What Ties You to Your Parents? | Church 1/28/24

Want for nothing: Let thoughts torment! Sisters’ resentment: Hard to forgive. What ties you to your parents? Thoughts. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 28, 2024 — A woman says she cried at a Civil Rights museum in Alabama. Jesse shares history from Jim Crow days he lived and knew. 

Our theme for 2024: Want for nothing. “Mae Mae” (or “Mimi”) can’t let go of wanting to control. Let go, and see what happens! Mimi’s sister (“Momo”) joins us: They resent each other and their mother and father. Yet Momo’s receiving the message more calmly than Mimi expected! (She called Hake wanting to “preface” Church for her sister.) 

Biblical Question: What ties you to your parents? Every human being resents their parents; that’s the issue blacks are facing — not racism from whites. You are your world. Thoughts tie you to your parents. 

New Biblical Question: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday, February 1, 2024, 7 PM at BOND! (Women’s Forums are third Thursday of the month.) https://rebuildingtheman.com/events

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service chatting / Welcome 
  • (0:02:12) Young lady cried at a civil rights museum 
  • (0:12:41) Men not working, just in the way. A disservice (to the ladies) 
  • (0:22:47) Theme: Want for nothing. (Let the thought go, Mae Mae / Mimi.) 
  • (0:36:01) Only issue: Thoughts. Let go, see what happens. Let it overwhelm (Mimi, etc.) 
  • (0:49:52) Man started praying, forgave mother. All blacks resent mothers 
  • (0:53:22) Challenge the thoughts, insanity. (Randy, JLP, Doug, Rochelle) 
  • (1:05:10) Did you forgive your mother? (Mimi’s “controlling” sister) 
  • (1:11:45) Sisters: I was thinking about me. Anger. Your prayer a waste of time. 
  • (1:23:52) Is it hard to forgive your sister? Never felt not judged in my family. 
  • (1:27:54) You’re not obligated to anyone. You are your world. 
  • (1:31:09) Momo, is it hard to forgive Mimi? Judgment. It was never you. 
  • (1:38:46) BQ: What ties you to your parents? (Preacher’s kid; Mother’s opinions) 
  • (1:41:54) (Tacos were so good! Doug was ticked! He didn’t know! Joel thought he did!) 
  • (1:44:04) Parents can’t teach you values. (BQ cont… What ties you to your parents?) 
  • (1:48:07) Did you know? Every human being hates their mothers. (BQ cont…) 
  • (1:49:37) Being tall, blonde, all the guys want you (Sex, yoga ball butts; BQ cont…) 
  • (1:54:51) JLP on BQ: Only thing that ties you to your parents: Thoughts. 
  • (1:58:18) Q: Which is worse, slavery or family strife? 
  • (1:59:20) New BQ: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? (Men’s Forum this Thur!)


The Only Thing that Ties You to Your Parents (7-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

The Civil Rights museum in Alabama made her cry. (10-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Men aren’t working or providing. They’re just in the way! (10-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Want for nothing. Let the thoughts overwhelm you. See what happens. (27-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Civil Rights museum… 

2024 theme: Want for nothing. 

Biblical Question: What ties you to your parents? 

New Biblical Question: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Recent assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Relatively recent assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
    • (0:01:28) Welcome to Church! 
  2. (0:02:00) (1)  A woman talks about visiting a museum in Alabama — she cried a lot. (Her sister is “Mae Mae,” or “Mimi”.) She talks about the prison system… 
    • (0:05:30) Jesse grew up in Alabama under the Jim Crow laws. (0:07:27) Was it in the museum that blacks did better than they do today? They didn’t have blacks as their leader! The Civil Rights movement was the worst thing that ever happened to the blacks other than abortion. Blacks would have 10-15 kids, they worked, went to school, bought land. The boycotts and protests were a setup: Rosa Parks, NAACP, etc… She still would’ve cried… (0:10:03) … You ever plow the mule? They lied to you because they wanted to control the blacks. The older blacks said not to get involved with the Civil Rights mess. … I’m gonna have to start a black history thing. (0:12:14) Welcome! Glad you’re here! 
  3. (0:12:25) (2)  JLP: Family men not working nowadays. A disservice. God-given responsibility. (0:15:45) Ladies, you aren’t stuck. Stay with him, but don’t hate him. Secretly work on yourself. (0:16:30) (2a)  Most won’t trust the truth. (0:17:25) (2b)  Men don’t work. I can see why they wanna commit suicide. He’s just in the way. 
    • (0:17:57) Have you ever dated or married an in-the-way man? …. It’s happening more and more now. Women have to work, raise the kids, and everything. (0:21:10) (2c)  If a man doesn’t have a job, when he hits on you, ask him if he has a job… if not that’s a man in the way. 
    • (0:21:30) Raymond… It’s not hard to get a job, especially nowadays. (0:22:14) (2d?) There’s an order to life… Ladies… 
  4. (0:22:34) (3)  What’s our theme for this year? “We’re not messing around.” (0:23:15) To not want for anything? Mae Mae: Let the thought go. (0:26:00) Paul: I die daily. Are you your thoughts? It’s not you. … She talks about a computer with Microsoft Word downloaded on it… (0:28:47) (3a?)  Jesse responds… Your job isn’t for you to like it. (0:29:50) Fellowship and be honest with self. … Mae Mae: I have a desire to control. (0:34:02) (3b)  Every human being who believes in thoughts are insane. 
    • (0:35:16) To young man (perhaps teenager). Are you getting to the point …?  No, you’re too young. 
    • (0:35:50) (3 cont or 4) The only issue is the thoughts. Jesse got an email. … More with Mimi / Mae Mae: … She told herself  (0:40:19) (4a?)Let go and see what happens. …. Let the thoughts overwhelm you. (0:43:58) Watch it talking to you — with the British wife. Don’t worry, Mimi. You’re not going back. The truth got you. (0:45:19) I don’t know the depths of the power of God … (0:46:59) Don’t let the thoughts make you happy either, or think you have it. Let happiness pass. It’s a setup. 
    • (0:47:51) (4c?)  I got what looked like good, profound news this week. The Devil wanted me to celebrate before I even get it! Don’t get happy about it. 
    • (0:49:00) Raymond… 
  5. (0:49:45) (5)  I started doing the Silent Prayer yesterday. I do things that keep me present, such as music — I didn’t know I was doing it. (0:50:55) I forgave my mother two weeks ago, she said, “Oh, thank you, Son.” What an evil woman. She’s wild. Father died. He watched her. He’s been accepting this behavior as normal, as love. (0:52:02) (5a)  The primary problem with all people, the blacks: They hate their mothers, all of them. 
  6. (0:53:13) (6?)  Randy in response to “Mimi” … In the elevator scene on the movie “Revolver” … See the thoughts, challenge it. (0:56:17) … People are jealous. Stay with it… (0:57:16) Radio show in Oregon …. 
    • (0:58:00-ish) Doug speaks on anticipating a meeting … To Mimi: When you think you got it, you don’t. In 
    • (1:00:35) In wisdom, there’s no thinking. …. 
    • (1:03:07) I just didn’t know! (Rochelle) … 
  7. (1:04:57) (7)  Did you forgive your mother? Tiger mom. … Haven’t talked to Mimi about her anger. (1:08:42) Mimi, if you love her, why haven’t you told her how to forgive? She’s even more controlling than me! (1:09:39) Sister, it’s hard to hear: I don’t see it as it’s happening. Is it true? (1:10:28) (7a?) Are you thinking, “This bitch.” 
    • (1:11:44) Mimi: I wasn’t going to invite her. I was thinking about me. … Mimi’s sister: I know I’m a mess… (1:14:58) In politics, have a prayer mat. 
    • (1:15:42) (7b?)  Do you want to overcome your anger? Do you believe it’s possible, and see there’s never a reason to be angry? Gotta not judge yourself, your father, or anyone. Have you forgiven your father? They were very young when their mother died. How to support her dad, younger siblings. Difficultness spurred her anger. 
    • (1:18:02) (7b-cont) Something else is controlling you. Forgiveness is: I’m sorry for resenting you. Never ask a human being for forgiveness. Human beings don’t forgive. (1:19:26) (7c)  The kind of praying is a waste of time. It’s not working. All your life you’ve been praying to the Devil. Same ol’ mean evil one from when Mimi was a baby. “I’m not praying with intentionality” — that’s the Devil talking to you, setting you up! Pretending to be God. Do the Silent Prayer. 
    • (1:23:41) Was Mimi a bad sister to deal with? Is it hard to forgive your sister, Mimi? I’ve never felt not judged in my family. I was a good-hearted person (so I thought)… 
  8. (1:27:55) (7 cont or 8)  JLP: You’re not obligated to anyone. … The Amazin’ Opinions of Jesse Lee Peterson | Your Mom’s House Ep. 743 https://youtu.be/74PCGPdet0Q?t=2002  Also on Apple Podcast — On this podcast, the hosts showed Jesse video of a man doing weird things, making his body have breast-looking things. That’s his world — it’s not the world. You are your world. Don’t take on others’ issues. 
    • (1:30:58) Mimi’s sister Momo: Do you forgive Mimi? 
    • (1:36:29) Mimi, “We ain’t messing around,” I never knew it would go this way. 
  9. (1:38:34) What ties you to your parents? A preacher’s kid man answers. Can you relate to these sisters? (1:40:00) Every family: Japanese, oo! 
    • (1:40:14) Randy, what ties you to your family? Guilt. Not taking your advice with my children. 
    • (1:41:39) Tacos were so good! Doug was ticked! 
    • (1:43:45) Randy’s wife speaks…  (1:44:46) Parents can’t teach you values
    • (1:45:31) Young lady: My mother’s spirit. (1:45:52) My cowardice, says Rymond. (1:46:01) Difficult upbringing, says man with new bike. 
    • (1:46:21) Nick… 
    • (1:48:07) Did you know, every human being hates their mothers. 
    • (1:49:30) What’s it like being tall, blonde, and all the guys going after you? All the men are thinking about is sex. (1:52:37) (9a) Can you imagine a yoga ball butt? Ladies, don’t do that. It’s so many you can hardly get by! 
    • (1:53:36) Joel’s not sure. … 
  10. (1:54:40) (10)  JLP on BQ: Only thing that ties you to your parents: Thoughts. JLP tells of a grandmother who refused to stay with family. (1:56:40) (10aOvercome all thoughts. You want a no-thinking life. Do the Silent Prayer, watch the thoughts… Let the people suffer, don’t give them an answer. Forgive your mothers and fathers. Forget the isms
  11. (1:58:03) Q: Which is worse, slavery or the way you and your sister treat each other. It’s the same thing. The hell is in the family, inside of others.  
  12. (1:59:04) Closing… Men’s Forum this week! 

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