When You Don’t Know What to Do… | Church 10/8/23

Go through the pain of “obligation.” When you don’t know what to do, why do you distort it by doing something? Ever feel persecuted?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 8, 2023

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:02:05) Meaning of family? Titles, obligation, evil emotion, Hell
  • (0:09:45) JLP: Feel the pain of obligation, go through it; let it die
  • (0:21:56) JLP: Save women and children? (Israel / Palestine war)
  • (0:35:46) The woman’s god? (Son and father from Canada)
  • (0:38:12) Wife: Obedience, Child, Prayer, Thoughts
  • (0:52:23) Husband (Jesse): Watch the war in your head
  • (1:02:18) BQ: When don’t know what to do, why distort it doing something?
  • (1:06:57) BQ… Tried to get an ex-girlfriend back? Not praying! 
  • (1:18:42) BQ… Expecting vs waiting (…Sean, Hake, Franky, Joe, Nick…) 
  • (1:28:44) JLP on BQ: You really don’t trust God, but the Devil
  • (1:31:18) Q: Do you ever feel the pain of persecution? What’s it feel like? 
  • (1:38:30) JLP: Beware of emotional people, a violent spirit — not of love


Israel-Palestine War: Why Save the ‘Women and Children’ Only?

JLP wonders why they’d save the women and children, when they plan to wipe out the men? There’s a war that broke out between Israel and Hamas over the weekend.  WATCH CLIP (13-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute 

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: When you don’t know what to do, why do you distort it by doing something?

New BQ: Why are you afraid of anyone on earth? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:01:36) Intro
  3. (0:02:05) (1) Anybody have a life? Family, title, expectation, obligation, emotion, Hell
    • (0:02:14) Steve asks what family means
    • (0:03:13) (Let go of all ideas or identities: Family, dating. In life no expectations, no titles. We’d treat each other perfectly)
    • (0:04:41) What about obligations? Nothing. It puts a weight on it. You feel like you have to do it, and then you get mad about having to do it. Expectations on one another. When you die from the ego, you’re dying from all identities
    • (0:06:31) We’ve been set up to suffer. Never title… marriage that would last… 
    • (0:07:20) Steve: If a man is trying to have ideas, he’s laid it out in his mind, and you’re living in darkness. How are you being a real example? I forgave my dad years ago… obligation, resentment… Old friend was so fake… 
  4. (0:09:45) (Feel the pain of obligation, go through it; let it die) 
    • (0:11:46) (Parents raise you up to feel obligated — as a slave! Realize it’s not normal to feel obligated — all emotions are evil… Nobody in Hell wants you to leave Hell. Go through Hell to be free from it.) 
    • (0:14:07) (All the pain we feel is a sign of Hell. We have to go through it. Christians repeat lie they’re saved, yet they still have fear and anger, judgmental. Then you drop your body in Hell.) It’s not easy dying… 
    • (0:16:00) (Afraid to jump off the merry-go-round… Anxiety, feeling afraid, like I was losing me…)
    • (0:17:30) JLP story dating a gal who was “so fine” (sorry for putting emotion on it) — I didn’t know it was all ego dying when we broke up… You’ll be shocked at the things you thought were so important to you. We shouldn’t try to make any relationship work… You’re not supposed to make it work. 
    • (0:20:30) Two Devils trying to get something: Go through it; don’t avoid it
  5. (0:21:56) (2) Satan will tell you Silent Prayer is not working. All thoughts are lies. All anger is evil. We need love. Nobody loves anyone. 
    • (0:24:17) (2a) War in Israel: Palestine. Everybody gonna have to take sides… 
    • (0:25:42) (2b) Save the women and children? Wipe out everyone else! Why save the women and children
    • (0:26:44) Women can get pregnant and create life… Others answer… 
    • (0:28:15) Let the weaker survive, it’s easier to take control. 
    • (0:29:03) (2c) (JLP: They always want to get rid of the man!) Franky says in some instances parents kill their own children. Joel says people treat women and children as special, important, overvalue it as almost a god figure. 
    • (0:31:10) They told the blacks they’d get rid of the man and save the women and children — now the kids are bad, smashing and grabbing… 
    • (0:31:46) Raymond: To destroy them 
    • (0:32:15) (With Raymond: If you can “huh,” you can hear!) … When you save the women and children hoping for a better future it gets worse. Not better. 
    • (0:33:08) The Devil is the woman’s god? Not to offend anybody, by keeping that alive, isn’t that keeping the Devil in a woman alive, by saving the women first… 
    • (0:34:36) (The emphasis has been put on the woman; evil works through the woman)
    • (0:35:00) As a woman I’m for it, never questioned it. Nowadays you need to put the
  6. (0:35:46) Did you know that Satan was the god of the woman? Heard it from you. Wrong? Not sure. Why? Dated… Seen the Hell in every date… First-timer, Wellington from Canada, Ontario… 
    • (0:37:09) Father joined his son… get along? Didn’t need to forgive me. 
  7. (0:38:12) (3) FIRST-TIMER: Meghan (sp) with husband Jesse… Heard about the show through him… A little triggering… They were living together unmarried, she moved out, stopped fornicating, got married — 
    • (0:40:00) (3a) (Were you like, “This N-word!”? No, I knew I wasn’t living right…) 
    • (0:40:58) Do you obey him? Yes, but some things… A caller was confused… I get that donut after he told me not to… Listen… 
    • (0:43:15) (3b) (Just had a baby… boy or girl? There’s a secret… What a beta! Congrats…) He told me not to worry; I would worry a lot… Had I listened, I wouldn’t be struggling… 
    • (0:44:58) (3c) (Are you doing the Silent Prayer? No? You’re not obeying me either! Two Jesses!) … She asks about asking God for things. 
    • (0:47:30) (3d) (Try to omit at least the second thought for now… The Devil will give you one thought, then another, and another — and now you’re caught up.) Don’t listen to it. Don’t judge yourself when you do. Stay with it. … 
    • (0:50:30) Forgave mother… She was understanding… 
  8. (0:52:23) (4) JESSE: When I close my eyes, I feel like I’m going into a civil war in my head. I don’t know how to go through with sitting there with the head going crazy. Watch the war happen
    • (0:55:01) If you obey the first thought, don’t obey the second one. (0:55:30) Feel the sensation. It feels like it’s you, it’s not you. 
    • (0:56:10) (4a) When your wife doesn’t obey, sneaking and getting fast food… If she keeps doing it, dump her! You warned her! Diabetes, heart problems, they’ll be on you. 
    • (0:58:40) (4b) Don’t make up excuses, saying she’s making you feel that way. It’s always about you, never about the other person! 
    • (1:00:07) Have you ever told your wife Satan is her daddy? I told my mom. She tried to teach my wife how to disobey me. Keep your mama away! This ain’t no game. We can’t play with the Devil! She wants you for herself. 
    • (1:01:30) WIFE: You like his mama? Love her! I think playfully — she ain’t playin’! Be honest with her. But don’t be angry… 
  9. (1:02:18) Biblical Question… It’s fun working on your life. Heaven on earth, overcoming Hell, with mad world all around, war, abortion, paradise — God is with us, but we’ve been worshiping the Devil…. When you don’t know what to do, why do you distort it by doing something?
    • (1:03:30) Steve: Thought I could solve; Lack of faith… (1:04:47) Alexis: Mind craving complexity; pretend waiting for the Lord… 
    • (1:05:41) (5) Easier to make yourself feel like you’re doing something productive… (1:06:25) Raymond: “If I don’t do it, it’ll never get done,” making mountains out of molehills. 
    • (1:06:57) Man: Mind tries to solve problems; Conditioned not to accept things, but do things; Difficult to sit 
    • (1:07:42) (5a) (Have you noticed you’ve never solved a problem? Why do you continue trying?) (1:08:45) Let’s say your girlfriend left… Should you try to get her back? Hard not to try? I stopped, but I tried two years ago, still hoping, why? 
    • (1:12:45) Not doing the Silent Prayer; going through so much… “I’m trying,” Not if you’re not praying! 
    • (1:14:15) (You love your hell?….) 
    • (1:17:23) (5b) The last thing the Devil wants you to do is be quiet. He wants you to wake up busy in his world, not quiet in God’s world. Do the Silent Prayer. Commit to it. Let go. Welcome the truth. 
    • (1:18:42) BQ continued… Expecting something…  (1:21:08) I just wait… (1:21:26) Donyale: A form of control… (1:21:57) Sean: I have no idea, I’m so confused. You’re fired! 
    • (1:22:31) Hake tried to trick me… (1:23:47) Franky
    • (1:25:01) (5c) (Joel… Young lady, what’s your name?) Marissa, no Alissa (sp)… 
    • (1:26:07) Donyale: We’re lied to from the beginning: Focus on the solution, not the problem.
    • (1:26:32) Rochelle… (1:27:03) Nick: The relationship of the thoughts. Why do I still believe my thoughts? I don’t want to live the no-thought life. I’m doing something…
  10. (1:28:44) (6) JLP: You really don’t trust God, but the Devil… 
    • (1:29:52) (6a) All thoughts are all lies, everything don’t need fixing. Slow down; if you don’t know what to do, do nothing. It’s perfect. It’ll always work out, and more than what you can imagine. Your opportunity to overcome. Let the ego die; let the Devil die. If you don’t see clearly what to do, take the pain of doing nothing. 
  11. (1:31:18) JLP Q: Do you ever feel the pain of persecution? By family or friends, etc…? What does it feel like? Several people respond, including Sean, Raymond, Rachel… Poor me, wimp, anger, depression, resentment, being compared to someone else
    • (1:36:00) (7a) I was born German: Did you do this? (JLP does Roman salute) 
    • (1:36:47) Lonely, attacking… (1:37:13) Franky: One of the most dangerous feelings, like the blacks feeling like victims, then outrage. Made me feel vulnerable, weak, taken advantage of, demand my rights… (1:38:09) Nick: I love it, feel like the main character, exciting… 
    • (1:38:30) (7b) JLP story: Two sisters, why do you guys fight? They got violent, cursing, screaming, wanted to fight! Watch out for them! It’s all ego. An egotistical person! They’ll beat you up and blame you for what they feel. 
    • (1:40:21) (7c) JLP closing: Watch out for emotional people. Beware. Violent… Watch yourself, knowing it’s not you. When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. At work, nothing can bother you… 

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