What Makes a Hero? (Church 10/9/22)

What’s the difference between an intellectual and intelligent mind? There is no love in the world. People make heroes of others. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 9, 2022: What’s the difference between an intellectual mind and an intelligent mind? // There is no love in the world. Don’t tell them personal business. // People put cameras in their home, and others stalk them! // We must die in order to live. // Don’t announce you’re anger-free now. // Nobody’s good, but you can live in Heaven on earth. // Stillness is the perfect place God wants you, but Satan will talk you out of it. //

Biblical Question: What makes a hero? Nurses? Firemen? The godly or brave? “Christlike” Ukrainian President Zelensky? “Nothing but a sandwich!” // There’s no such thing as a hero. People make heroes out of people, and then take away the badge. // Pay attention to you. //

New Biblical Question: What do you think of yourself when judging others? // Forgive your parents if you want to be free from anger. // Be willing to stand alone. //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Oct 9, 2022
  • 0:01:16 Opening feedback
  • 0:06:11 Q: Difference, intellectual vs intelligent mind?
  • 0:09:17 JLP: No love in the world
  • 0:17:32 JLP: Don’t tell your personal business
  • 0:23:55 Feedback: Marriage and divorce
  • 0:26:06 JLP: In-home cameras, hatred of mothers
  • 0:31:01 JLP: We must die to live
  • 0:37:52 Feedback: Dealing with anger at work
  • 0:52:59 JLP: Nobody’s good; Heaven on earth
  • 0:56:21 Stillness, the perfect place God wants you
  • 0:58:07 Bib. Q: What makes a hero? Nurses? Firemen?
  • 1:04:38 Heroes: Godly? Brave?
  • 1:14:34 Hero: Christlike Zelensky?
  • 1:17:34 “A hero ain’t nothin’ but a sandwich!”
  • 1:18:34 JLP: No such thing as a hero
  • 1:21:52 Feedback: Being the light is heroic?
  • 1:29:53 JLP: Pay attention to you
  • 1:33:07 BQ: What you think of yourself when judging others
  • 1:39:58 Closing: Be willing to stand alone

Church Notes

11:01 AM US PDT We start within a couple of minutes after the top of the hour.

Opening feedback

11:03 A man talks about finding a guy’s phone and helping return it to him by talking on it with his nephews.

11:06 Franky talks about love versus gossip.

Q: Difference between intellectual and intelligent mind?

11:07 Jesse asks people: What’s the difference between an intellectual mind and an intelligent mind?

JLP: No love in the world

11:11 Jesse says an intellectual mind thinks it knows right from wrong, and holds onto everything but the truth. An intelligent mind neither accepts nor rejects information.

We live in a godless society. Jesus said: Why do you call me good? No man is good but God alone.

Human beings’ hearts are wicked. Emotional love feels like “love,” but it’s hate. Jesse recounts witnessing two bums, a man and woman calling each other names, judging each other, thinking they’re better than each other. Nobody loves anybody.

Any idea you have about God is wrong. That’s why nobody’s happy; people turn on each other quickly, whether homeless or married Christians. Everybody hurts somebody, unless you’re truly born again.

Have you ever argued with anyone? You’ve hurt them. The world is nasty: there’s no love. Everything is so fake.

Jesse counsels a lot. It’s hard to believe what couples, family, and friends do to each other. You can’t get something from another human being. Everybody has fear, jealousy, doubt, envy and strife — and praise the Lord!

Human nature is evil. We’ve been taught wrong. Overcome the world, don’t listen to the teachings of anger of the world. You don’t need anger to protect you, but perfect love.

JLP: Don’t tell your personal business

11:19 From now on, never tell anyone your personal business.

Let yourself be embarrassed, be made a fool of… kill the ego. That which you’re protecting, is not you! You protect the Devil, thinking it’s you.

God will kill the Devil’s spirit in the imagination and pain in the body, and give you a clear mind.

Those bums fighting, that’s what everybody does! If someone gives you a hard time, let them and watch your inward reaction. But people are panicking!

Men and women marry because men think they’re supposed to, and women are looking for love. But they don’t love one another!

The government is no better! They have the same demon in them.

We need love in the world. Stop running, and start facing it. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Stop feeling like you don’t want to miss out on functions. The ego must die. It’s only hard because you think you are your ego. The Devil screams because he doesn’t want to lose you. If you want to live, it must die.

It’s coming from the Christians, the Jews, and everybody.

Feedback: Marriage and divorce

11:25 A woman reacts, talking about her desire to marry and have kids. She can’t even tell why she and her husband broke up and divorced! She made her kids hate their dad too, just as Jesse says happens.

JLP: In-home cameras and hatred of mothers

11:27 Jesse saw a movie in which the mother was in an old folks’ home, and a son became a stalker who would kill women. He worked at a security company where he could see people on camera in their homes. He hated women. His mother blamed his father, and he said shut up! He hated her.

11:30 A man says he worked at an ADT company who added his email to people’s accounts. He got fired.

JLP: We must die to live

11:32 Jesse invites people to talk about going through the ego death. Raymond speaks briefly.

No man is good. But in the fallen state you want to call yourself good. Trust no human being with anger. That’s your enemy outside and inside. Anger is pure evil. The ego is evil to the core.

In the news, grown people go out of their way to hurt other people.

11:34 Jesse briefly mentions the attacks on Herschel Walker.

11:37 Don’t prepare your children to be something. Let God’s will be done through them.

Feedback: Dealing with angry people at work

11:39 The woman who spoke prior talks about intending to come back to work without anger. She takes walks because others yell at her. So Jesse urges her to go through it. Go through the storm. Don’t take walks. Don’t announce to the world what you are on the inside. Christ was the light of the world. The Devil is setting you up.

The ego must die. The woman says her boss wants her yelling ways back. Don’t go into it with any plans. Be glad for the opportunities, because you want to overcome the world.

11:46 Jesse tells her: Be in competition with no one. Be jealous of no one. The old you (the not-you) will disappear. The power of God, the Light, destroys the ego.

Be still in all things. Anything you fear or are angry about you need to face.

11:48 Jesse says it could be easy if we weren’t brainwashed. You can read the Bible and have an idea about God from Satan. The world has given out titles, and we’ve accepted titles as identity. It’s not who you are. Have no identity. Be still and learn to be aware. Watch.

11:48 A young man comments on Jesse’s conversation with the woman. He says he’d get caught up with things.

11:52 Jesse asks who doesn’t understand… Francisco says he’d be a 75-percent guy, not all-in. He was a halfway gambler. He’s still running from his neighbor, he says.

JLP: Nobody’s any good; Heaven on earth

11:54 Jesse says when you have love it’s impossible to hate. You’d love your enemy because you can see and know they can’t help it. Nobody is any good. You don’t know one good person on earth. But you can live in heaven on earth. You don’t even know you’re being it, so you don’t take credit for it.

Intelligence: Accept nothing, and reject nothing. You can’t think you’re being like Christ; those thoughts are from the Devil.

People want to commit suicide because of what someone else thought or said about them. You didn’t create life, and it’s not yours to take.

Stillness is the perfect place God wants you.

11:58 Jesse asks a man what he thinks. He’s not praying every night but most, because he guesses he’s not suffered enough. This will not happen until you learn to be still. Stillness is the perfect place God wants you, but the Devil will talk you out of it. Anytime you listen to the voice, the imagination, you’re worshiping the Devil.

Bib. Q: What makes a hero? Nurses? Firemen?

11:59 Jesse asks people the Biblical Question: What makes a hero? The man ventures: Only God. Others answer.

A woman says comic books and movies make fictional heroes, but it’s just another title. She rejected the notion that doctors and nurses are heroes — Jesse points out they’re paid.

12:03 One man says the ego makes a hero. Is a fireman a hero when he saves a child?

12:05 One lady mentions courage and noble regard. She’s never liked the term. Some take career paths to feel they’re doing something great. Now Superman is weak!

Heroes: Godly? Brave?

12:06 Hassan answers. Should a person seek the Father to become a hero, or so they’re soul may be saved? What is the real purpose of returning to the Father?

12:08 Doug thinks there are real heroes, who run toward danger rather than away. They’re not thinking about themselves.

12:12 A lady answers, followed by a little girl.

12:14 Another couple of men answer. Many times the heroes die, sacrificing their own life to safe someone. Franky mentions Audie Murphy of WWII.

Heroes: Christlike Zelensky

12:16 A man calls Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a hero for standing up to evil, overcoming fears, being Christlike. Jesse asks: Would Christ cause that many people to die in his own country?

The man says: Courage, fearlessness, running toward danger…

12:19 Raymond says, “A hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich.”

JLP: No such thing as a hero

12:20 Jesse says: No such thing as a hero. People make you a hero, and then take the badge away from you when they decide they don’t like you. It’s an illusion. Then you feel like a zero. The world is a setup.

A person truly trying to be right and do right don’t think of themselves as a hero. They know that they can’t see, and that it’s from God.

Christ didn’t call himself good. No man is good, he said. Christ had love, so he never started a war. It’s a spiritual battle.

Feedback: Being the light is heroic?

12:23 Hassan talks about Jesse’s childhood, wanting to know a son of God. He says the Spirit in the hero is heroic.

Jesse responds: When the ego is dying and gone, there’s nothing left to put a title to. But don’t hold onto this teaching or words.

In being the light, live your life; don’t announce it. Someone will see it in you. Or they will test you.

True life has no meaning. It just is. It’s neither happy nor sad, not angry. You’re one with the Kingdom.

12:29 Another man says a hero is someone who knows themselves, good or bad.

12:30 Jesse asks: Can you imagine knowing there’s no such thing as a hero?

JLP: Pay attention to you

12:31 Jesse says: Pay attention to you. He even sees movies differently now. When you’re up and down, you’re worshiping the Devil. Nobody has anything to give you. Even mama and daddy — in the old days they didn’t want you to take care of them.

Take a look at yourself and be honest with you about what’s going on. Telling others won’t make you free but put you in bondage.

Stay with the Silent Prayer. Be still and know God.

New BQ: What you think of yourself when judging others

12:35 New Biblical Question: What do you think of yourself when you’re judging others?

A man answers. He does have anger, from the stupidity of people. Jesse tells him he can overcome anger by forgiving his mother. He still misses them at 50. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer.

12:39 Doug and another first time visiting lady answer. Maureen’s niece told her about Church.


12:41 Jesse urges, be willing to stand alone.


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