God’s will. New girl: Angry mother, narcissist father. With a reason for living, you’ll have a reason to die.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 28, 2023 

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-church small talk
  • 0:02:40 Welcome! Anybody work on their life?
  • 0:03:41 Easier to die or go to church?
  • 0:06:44 “gay” friend: We don’t know God’s will
  • 0:12:54 Do you realize Christ had no ego?
  • 0:15:10 Are you dying daily?
  • 0:17:37 Women can’t lead themselves
  • 0:19:14 Hippies and vibrational states
  • 0:21:26 New girl: Anger like mom, narcissist dad, 80
  • 0:36:54 Friend hugged his mama, she got mad again
  • 0:38:35 New girl again: Mama loves her hell
  • 0:45:16 Joel Friday TV / Overcome anger and thoughts
  • 0:47:55 14yo girl and 38yo father
  • 0:53:51 JLP: Identity crisis story; Devil’s cry “to God”
  • 0:59:44 (She broke out windows of ex-boyfriend)
  • 1:01:55 Biblical Q: What is your reason for living?
  • 1:19:17 How are you trying when you won’t forgive?
  • 1:31:37 (Can’t honor parents without forgiving)
  • 1:35:47 (Young man speaks)
  • 1:37:33 JLP on BQ: Get rid of all reasons for living
  • 1:42:02 Feedback: Romans, husband not living for you
  • 1:43:37 Closing: Watch and pray; Devil prayer; New BQ; Men’s Forum


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Get rid of your reasons for living

WATCH CLIP (9-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP gives his two cents on the #biblicalquestion of the week: What is your reason for living? You’re divided if you have a reason to live — because then you’ll have a reason to die. Many people commit suicide because they feel they’ve lost their “reason for living.” A young man quotes Romans: Whether you live or die, it’s for God. But don’t let Satan reinterpret the truth of that. A woman takes it in stride that her husband does not put her up as his reason for living. 

Jesse closes: Watch and pray. The Devil has you praying to him. New Biblical Question: What good do your emotions do you? ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday, June 1, 2023, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube). 

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT – We get started a couple of minutes after the top of the hour. 

Easier to die or go to church?

Jesse comments on how the audience looks 

11:03 A lady realized it’s best to listen, and not talk so much. She’s past her issue from last week, although she’s not comfortable. 

JLP says: It’s easier not to die but to go to abnormal churches. 

“Gay” friend: Thinking we know God’s will

(11:05) The lady asks about a straight friend who has a “gay” friend (a woman who’s “married” to a woman). 

(11:06 Joel walks in…)

Jesus did not make decisions or judgments about God’s will. All of us are no good. 

Do you realize Christ did not have an ego?

11:13 Another lady said all she could do this week is stay in the present. 

Jesse asks her: Do you realize Christ did not have an ego? His ego died on the cross, but he was not into the ego. She says the Devil is a shapeshifter. 

Are you dying daily?

11:15 Jesse asks yet another lady: Did you work on your life this week? What did you learn about yourself? Being present every day and allow life to unfold and deal with things as they come up, is what she says she’s doing. Jesse asks her: How do you know you’re dying daily? 

She thought the lie: “We’re good, I’m having a great time.” 

11:17 Andrew is 19, on vacation from MN — he doesn’t want to talk. Jesse asks him what’s wrong. 

Women really can’t lead

11:17 Alexis realized women really can’t lead — not at all. The pressure just gets to women. 

Vibrational states and hippies

11:19 A man talks about low vibrational states and hippies. He went down a rabbit hole. He says you go in and out of different vibrational states based on hate and love. 

New girl: Anger like mama, narcissist dad, 80

11:21 Alexis is also from Minnesota. She’s good (no such thing as a good woman). Have you gotten over your anger? She overthinks too much. All angry people do. Another gal brought her here — her best friend. Have you noticed you’re just like your mother? Kinda, maybe. Wanna be like her? I wanna be myself. Did you know any guy who has anger is a girl? 

(11:26) There’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever a reason to be angry. What they’re trying to do to you, they’re not doing it to you; they’re doing it to themselves. It’s only happening to you if you get mad about it and bring it on yourself. Apologize to that person for resenting. (She doesn’t have a boyfriend — she’s 17.) 

She doesn’t ask her dad for help to deal with her mother — he’s worse, she says. “He’s a narcissist.” What’s a narcissist? Super self-involved, don’t care how they affect anybody else. Everybody’s the same or worse — they hide it from you, but he doesn’t hide it. Daddy, I’m sorry for resenting you for being a girl. “If I said that [laughing]… I don’t know how he’ll take it. But okay, I’ll try.” It doesn’t matter how he takes it. 

Her dad is 80! Is he Abraham? Your mother’s name is Sarah? You can’t love God and resent your father. 

She moved out at 14, and lives with her friend Favi (sp). Go back and face the trauma. Your father loves you the best he can. When you pray, be still and let go, so you can come out of your imagination. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about anything. 

11:35 Her friend Favi is 22. A young man with her showed her Jesse through YouTube. 

Friend hugged his mama; she got mad again!

11:36 Her friend Blake is also from MN. Watch your wallet. Don’t leave anything on the seat in the car. He forgave his mother. It was crazy. She got mad, then started crying, and he gave her a hug. She got mad again. “I shouldn’t have done that!” 

New girl again: Mama loves her hell

11:38 The first girl Alexis talks about how difficult it is. Her mother loves killing her father. She’s destroying him, and she gets life from it. Ain’t nothing worse than a woman who tells a man what to do. Your mama is not an angel — an angel of the Devil. Two Devils fighting. They love bringing hell on each other. She loves her hell. You can’t save her. 

They destroyed her brother sitting next to her. He can’t function. Jesse warns the young man the anger will only destroy him. 

Welcoming the truth is making you free right now. God leaves her mama in her hell. Don’t feel sorry for her. You’re playing God when you do. Don’t be sad or emotional. Every human being adult is responsible for themselves. Let go, and live your life. 

Joel Friday / Overcome thoughts and anger

11:45 Joel worked on his life. You might have to wait for the show (Joel Friday TV). 

11:46 You’re only in bondage to your anger and thoughts. If you could overcome thoughts, you coild walk on water. 

Young lady and her young-looking father

11:47 Callista (sp) — her dad is with her, and watches every day. She’s 14, and her father who’s black is 38. Jesse encourages her to forgive her mama, and not worry if she dies. Have you forgiven your father? Yes. Have you told him? No. “I forgive you,” she says. Before you can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven within, you must go and forgive. 

11:52 Her father Shane has Jesse baffled. He forgave his mother after he passed away. He met his father in August for the first time. It was amazing. 

11:53 Jesse gets back to Favi (sp) briefly. 

JLP: Identity crisis story; No love in anyone

11:53 Jesse tells of a man who realized he wasn’t anything he thought he was. He freaked out and tried to go back to his friends who’d separated from him. He realized he couldn’t go back. 

Nobody has love. You don’t fight over trying to make someone love you. 

11:59 One gal broke out the car windows of her ex-boyfriend. Don’t go for love from outside. Nobody has it. Everything you’re looking for is inside you. 

Jesse continues: The darkness does not understand the light. It wants to keep you angry, out of the light. You could be free right now if you dropped the ego, the anger. As adults, nobody’s responsible for your life. There are mean people who try to hurt other people so they feel alive, like they’re somebody. Revenge is only destroying them. 

Biblical Q: What is your reason for living?

12:01 Jesse gets to his Biblical Question: What is your reason for living? Franky answers — he has none, after a long answer about Solomon, and “all is vexing.” 

12:06 Another young man answers about the selfishness of life versus living for God. 

12:07 Jesse gets to Hassan in Jesus clothes (not seen on-camera). His reason for living is dying. 

12:08 Joel isn’t sure he has a reason. Joel says he’s here to serve others — that’s absence of ego. He admits that’s intellectual. 

12:11 Doug doesn’t know. He brings up the animal instinct to live. I don’t wanna die. So many people are committing suicide because they need a reason to live. 

12:13 Nick has chips at home. He finished the guacamole. His behavior points to wanting fun. 

12:14 Another man has no reason for living. He says if you come up with one, you’re worshiping the Devil. 

12:15 One man has a purpose to be the light of the world. What does that mean? 

12:16 Last week, a lady has a Whitney Houston emotional response to this question. Her first feeling was rage. 

How are you trying when you won’t forgive? (Long silence…)

12:19 Another young lady answers before Jesse asks about forgiving her mother. She’s crazy. All mothers are. She still got to her after she forgave. Why did you let her get to you? If you weren’t ready to forgive, why did you go to her? I’m trying. How are you trying? You won’t forgive. (Long silence…) What is wrong with you?

She gets it, but doesn’t want to talk about it. The reason it’s hard is she’s the one who traumatized you, and now you’re afraid of her. Once you go and face that fear, it’ll disappear. (She doubts this, listening to the Devil…) The Devil has your soul. He wants to keep it. 

12:29 A young father says to be fruitful and multiply. The 14yo girl has no idea. 

12:30 Another young lady says it’s to live. She thought she had love to give, but now knows she doesn’t. So she 

(Hake doesn’t know.) 

Can’t honor parents without forgiving / More answers

12:31 Lijie responds to something Heather was saying: She forgave her parents. The Commandment says to honor your parents; it doesn’t say to forgive them. But I can’t honor them if I don’t forgive them. 

12:32 Franky says Solomon saw no reason to live in the book Ecclesiastes. 

(12:34) Sean talks about how the urge to find a reason. A few others answer. 

Young man speaks

12:35 Andrew from MN, 19, speaks. He says people rely on him, and that’s his reason. His 20yo best friend runs a business with him. 

JLP: Get rid of all reasons for living

12:37 Jesse advises: Get rid of all reasons for living. If you have a reason for living, you have a reason to die. If you don’t have a reason for living, you won’t have a reason to die. As Sean said, people who commit suicide were looking for a reason to live. God created us. We became a living being. We can just live. Don’t even think it’s so God can create love through you. Satan will feed you on that. Have a clear mind. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about anything — all from your father the Devil. 

As the ego is dying, so are your thoughts, identities, feelings, and everything you think you want. 

(12:40) The next boyfriend, you’ll break his windows out. You do that because you’re losing control over him. If you don’t need anything, why are you trying to control anyone? Go and apologize for resenting. 

Feedback: Romans, husband

12:42 A young man quotes Romans: Whether you live or die, you do it for God. Just know that’s what it’s for — stay out of your head about a reason. Satan is interpreting the scriptures. 

12:43 How does it feel knowing your husband’s not living for you? 

Closing: Watch and pray. Devil prayer. New BQ

12:44 Jesse urges: Watch and pray. He repeats from earlier: The Devil tells you to pray or cry out to God. You’re praying to the Devil. 

New Biblical Question: What good do your emotions do you? 

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