What Sense Does It Make to Fight? | Church 9/3/23

Did you forgive? Evil spirit in women: Thought world. Drop identities, stop fighting. If he leaves, don’t ask why. No cause-and-effect in real life!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 3, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:01:08) Welcome, Happy Communist Day
  • (0:02:02) Welcome, first-timers. Did you forgive? 
  • (0:12:53) Animal World: Evil spirit in women (Ladies’ feedback)
  • (0:25:10) JLP: Same problem for all: Thought world.
  • (0:36:00) Biblical Q: What sense does it make to fight anything or anyone? 
  • (0:49:39) Do you fight? 
  • (0:56:51) If a husband wants to leave, should a wife ask why?
  • (1:15:17) Q: Have things always been this bad? 
  • (1:27:00) Q: Is there such a thing as cause and effect? 
  • (1:31:35) JLP: Unconsciousness: cause/effect, Identities: fighting
  • (1:37:43) JLP: You are the light. Stay with it. No victims.
  • (1:51:21) JLP closing: Pray, watch, forgive. Men’s Forum 1st Thur


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Church Notes

We start about a minute or so after 11 AM US PDT

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:08) Intro: Welcome to Church! 
  3. (0:01:46) Happy Communist Day
  4. (0:02:02) First-timer found us on FB or IG
    • (0:02:25) Vanessa(?) forgave her mother; father passed, she was 21, 38 now.
    • (0:04:15) Edward’s wife brought him: Have you forgiven your mother? (3x) Hard, damage; your wife needs you to be able to handle her. Does she beat you up? 
    • (0:07:22) She black. African name. Welcome. 
    • (0:07:50) Frida, known of JLP 48hrs
    • (0:08:25) Paul, YouTube, forgave: She didn’t cry, understood, afraid, 39. 
    • (0:09:30) Young lady thinking of forgiving in front of older relatives, good idea? JLP: No. Not ready to set an example yet. Living example, not a planned example. Forgiven father? Well, he protected me from drug addict mother. 
    • (0:11:07) Lady’s 2nd time, came when Joel Friday spoke. Keith might handle wife: Does she obey you? Nope. Battle! What a mess, huh? 
    • (0:11:57) Young woman from last week: Talked to my mom soon as I came home. She asked if she was gonna kill herself. Last week, a lot more silence and peace, clear-headed
  5. (0:12:53) JLP: Wake up, see movies, TV differently. “Animal World”(?), how they treat one another, one attacks when you relax. (1) Caller on JLP show this past week, age 18: Forgave mother, she went crazy; he called police! (2) Caller’s evil wife hates their son. Sneak and move out. 
    • (0:16:40) JLP/African lady: Ladies, what do you think about that? The spirit in the woman is so evil it’ll do that to children… (a) African-named lady: I feel like I can’t help it. Trauma and stories put on you, period. You feel if someone’s hurting you, you should destroy them. (b) Did you forgive your mother? 
      • (0:20:07) (JLP: Amazing we can go a whole lifetime not looking at yourself.)
    • (0:20:32) JLP/Donyale: What do you think about the hell that’s in the women? (Sounds so beautiful..) I see my body taken over by demons. Don’t understand why women get so angry when they hear it. If they paused, they’d understand it’s 100% true. 
      • (0:21:30) (Then you’d know God is not judging you; God knows it’s not you!) 
    • (0:22:21) JLP/Young lady: Did you know you had the Devil in you? … I lust, I got your sticker that says, “Stop having sex out-of-wedlock.” Molested, awakened… Stop believing 
      • (0:24:30) (Lust/sex: Stop believing the thoughts… from this day forward, stop saying I am…)
  6. (0:25:10) JLP: Everyone has the same problem: You live in the thought world; there is no solution to anything. You’re looking for answers. Sean: Correlation between IQ and addiction. Thought world: Fall into emotions, fall into Hell. Nobody will save you: overcome the thoughts. World will turn against you: Darkness hates the light. Do not hang around evil people. Never thought family members could be so cruel… The Devil hates you. Run to the truth and shake in it. Don’t run from it by getting mad. Feel it, don’t deny it. Be honest with yourself. Trust the light. Most don’t. Need a spiritual rebirth. Let it happen, if someone offends or scares you. Up here you were never afraid, never had a problem, born again, are the light. 
    •  (0:34:27) Tell the child, don’t be angry. Keep it simple. God’s ways are simple. 
  7. (0:36:00) Biblical Q: What sense does it make to fight anything or anyone? 
    • (0:36:37) Fighters: When it’s necessary: American Revolution
    • (0:38:29) A third man
    • (0:39:02) Raymond: That’s what my dad said. Where is he now? 
    • (0:39:31) Rene: Fight the thoughts in your head? Don’t wanna sound crazy, but…
    • (0:40:09) Yes, a time to fight: Can’t get Super Chats, clampdown on truth
    • (0:41:07) “All the crazy people” agree. Kamran: Spiritual battle, destroying my character! If you had no character, could they destroy that? 
    • (0:43:58) Rachel on BQ: No time to fight… 
      • (0:46:40) (BTW: Doesn’t the bra go inside the dress?) 
      • (0:48:55) (Thought’s will give you one idea, then another if you don’t take it. Eventually you’ll fall for one of them. Crazy! Yet we think it’s us. Identified with the Devil!) 
    • (0:49:39) The husband: Do you fight? Not really. With yourself? Yeah, sure, I suppose. (3x) With others? In any form. What sense does that make? 
    • (0:51:52) Perhaps his wife: I was always hot ‘n ready to fight… Women, we’re tearing down our own home; “family sticks together… Olive Garden…” Justified anger, preschool teacher on kids fighting, we don’t grow out of that, it is retarded, retardation, arrested development. 
      • (0:54:00) (JLP/the husband’s wife: Everybody retarded! No wonder they took the word away!) 
    • (0:55:06) The Young Lady: My dad took me away rightly. 
    • (0:55:47) The 39yo man: I used to fight, it never changed me: Why? No idea, instinct
    • (0:56:51) Frida on fighting… 
      • (0:57:38) Example, wedding, honeymoon, husband wanted to leave: Would you fight? What if 10 children? Why you want to leave? Why would you ask? 
      • (1:01:55) How many agree she should ask why? Donyale: Control the situation
      • (1:03:08) Hispanic American man: He broke a promise! A man! He ain’t nuthin! 
      • (1:04:43) The husband: If she feels a curiosity, why not? Just to be nosy? He’s not gonna tell her the real reason anyway. Right? 
        • (Hake answers too)
      • (1:09:22) Woman: She shouldn’t ask why. I learned about myself, fear, worry
      • (1:11:13) Woman/husband from the old school: If he wants, he can leave. 
        • (1:11:49) (JLP: It’s amazing how we can live a free life, slave to the world, taught to be insane!) 
      • (1:12:15) African lady: I was afraid of being alone. People come and go. 
        • (1:13:34) Talk
      • (1:13:42) Rochelle, thx for basket! 
  8. (1:15:17) JLP to man with the hat: Have things always been this bad? 
    • (1:17:09) Lady learned about herself… Let God fight
      • (1:18:41) (We already know the truth) 
      • (1:19:15) (JLP: remember how crazy she was…?) 
    • (1:19:44) Have things always been this bad? Used to be under wraps, now all out there. 
    • (Raymond answers)
  9. (1:20:25) Q: Does your life make sense? Doug answers… 
    • (1:21:43) British wife offers an alternative BQ… Should we try to make it make sense? She doesn’t know… JLP: You can’t stop at yes or no? I love working on my own life. Her: If I say yes, I’ll be in my ego. If I say no, I’ll be sad. Why are you listening to the Devil? 
      • (1:23:30) (If you can “huh,” you can hear! 
    • (1:24:16) 19yo gal: Amazing how much the Devil talks to us! 
    • (1:24:58) … others answer
  10. (1:27:00) Q: Is there such a thing as cause and effect? 
    • Many answers
    • (1:30:52) (Have you heard of the real Anchor Baby?) Nick: God is the first cause
  11. (1:31:35) JLP: Only a life of unconsciousness there are causes and effects
    • (1:32:56) Nick/JLP: Fighting. Lay down identities, the fight will end. 
    • (1:34:00) African lady: Experiences, return to nothingness. 
    • (1:35:28) JLP: Return to nothingness. We’ve been taught wrong: “Jesus,” church, the put you on a path of hell. (Except Baby Jessica’s daddy!) 
  12. (1:37:43) JLP closing: You are the light, but you don’t see because you’ve been lied to. You’re not these things you call yourself. Stop competing. Live your life. Wish them well. Cross over the prison [wall] of thoughts. Do not give up. Watch thoughts; don’t fight with them. 
    • (1:39:57) African lady: I don’t wanna be unkind. JLP: Everything starts with you, a thought. Notice anger came up, and be glad for it. It’s not you, but the darkness freaking out. Don’t blame the person for the way you feel. Let thoughts pass. Sometimes when you don’t let them pass, you fall into emotions. Do nothing to satisfy it. Let the light come in and satisfy/destroy it for you. Easier said than done, only because you’ve been giving the Devil life. It’s already done, we’re already free, but we believe thoughts. 
    • (1:43:02) Donyale: “Stay with it.” Natural progression! 
    • (1:43:30) JLP: Some/most give up. Be tried by the fire. Go through it. We’re so identified with the false self, false feelings. Emotions are evil, but we’ve pushed them as good! 
    • (1:44:45) (JLP: Men, fight for your masculinity a little bit! Radio clip: A father wearing a baby thing in front!) Ladies, you can be strong too. Christ came for all. 
    • (1:46:11) JLP: Story about the Jews vs Jesus. Family/home town will turn! Jesus to Jews: Just because [you’re from Abraham] doesn’t mean you are not enslaved. You must be born again, too! 
    • (1:48:16) JLP: Prager and others on ADL: Everybody’s a victim now! Orgs make victims out of everybody! It’s good for fundraising! Put fear in you: Send us $100! You are not a victim. Stop being a victim. Stop being divided. Become one, whole, nothing, a living begin. 
    • (1:50:01) JLP on BQ: Spiritual thinking, a renewed mind. Men and women, stay with it. The world will turn against you. You’re already saved, meaning children of God. You’ve never done wrong. 
      • (1:50:51) When you’re beating your wife, or the wife beating the husband, that’s not her or him. 
  13. (1:51:21) JLP closing more: Stay with the prayer, watch, forgive, and let life happen. God will use your mouth, not the Devil. Don’t give up; don’t stop. The Devil will have a fit; you’ll think it’s you, but it’s not. ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.! 

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