What Do You Want in Life? (Church, May 6)

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Jesse addressed the destruction of the Boy Scouts, the attack on masculinity. Then he asked: What do you want in life? He talked about gossip and silent prayer as well.

For the first few minutes, we discussed that the 100-year-old organization Boy Scouts now allows girls. Why don’t men stand up and speak out? Jesse also shared the example of the filthy “comedian” at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — nobody stopped her vulgar performance!

We then heard from a young lady who joined us last week — Jesse thought about her statements that she didn’t know what to do in life. So Jesse asked everyone, “What do you want in life?” A man joining us for the first time along with his daughter said that he wanted her to grow up to be a woman of good character. Some expressed that they aspire to please God and do good work. One man did not know what he wanted — he only wished not to suffer a poor quality of life in old age before he died. But many people do not know what they want — it is okay not to know! Do not fall into depression over it!

Jesse also talked about gossip — do not gossip, and do not worry when others gossip about you. He told the story of a woman who began praying, and her life started to change. At one point she heard of horrible things other women said about her, talking behind her back. Jesse said that she “tripped out,” upset at the betrayal. Jesse told her that evil people will do that to you — just pray for them. Love and pray for your enemies. Do not resent them or hold it against them. She felt much better after this.

At a couple of points, Jesse laughed and joked with people about whether all Hispanics are Mexicans (they’re not!), and whether you’d want to live in a house in which a person has died (not Jesse’s preference! — but nothing necessarily wrong with it).

Some watching online asked about the Silent Prayer which Jesse urges people do every day, morning and night (you can also find it on our Church page on the BOND website – rebuildingtheman.com/church). One man asked if he was doing it right if his mind is blank in prayer, then racing when he goes to bed. Jesse urged people not to judge their experiences but go through what they have to go through.

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  • James Hake
    Posted at 15:03h, 06 May

    Good service — appreciated people’s questions and feedback too.

  • peter gregory
    Posted at 20:43h, 07 May

    I think it would be really wonderful if Jesse could have chat with Jacob Rees Mogg the British politician. He is a devout Christian, a Catholic, with six children. Something of an aristocrat. He is the only politician I have seen who doesn’t ever seem to get angry, He defends the Faith unequivocally. He always speaks with complete Authority. You just know he is completely authentic, honest, Means what he says, Says what he means. I believe he is without anger!

    • James Hake
      Posted at 11:24h, 11 May

      Thanks for the tip on this, Peter!

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