What’s Trapping You? | Church 2/25/24

Being unconscious is like hiding in an attic. When he healed the man, why did Jesus say not to tell anyone? Thoughts are trapping you. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 25, 2024 

||  See clips, links, and notes below.

A woman and her daughter were annoyed at a drunk husband/father. Should we have compassion for the handicapped? Emotions are evil, ladies! 

JLP jotted down some notes: Being unconscious is like hiding in the attic while your house is being robbed (by thoughts). Being conscious makes sense. Being unconscious makes no sense! 

Jesus healed a man, and said not to tell anyone. Why? (It won’t let you say you don’t know!) Human beings are evil — they try to make one another doubt what they know, and try to teach others. 

Biblical Question: What’s trapping you? Your thoughts — are your enemy! 

More JLP notes: Jesus and the heart — an angry heart is dead. There is good and there is evil. Don’t let liars cover up good and evil. 

New Biblical Question: What is Hell? 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk (Welcome to Church!) 
  • (0:02:51) Husband gets drunk, bickers (Don’t be angry) 
  • (0:12:53) Use words consciously. “Annoying” (boyfriend?) 
  • (0:18:14) Compassion for the disabled? (Women, emotions are evil) 
  • (0:30:09) Being unconscious like hiding in attic, afraid to confront robber (Feedback) 
  • (0:42:26) Jesus healed man, don’t tell anyone — why? (Feedback) 
  • (0:51:51) It won’t let you say, “I don’t know.” Watch little things. Stop teaching. (Jesus) 
  • (1:00:00) Is God in life transformations? (Mimi/Feedback) 
  • (1:10:59) JLP: It’s all an act. God is not in it. 
  • (1:13:16) Human beings are low. Jesus changed the heart. “Malcolm X.” Joel Friday TV 
  • (1:24:15) Children hate mothers? Same spirit. Bet your soul. (R-word-ape) Anger is evil. 
  • (1:29:45) “Nefarious.” Watch your thrills. When you go unconscious … 
  • (1:31:43) Biblical Q: What’s trapping you? (Man cusses. Jesse dances like police) 
  • (1:37:14) JLP on BQ: Your thoughts are your enemy trapping you 
  • (1:40:02) JLP notes: Being conscious. All with anger are dead. There is good and evil. 
  • (1:43:13) Comment on the meeting today. (Be willing to lose things) 
  • (1:47:20) Closing: Work on you. Prayer is not hard! (BQ: What is Hell?)


Being unconscious like hiding in the attic as the house is robbed (12-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Why did Jesus say not to tell anyone, to the man he healed? (18-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: What’s trapping you? 

Another question from the radio show this past week: Why did Jesus tell people not to tell anyone after he healed them? (Something like that …) JLP answered on the radio show on Friday (Hour 3 probably, with some experts) … 

New BQ: What is Hell? 


  • (Church 2/18/24) Are you a sinner? You are not. You never sinned. (What’s your personality? None of it’s you!) 
  • (2/11/24) Jesus had demons in his body — evil. He had to deal with the same emotions we do. 
  • (2/4/24) We talked about the movie “Nefarious” 
  • (2/4/24) JLP referenced Luke 18:9-14 (ESV) — Luke 18:11, “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men—extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector.’” (Also mentioned 2/11/24, I believe) 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Recent assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Relatively recent assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • Also, we’re not messing around this year, lol (lots of laughs) … but seriously. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:02:09) Hold on a minute…
  3. (0:02:51) (1)  Woman: Husband gets drunk, annoys daughter, and I bicker with him. 
    • (0:07:09) Women’s Forum was shocking. “What?!” (Jesse said this last Sunday too, re: Feb 15 third Thursday.) 
    • (0:07:58) Of all things, don’t be angry. It overtakes her. 
    • (0:10:31) Anybody relate? Mae Mae (Mimi) (0:11:26) (1a)  SHORT: JLP: All egos love playing God. (0:12:42) (1b)  SHORT: All emotional people are psychos. 
  4. (0:12:53) (1cont or 2) Alexis: We use language in a careless way. “Annoying.” Mother, and now daughter, both calling husband/father “annoying.” (0:14:09) Using words consciously. SHORT: (1c)  Using words unconsciously, an intent to hurt someone … 
    • (0:17:20) (Back to the first woman) JLP to the lady: don’t go unconscious. Die consciously. 
  5. (0:18:14) (3)  Daniel on compassion: Don’t feel sorry for others. SHORT: (3a)  It’s so evil it’s not even funny. Is it okay to feel for deformed, abandoned people? (0:19:36) Joel responds: Feeling bad makes it worse for them. They want to be treated like a regular person. What good would it do you or them? 
    • (0:22:35) Randy’s sister was treated like she can’t do stuff. She lives like she’s 7, but she’s almost 30. (0:24:05)  (3b)  SHORT: JLP: the human heart is wicked, they hurt / kill one another. 
    • (0:24:49) Another young man compares how his dad vs mother treats a retarded member of the family. (3c)  SHORT: JLP: Mothers spoil their children and fathers don’t, but the mothers undo the work. … Women, overcome this emotional stuff … 
    • (Hake to Randy: Say it more forcefully …) (0:27:51) (3d)  SHORT: JLP: Men, don’t play with the evil in women. You can’t be timid with the truth.  
    • (0:28:27) An Australian-sounding guy offers a suggestion 
  6. (0:30:09) (4?)  JLP’s jotting down things he realized. Being unconscious is like being in an attic. Someone is robbing your home; you’re afraid to face it. You know they’re robbing you. … People respond with feedback … (0:34:08) After Mae Mae (Mimi) JLP: You’re so right, that’s what it’s like when you allow thoughts to rob your home. (0:35:10) Mimi: Why is it natural to be afraid? 
    • (0:36:46) SHORT: (4b?)  JLP: It makes sense to be conscious! 
    • (0:37:07) Man: They’re cowards, they’ll run away. The light
    • (0:38:05) JLP: The man had a camera on his cellphone (presumably) on the homeless in New York. They overreacted, but he had no compassion nor reaction. Gotta stay conscious! 
    • (0:39:52)  … Daniel: God or a gun? Spiritually: We have the spirit of the Father to shine a light on the darkness. … Right? …. Yeah. 
  7. (0:42:26) (5?)  Jesus healed a man and said, Go and tell no one. (0:43:21) Rachel guesses why? She’s always wondered. (0:44:16) Anthony always wondered too, starts to guess. I think I have an idea. … Mae Mae (Mimi) thought it was a test, and so unfair! 
    • (0:46:06) JLP retells and asks Alex: No idea. Human nature to tell others and be thankful. (0:47:48) Anthony and his wife … 
    • (0:48:45)  I thought all mexicans were Catholic … Randy’s wife … 
    • Our theme this year: Want for nothing. (0:50:19) Young woman: Give anonymously. (0:50:56) Armenian young man: Not for clout or recognition 
    • (0:51:27) Sean, what are you getting from the feedback? Nothing. 
  8. (0:51:51) (5/cont / 5a) Nick was saying similar things. The mind is shallow. If you don’t know, why not say, I don’t know? Be aware, conscious. 
    • (0:54:19) Watch the little things … Be conscious 
    • (0:55:26) (5b) SHORT:  JLP: Jesus knew human beings are animals, they’re wicked, and would try to make the man doubt himself. He knew the man would go and start teaching. Stop going and teaching. 
    • (0:57:05) (5c?)  Lorena: If you think you’re conscious, you’re not. … God loves us!
  9. (1:00:00) (5d? / 6?)  SHORT: Mae Mae (Mimi) “I feel enlightened.” Anytime you want someone to see, it’s all ego. … What are the transformations? A lot of people create a ministry around it. (1:01:50) Rochelle zoned out … Hake responds, and others do… 
    • (1:10:59) (6a)  JLP: No, God is not in that. It’s an act. 
  10. (1:13:16) Rochelle … (1:14:30) (6b)  JLP: Human beings are so low, they think animals are like them. Change the heart. Again, Jesus knew people’d go try to teach it; he wanted to change the heart. Trust no human being! (1:17:09)  JLP saw the end of the movie Malcolm X (Denzel Washington) … So deep, same thing we’re talking about now.  Thoughts are your enemy! … I hear Joel all the time, talking about dating. I don’t doubt him, I just listen! Watch even in conversations! You don’t have to respond. You don’t owe anything to anyone. 
    • (1:19:46) … (1:20:59) … Parents
    • (1:22:33) Australian guy on the flow state playing basketball, letting it happen. (1:23:35) JLP: When you fight, you stay conscious, you can beat the person. Practice consciousness 
  11. (1:24:15) (7)  Mimi: Parents hate their children? Doesn’t make sense. I don’t get how hating my mom turned me into her. Joel: It’s the same spirit. Mae Mae: I was willing to bet my soul on something that wasn’t significant. 
    • (1:26:46)  Like when you’re raped. Woman cried, talked about something from 5 years ago. (Maybe Nick’s show.) Body healed, but spirit has not, because she has not forgiven. Forgive the rapist. … 
  12. (1:29:45) (7cont or 8?)  Nefarious… It’s all a thrill. Notice when people  (1:30:33) Notice your thrills. People can’t see, they go unconscious. Amazing what can happen to you, and what you can do in that state. 
  13. (1:31:43) (9)  Biblical Q: What’s trapping you? (Man cusses) (1:32:54) Rachel…  (1:33:35) Jesse dances like the police (female NYPD officers’ dance crew) … 
    • (1:37:14) (9a?)  JLP on BQ: Your thoughts are your enemy trapping you
    • (1:38:46) (9b?) Mimi: How do you get past the mountain? 
  14. (1:40:02) JLP reiterates notes and shares more of his notes. Like being in an attic. It makes sense to be conscious; it makes no sense to be unconscious. (Isn’t that amazing?) Jesus and the heart — an angry heart is dead. There is good and there is evil. Don’t let liars cover up good and evil. 
  15. (1:43:13) Comment on the meeting today… (1:44:08) …. (To young lady) What you will gain when you’re willing to lose it. 
  16. (1:47:20) Closing: Work on you. (1:48:24)  Prayer is not hard! … New BQ: What is Hell? 

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