Which Do You Love More, Your True Life or False Life? | 1/7/24

Are you successful? (No such thing.) Man on wife, pills. Religious? Angry mothers hate children. Hurting yourself: Believing thoughts, false life. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 7, 2024 

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  • (0:00:00) Small-talk: Tamales? Welcome, first-timers! 
  • (0:03:19) Angels assigned to us. 
  • (0:04:24) Crime in L.A. California law, steal $1,000 
  • (0:07:11) Do you want to be successful? Are you successful? 
  • (0:09:56) Man in rehab on wife, pills; Face the storm; Pray 
  • (0:25:19) Joel and others: Stepping away can help. 
  • (0:30:47) The battle is within you. (Man made wife his god, didn’t know it!) 
  • (0:39:49) You want to be successful? (Faith, people, furniture) 
  • (0:46:36) Are you religious? Have anger? Hate. (Foreign mother) 
  • (1:00:36) (Armenians) Friend on anger toward mother 
  • (1:09:37) Mother friend was “stressed.” Let her overcome evil. 
  • (1:12:19) Son and his mother: Mothers love their children? 
  • (1:20:16) Man on raising children… (Good/Evil, being divided) 
  • (1:27:16) Why do you keep hurting yourself? 
  • (1:31:40) Identifying with the Devil, the thought (Donyale) 
  • (1:35:13) Smacking gum, crying thrill, being aware of self (Mae Mae) 
  • (1:43:53) It’s just a thought! See thoughts, see the Devil, not you. (Mae Mae) 
  • (1:49:01) No such thing as success! (Donyale thinking about self) 
  • (1:54:29) Disciples cried to Jesus. Water, be still. Looking for a thrill: No love 
  • (1:59:06) BQ: Do you love your true life or your false life? 
  • (2:00:21) JLP: Ladies, stop looking for a man. Seek first the Kingdom 
  • (2:04:04) New BQ: Do you have confidence? Women, no love, explained 
  • (2:10:37) Q: I’m a lazy person. Don’t wait for a feeling. (Closing)


You don’t need to cry out to Jesus in situations

WATCH CLIP (6-min)  YouTube  |  A man brings up the biblical story of the disciples waking Jesus when the wind and waves scared them. Jesus told the waves to be still, and scolded the disciples for their lack of faith in crying out to Jesus. You can tell situations to be still by not responding within, by being still within. Then the man brings up the way we chase thrills. Lastly he answers the Biblical Question: Which do you love more, your true life or your false life? (He and Jesse refer to it as real or false self.) The thoughts are the illusion. 

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Church Notes

Are you successful? Man came to California rehab from Texas, away from his troublesome wife. 

Are you religious? Armenian mother gets angry with son; disagrees that mothers don’t love their children. 

Why do you keep hurting yourself? 

Biblical Question: Which do you love more, your true life or your false life? 

New Biblical Question: Do you have confidence? 

(NOT MENTIONED, BUT REMINDER: 2024 theme: Want for nothing. ALSO: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you.) 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk 
    • (0:00:59) Intro (0:01:21) Welcome first timers (0:02:45) Anybody bring anything? (0:02:46) Does your wife obey you? He black. 
  2. (0:03:04) (1?) Angels assigned to us. 
  3. (0:04:12) (2) Crime in Los Angeles, donut shop. California law: You can steal up to $1,000. 
  4. (0:06:52) How many successful people? How many want to be successful? You don’t want to be successful? (0:08:45) Call 
  5. (0:09:55) (3) Man here in rehab, away from family, wife. That (the latter) has helped me take a look at myself. (0:13:26) Do you hate your wife? Do you love her? Weak. What makes you think you’ll be ready for her? How do you know you’ve overcome? He was bad off with pills. He goes home Feb 10th back to Dallas. (0:15:11) JLP: You made a horrible mistake getting away from the storm… 
    • (0:18:09) (3a) JLP: Never think you’re strong. The intellect is the enemy of God. You’ll still have to deal with hell when you get back home. (0:19:38) (3b?) It doesn’t matter how she is. If you’re feeling anything about it: That’s for you to get better. The pain is letting you know. If you were dead from it, it wouldn’t be happening to you. What people do to others, they’re doing it to themselves. 
    • (0:21:13) Are you doing the Silent Prayer? No. Why not? … I’m not a Christian. But I do believe in the Silence. … Not every morning, ever night. 
    • (0:24:58) Joel comment: Don’t think he’s wrong for leaving. That brought him the clarity. (0:26:38) Another black man: He needed a breather. Do you need to walk away from your wife in a situation? (0:28:06) Another man (Mateuse?) Drugs were involved. (0:29:10) Alex agrees with rehab guy and Joel; Why? 
  6. (0:30:25) (3c-Cont) Why don’t you agree? Mae Mae: The battle is within yourself. Removing yourself from the situation, changing your environment. JLP: 100%. You gotta stay in the battle. Her battle’s in her. Your battle’s in your mind and emotions. 
    • (0:33:54) 20-year marriage. He and wife so connected. Just found out years of this going on, through her admitting. He forgave. He was making her his god, even though Jesse’s teachings were telling him that. JLP: She hasn’t changed at all. You think you’ve changed. But you don’t know till you deal with it. Devil lying to you. Another setup: Hell’s still in her and you, you won’t be ready. Devil’s very deceiving, cunning, everything. Clear mind. You won’t think whether you’re strong, or love her. Devil lies in all kinds of ways. Never assume you’re done with it. He got her to “forgive” her. 
  7. (0:39:27) You want to be successful? Reach goals. Why? Well-being. Where I am now is not where I want to be. Where are you now? New Year’s resolutions. No skills or talent. Her sister speaks
    • (0:42:05) You are successful? Having faith in Christ Jesus. Allowing him to work with you, not against you. Why get mad at the furniture? People are like the furniture. 
  8. (0:46:15) Are you religious? No. (0:46:53) (4) No. Yes. You speak English? (She doesn’t speak Spanish. Don’t pat her on the back, Mama. Mike is her son. You have anger? Sometimes, yes. (0:51:00) (4a) JLP: Why don’t you treat your son the way God treats you? … You are your mother, not you. Not a free woman. 
    • (1:00:18) (4 cont?) Her friend. Armenians. Do you have anger? Why? So many reasons. (1:02:00) (4b?) JLP on anger and forgiveness. (1:04:30) Forgave dad? I’m my dad’s daughter. … The Devil made you do it, then he judges you, makes you feel guilty. …. Watch Satan having his fit, it will die. You’re not guilty. 
    • (1:09:16) (4c?) Did you feel sorry for your friend? She was stressed. Let them feel it so they can see it’s not them. 
    • (1:12:00) (4d?) Son (“Mike”), it doesn’t bother me. She agreed with everything, up until he said mothers don’t love their children. (1:13:27) Mother: It’s natural that mothers love their children. Can I give my eye for my daughter (“Morning Glory Syndrome” (sp)) to see. If you love them, why do you yell at them? Anger is hate. That’s the Devil in you. JLP: Understanding is love. She gets mad when he doesn’t wanna talk. (1:18:00) Mother gave nothing but hell! Stuck with her. (1:18:38) Mike: Deep down: She thinks she created her children, so she owns them. Forced her will: You’re gonna be a doctor, lawyer… 
  9. (1:19:55) Frederick: Treat your child like God treats you. I’m their God, their happiness, sadness, whether they eat. How do I not get angry. (1:22:20) (5a) When you’re of God, He’ll raise your kid through you. 
  10. (1:24:30) Anthony: You’re not good nor bad, saint nor sinner. Be one, whole: Divided when talking past, future, right, wrong. Man before listening to Eve was whole, didn’t know evil or good. People who know good or evil think they’re God. (Raymond on “religious”) 
  11. (1:27:00) (6?) Bumpy ride. Donyale: Why do you keep hurting yourself? 
    • (1:28:20) Another wife and mother. (1:29:21) A third woman (Rachel). (1:30:00) (6 cont) A fourth woman: I keep thinking the thoughts are me. Why not realize it’s not you all the time. (1:30:59) Alexis: Because I like it. 
    • (1:31:19) (6a) JLP to Donyale: Felt the thrill, identified with it, right away called it you. Nervousness is not you at all. Never identify with the Devil. …. Example: If you were a slut, it’d never 
  12. (1:35:00) (7/7a) She’s smacking gum! Mae Mae doin’ ok, paying attention to self, starts to cry whenever Jesse asks her questions, knows it’s a thrill. 
    • (1:37:35) (7 cont) Why does the Devil get to be so tricky? People crying out to God, talking to the Devil. Why doesn’t God intervene when you call out to him when you need him? You called the Devil “God.” (1:40:36) She’s still struggling with the notion that it’s not her. (Baby making noises) (1:43:43) … JLP: It’s just a thought! It’s just a thought! Mae Mae: My whole life is a series of thoughts. (1:48:01) Devil, Devil, you can’t hide! 
    • (1:50:09) …. NO such thing as success! Donyale relates to Mae Mae
  13. (1:53:11) Which do you love more, your true life or your false life? What is your true life? 
    • (1:54:07) (8[ab]) Another man on calling out to God, reminded of Jesus asleep in the boat. Disciples called out…. ALSO: Looking for a thrill: No love. 
  14. (2:00:00) (9? 8 Cont) JLP: Ladies, stop looking for a man. On your list, put it way down. All of us must put first things first. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way, and all will be added. Men and women. (2:02:38) Seek first the Kingdom of God. Don’t worry. 
  15. (2:03:44) (10?) New BQ: Do you have confidence? Nathan, first timer: Yea, I think so! Curious about the women thing. Are they incapable of being loving? Satan is the woman’s god. God is the man’s God. … (Moroccan….) Stop spending your money on your girlfriend. “I think she’s much smarter than me.” Don’t ever say that out loud again. I’m licking boots. 
    • (2:10:18) (10b) I’m a lazy person, in law school. Do what you need to do anyway, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t wait to feel a certain way to do anything. 
    • (2:11:53) Real closing… 

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