Which… Being Something Or Doing Something? | Church 4/28/24

Which… Being or doing? You work on yourself? Be present. Doing will follow. Listening to the Devil: STOP IT: trusting thinking, taking care of mama, teaching, identifying!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 28, 2024 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, May 2, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk 
  • (0:03:43) Anybody have a life? 
  • (0:06:20) Angry at lies? Your own? 
  • (0:12:37) Working on yourself? Climb the mountain. It gets harder. 
  • (0:24:58) Anyone ever held you back? 
  • (0:33:27) BQ: Which are you most interested in: being something or doing something? 
  • (0:57:09) How much time do you work on yourself? 
  • (1:00:55) JLP on BQ: You want to be it. Doing will follow. (Be present, work on yourself.) 
  • (1:04:30) Listening to the Devil? (Aim to be nothing, Seeking who I am…?) 
  • (1:18:38) Does it cross your mind you’re nothing? 
  • (1:20:52) JLP: Let it go, what I say. Devil will repeat thoughts of “truth,” pretending to be God. 
  • (1:26:42) Q’s: Christianity, anxiety: “Give it to God”? Give up the fight. 
  • (1:33:05) The Devil wants you thinking. Stop trusting thinking. 
  • (1:39:20) Stop it: Taking care of mama. Honor them by not being angry. 
  • (1:42:58) Stop teaching. They don’t wanna hear it! 
  • (1:48:40) Anger/Fear: Don’t identify. CLOSING: Don’t hold onto it. Be present.


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Church Notes 4/28/24

Are you working on yourself? 

Has anyone ever held you back? 

Biblical Question: Which are you most interested in: being something or doing something? 

Listening to Satan repeating Jesse’s words? 

0: Welcome: Shoutout to Sean

(0:00:00) Start (0:01:10) Intro (0:01:36) Notice anything different about the building? (0:01:51) A little girl noticed Jesse’s hair (0:02:55) Bigg Bump noticed the back wall, not the floor! 

1: Anybody have a life? 

(0:03:36) Any questions?  (0:03:51) Bigg Bump… (0:04:59) (1) Randy felt the emotional impulse to do something. 

2: Angry at lies 

(0:06:09) (2-long?) A third man: Working on yourself the most fun you can have. “I’m not having the best time.” I’m trying to fix myself. (0:09:40) I get angry when people lie and we both know it’s a lie. Do you get angry when you lie to yourself? You don’t know you’re lying to yourself? 

(0:10:53) Young lady responds: I have no idea what he said. (Cruise) 

3: Climb the mountain

(0:12:21) (2a?) (It’s hot up here; I’m sweating like a slave!) Another man… JLP: He pays attention to everybody else lying, but not himself. How can you help him? 

Are you working on yourself? (0:13:53) How this other man is working on himself. It’s a bit confusing. Man gets angry at work, but changed the way he’s seeing the world, catching himself, and letting it go. (0:15:49) Silent Prayer: Loudest my head has been. (0:16:26) Sean: You just started to notice them. It’s a good thing. … There’s the mountain: Climb it. It’s hard. Climb it anyway. (0:17:40) (3a) Go all the way over it. It’s gonna get worse. 

(0:20:13) Did you forgive your mother? Yes, I don’t think she knew what was going on. She knew; she just didn’t want to admit it. (0:21:17) (3b) God doesn’t force people to come out of Hell. Leave mama in Hell! 

(0:21:43) Donyale’s been watching herself. Explain. 

4: Anybody been held back? 

(0:23:05) Joel responding to the helpless soul: Consciousness without judgment… (0:24:44) JLP: Has anyone ever held you back, or tried to? … One gal wanted to get into criminal justice but was told not to do it as a woman. 

(0:25:23) Rachel on being held back in a job, before she left … 

(0:27:16) The other man again: I held myself back by overthinking. I won’t say it now, but five years ago I would’ve. 

(0:28:31) Why didn’t you go into criminal justice (law school) as an adult? I guess I held myself back. 

(0:30:10) Back to Rachel — speaking up at work? (0:32:42) You have to deal with things when they happen. 

5: Biblical Question (Do you remember?) 

(0:33:13) Biblical Question: A lady insists on what she thinks it is. A bunch of people don’t quite get the wording right. 

(0:35:54) Which are you most interested in: being something or doing something? The first young lady says being. Are you sure? You’re making me question myself. Nice. 

(0:36:57) Donyale: Doing, but with a disclaimer — doing the Silent Prayer, and being still. (0:37:38) Daniel’s more interested in doing something; since childhood he felt the need to help — such as pushing a car. 

(0:39:14) Rochelle … (0:39:58) Randy … More joy and accomplishment from doing something. (0:40:45) Raymond: Being something, and you’re aware you’re nothing. When doing something, you forget that truth. 

(0:41:11) The other man: This feels like a trick question. Being allows both. Sure? Kind of. (0:41:54) Bigg Bump … (0:42:18) Another: Being (he cusses in church) 

Are you getting better? (BQ continued) 

(0:43:10) The third man speaks again (0:43:54) Are you getting better? 

(0:44:24) Yet more on the BQ… (0:45:20) A man says doing: There’s more presence in doing. (0:45:45) Christian: Interested in doing something (not by choice) — I find it difficult not to do something. 

(0:46:39) Franky (0:47:39) I was unhappy with both… 

Doug, Anchor Baby

(0:48:10) Doug: Being something, my ego nature, look good; they’re both the same — to look good. 

(0:49:16) Anchor Baby, more interested in doing. (0:50:44) Young man in the hat (Hector, not Daniel) not in my head when doing. (0:51:06) Alex would rather do something. (0:51:39) Yes, ma’am — young lady just walked in… 

(0:52:47) Hake: Doing, not being. (0:54:10) Sean: Doing things lets me get to know myself… being something is just a game … (0:54:53) Another man would get bored. (0:55:12) Joel would like just to be … Another young lady 

6: How much time do you put in working on yourself? 

(0:56:57) Randy: What do you think about this question? Makes me think about what’s important. (0:57:38) How much time during the day do you put in working on yourself? 4-5 hours! … Bigg Bump (0:58:25) throughout the day, all day. (0:59:02) 30%, my best guess. 

(0:59:44) Franky doesn’t notice the obvious, whereas the little girl noticed everything. How much time do you put in working on yourself during the week? 6-8 hours a day, he says. 

7: Be present. You want to be it. (JLP on BQ) 

(1:00:41) (6a) You have to work on yourself, put that first. Seek first the Kingdom of God, if you want to climb the mountain. You don’t sound like you’re working on yourself. 

(1:01:56) Be present, the Devil wants you unconscious. Christ is what he said he was. He was it. As a result of being something, the doing followed. You want to be it. 

8: “I aimed to be nothing. Quiet to know who I am.” (Devil repeating to you) 

(1:04:12) Donyale responds: She aimed to be nothing. Satan told her that right away! (1:05:44) All thoughts are all lies all the time: The Devil … 

(1:06:46) Feedback from Southern girl: Donyale repeats, I don’t know who I am. I do the Silent Prayer to discover who I am. 

(1:08:25) More feedback from other man: The thoughts open you up to bad suggestions. (1:09:36) But it wasn’t a thought. (1:10:56) Joel… More discussion … 

(1:14:53) Raymond gives her feedback: Blase Pascal (sp) quote: Sit down and be quiet. 

(1:15:44) Nick: Why are you saying you know you’re nothing? (1:16:58) JLP: Do you think about that you’re nothing? (1:17:15) Doug: The Devil can talk to us. 

8b-cont: Does it cross your mind that you’re nothing? 

(1:18:24) How many, at sometime, it crosses your mind you’re nothing? 

(1:20:39) JLP: Don’t repeat what I say. Let it pass. 

(1:22:46) Donyale… You say so much, it’s hard to remember… 

(1:24:42) A young lady responds… 

8c-cont: Is this Christian? from the Bible? 

(1:26:30) Is this a non-denominational Christian-based fellowship? From the Bible? Anxiety, fear, anger… “Give it up to God”? Give up the fight. 

8d-cont: The Devil wants you to think. Stop trusting thinking. 

(1:32:51) Randy says something… The Devil wants you to think. He’ll tell you to pray! He’ll tell you to “cry out to God”! … Stop trusting thinking… When you open your eyes, he’ll tell you “I gotta get up and do the Silent Prayer.” Let that thought pass, but pray anyway. 

(1:36:36) Another man Hector… Jesse responds, and gives advice to Donyale… There shouldn’t be a struggle. (1:37:33) The Death of the ego, all your illusions must die. You have false illusions of self. Lose all that; then you’ll be free. (1:38:27) JLP story: Young man losing identities, but the fear overtakes him, and he comes back to the false illusion. 

9: Stop it. Taking care of mama. 

(1:39:07) Stop it: Stop taking care of mama. Then if you want to do it you’ll do it the right way. (1:41:03) JLP’s son told him: You’re gonna need me to take care of you one day. I am? I wasn’t thinking that way! (1:41:51) Disagree: Honor them by not being angry at them. 

9b: Stop it: Stop teaching! 

(1:42:43) Stop teaching. Cut it out! They don’t wanna hear it! (1:44:27) Joel agrees from experience… (1:44:53) The other man…  (1:45:27) Randy’s wife: My mom hated you! (1:46:29) (9ba?) JLP: The Christian false preachers teach you: “Go and spread the Gospel.” But Christ said: Don’t give it to the swine. 

9c: Anger/Fear: Don’t call it you, don’t identify with it. 

(1:48:26) When you do feel the anger, don’t identify with it. It’s not you. You’ve been separated from it. 

(1:49:23) Don’t hold onto what I say. 

(1:50:31) Sean: If you teach them or not, they’ll blame you either way! 

(1:52:05) Watch the thoughts about everything. There’s no life to work on. You’re not a no-good person or a good person. You haven’t failed in life or succeeded. (1:53:12) How can someone hold you back? … You want a no-thinking life! 

(1:56:09) Randy’s wife relates to Donyale… She feels dumb and tells herself not to listen to the thoughts… (1:56:09) Watch the thoughts. … Follow us, donate… Work on you. Let the rest of 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

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